Kendra wilkinson suicide

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Kendra Wilkinson has been very open about her rocky relationship with husband Hank Baskett , but now, she's digging into her own painful past. On Friday's episode of "Kendra On Top," the reality star reveals that she tried to kill herself, overdosed on drugs and was institutionalized as a teen. Monica Shahbaznia. I went to a mental institution All I wanted was for my mom to say, 'I love you, and I'm here for you.

As a result of her strained relationship with her mother, Kendra's doctor explains that her past may be preventing her from being intimate with her husband. As Kendra and Hank continue to struggle with intimacy, the former NFL star also admits that he caught his wife texting her ex. It just destroyed my spirits and everything. After he confronted Kendra and asked her if she was talking to anyone from her past, he says she denied it.

It's fair to say that I am holding onto the past because I did get burned last year. It's not like I have intentions of cheating. And it's not like I want to hurt Hank back. It's just that my healing takes time. Earlier in the night, we also got to see the much-hyped battle between Kendra and Holly come to a close -- as Wilkinson decided not to confront her former "Girls Next Door" star during a book ing. Because of people like you," he told his ex. It's a Scream, Baby! Celebrity Engagements Of Inside Madonna's Family Trip to Switzerland.

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Kendra wilkinson suicide

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Kendra Wilkinson Drops a Teenage Bombshell: "I Attempted Suicide a Couple Times"