Kick buttowski gunter

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Free Gunther Kick Buttowski. Why It Sucks The way Gunther's father grounds him is very stupid, just because Kick and him knocked down his mini viking statues by accident - when he should have calmly said to him to be careful. Although his father said yes to Kick's question about Gunther's grounding starting tomorrow, he will only do it if he accepts a breaking in challenge. Most of Kick's plans to free Gunther don't work, and as a result, Gunther's father axes his rope, throws him off using his ladder, moves the house to another side, hits his head with a giant hammer several times and he even throws a tree at Kick's Earth project recreation.

Most of it is a torture episode for Kick and Gunther as mentioned above. The way Magnus eats the pie with his mouth open is a bit disgusting Depending on your view. Magnus is rather unlikable here for grounding Gunther over a minor accident, failing all of Kick's ways to free Gunther, setting the basement on fire and interrupting his own wife. Although Magnus gets his comeuppance by being told off by wife and ending Gunther's grounding, we never get to see Kick and Gunther enjoying the BMX joust.

Redeeming Qualities Kick, Gunther and his mother are still likable characters. Good Ending: Magnus gets his comeuppance at the end by getting told off by wife for all the noise he made, she turns off the battle effects and then, Magnus ends Gunther's grounding. Then, Kick and Gunther roll around in excitement. Comments Loading comments Cookies help us deliver our services. More information OK. Namespaces Discussion. Views Read View source View history. Free Gunther Kick Buttowski "This is gonna be a piece of cake!

Kick buttowski gunter

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