Lilin maplestory 2

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Once trampled upon by an unnamed gang, the Knight was rescued and was inspired to become a hero and beacon of hope in a world of darkness. While their sense of justice is strong, it has also branded them as arrogant to the eyes of their fellow squires. A youth who holds access to an immense dark power. The Berserker is, in reality, a human who has an ancient and powerful demon sealed within him, whose powers could potentially cause The End of the World as We Know It.

Abandoned at birth by his birth parents who feared the darkness in him, he was rescued and adopted by Ten, one of the seven heroes of the Maple World. Raised alongside his adoptive sister Lilin on the remote polar island of Rien, the Berserker eventually sets his sights on defeating his father in combat in hopes of proving his absolute strength. When Ten is summoned by the Empress and doesn't return, the Berserker departs for the mainland in hopes of finding his missing father.

While training to the Henesys Green Hoods, the Archer was betrayed by their fellow student Haster and seemingly left for dead at the hands of the Dark Lord. After waking up, they found that Haster has left them with the Bronze Eagle, and they set out to investigate the reason for his betrayal.

An engineer who was about to power the whole town of Edelstein with a magic-surpassing fusion core, only to get foiled by The Resistance's antics. The resulting explosion angered the mayor and he demanded compensation for the destruction caused by the Heavy Gunner, but Ladin steps up and agreed to pay for the damages in return for rebuilding the fusion core while running a few errands. A student of the Ellinel Magic School who doesn't attend classes much. She's often skipping them to the annoyance of Einos, but underneath her spacey attitude is an astounding amount of untapped potential and surprisingly high grades.

Her casual outlook on school irks class president Kaitlynn, who sees her as a rival in the classroom. One magic duel and a razed classroom later, the Wizard is then sent out on a journey to become an archmage A young and upcoming Guardian Priest, a mage specialized in healing and support magic who is deigned to serve the will of the light.

Brash and reckless, the Priest has long been the subject of many a harsh word from Allon, the commanding officer supporting the base at the Shadow Gate. When an altercation with Turka, one of the Black Mage's commanders, nearly kills him, the Priest decides to wander the world in hopes of proving himself to Allon and the world. Formerly a member of The Rooks, the Assassin was an emotionless killer that was forced to purge any sense of emotion to better their mentality to kill.

One day, their emotions returned, eventually turning away from their allies The past is but a mystery to even themselves, wandering the land to rediscover their origins. Masters of spell and sword hailing from Terrun Calibre. After the murder of their teacher, the Runeblade is on a hunt for Holstatt, traitor to the runeblades. Originally captured for an experiment, the Soul Binder escaped the facility and found themselves on an island filled with humanoid animals.

They trained under them to use anima, but about a year later, they are under attack by the same group who captured the Soul Binder. The master tells the Soul Binder to seek help in Tria, and thus begins their journey to the outside world. A martial artist who uses their strength to protect the weak. After biting off more than they can chew with Blackstar, they are forced to work for Wei Hong.

Tropes applying to his incarnation in the first game are here. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an . . Voiced by: Erica Lindbeck English, female. It looks like a With adorable eyes. No, stand fast!

Do not approach- no, don't coo at the beast. My friends getting hurt, bullies insulting me, people that talk during a show Male Berserker: I'm fine with the curse, if it makes me this strong! Sure, I've done that trick a few times. It usually works out fine, and when it doesn't, well, he was thinking about getting that ear pierced anyway.

Heavy Gunner. Voiced by: Sarah Williams English, female. Some people stop when they see the mushroom drop. Others, when it stops moving. But I like grilled mushrooms, soooo Voiced by: Lizzie Freeman English, female. Also, sorry about the drapes. And the rug. And the couch. And I'm pretty sure those eyebrows will grow back soon! Don't get too far away from me, follow the Knight's lead and please stay out of the fire.

Stay out of the fire. Stay out of the fire! Most of it goes to the poor, anyway. After expenses, so many expenses, I mean, who doesn't have expenses, I need to be able to rob from the rich tomorrow too! Yes, I really can't remember anything. No, I'm pretty sure I don't owe you 50 Mesos. Yes, someone else already tried that. Every time someone tries to rush the Storm Sigil, they don't get it quite right and forget they're holding a metal sword! Soul Binder. It's a spiritual explosion though, completely different! They rely on magic or gadgets, they attack the innocent, and even worse, they refuse to attack me one at a time!

Don't they know how to fight fair? One of Knight's peers who collapsed while training. The Knight risked their career to allow them to recover, even when the commander insisted they keep training. A sergent-ranked knight of Tria who serves under Captain Allon. He's harsh to his trainees to keep them fit in the harsh battlefield. He thinks that the Knight doesn't have what it takes to serve under the kingdom, and was close to discharging them.

He also appears in the Grand Hall of Tria. Drill Sergeant Nasty : Is harsh to his trainees even though one of them isn't fit to continue. One of the seven heroes of the Maple World. Ten lives on the island of Rien, a polar region far from the mainland of Victoria Island, with his daughter, Lilin, and adoptive son, the Berserker. His age belies his combat prowess, and has taken up sparring with the Berserker to teach him a thing or two about fighting.

When he is summoned to Victoria Island by Empress Ereve and doesn't return, the Berserker sets out in search of him. The Archer's friend. He secretly works for the Dark Lord, and betrays them during a mission. Double Agent : It is strongly implied that although he is working for the Dark Lord, he is still secretly on the side of good.

Heavy Gunner's adoring assistant. The Resistance. Adaptational Villainy : The MS1 Resistance were mostly stubborn but well-meaning people rightfully rebelling against a police state, and eventually became a pillar in the Alliance. Here, they're shown as antagonists that wish to eradicate magic. Hypocrite : They hate magic. Brighton is a magician. A student of Guidance and the instructor of the Soul Binder and Tinchai. Funny Animal : He's an anthropomorphic bird. Jerk with a Heart of Gold : He's a harsh teacher who dislikes the Soul Binder, but he's still willing to risk his own life to protect them.

Offscreen Moment of Awesome : He once fought Vasara Chen to a standstill, marring the fighter's otherwise perfect record. Also captured by the same group that was experimenting on the Soul Binder, she helped them escape and died in the process. She now lives on inside their soul and helps them control their newfound power. Master Laoz. The current Master of Guidance. Funny Animal : He's an anthropomorphic dog. Vasara Chen. The undefeated champion of Duel Square, an underground fighting ring run by Blackstar. He also happens to be Wei Hong's son.

Empress Ereve. Captain Allon. A knight in charge of holding the fort at the Shadow Gate, a region of Victoria Island corrupted by the darkness. He assists the player with affairs relating to the monsters and research surrounding the region, and eventually teams up with Dark Wind against the darkness. He also serves as the Priest's superior, whom he views none too respectfully.

President of Barrota Trading Company, who went missing shortly before the player arrived on the scene. Corrupt Corporate Executive : He engaged in insider trading and other shady business practices, leading Dark Wind to investigate him. Riches to Rags : After going on the run, he was pickpocketed and had all the money on his person taken. He's forced to live as a bum on the streets. The elder of Henesys, and one of the Seven Heroes.

Manovich's rebellious teenage son. Class president of Ellinel Magic School. She possesses a haughty demeanor and belittles everyone except herself, but is head over heels for Einos, the class professor.

Lilin maplestory 2

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