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The gentlemanly right-hander is full of optimism and for good reason. He seemed to find himself as a pitcher late last season, a discovery that started with his decision to pitch to his strength and feature the sinking fastball that got him to the majors. Physically, he added strength to his 6-foot-6 frame over the winter and arrived at camp healthy and ready to go at pounds.

Last year, it was like throwing a cue ball. Baseballs flew out of ballparks a record 6, times last season, shattering the record of 6, set in Phillies pitchers were victimized a club record times. Eflin gave up a team-high 28, one more than Aaron Nola. All around the game last season, pitchers voiced concerns about a juiced ball. Major League Baseball denied ordering any changes to the ball and commissioned a scientific study, the of which were announced at the winter meetings in December. The study found that the seams on the baseball were slightly lower in That created less drag and more carry on the ball.

Specifically, the emphasis on launch angle and hitting balls in the air played a large part in the jump in homers. Major League Baseball, again, denied any intentional changes but did acknowledge that balls can vary from year to year because they are made from natural materials and are hand-stitched by human beings. A Major League Baseball official said no changes have been made to the balls that teams are using this spring.

Again, the lot can vary from year to year. Last year, the leather was so tight it almost felt like plastic and they were hard to hold on to sometimes. They were wound entirely too tight last year. The same ball was used in Triple A while a slightly different ball was used from the Double A level on down.

The Double A ball had slightly larger seams and the leather was not stretched as tightly across the ball. Several pitchers in the Phillies system put up big s in Double A then struggled when they went to Triple A because the ball felt harder and slicker. Adjusting to the feel of the big-league ball is one of the reasons Phillies officials want top pitching prospect Spencer Howard to get some work in Triple A this season.

Odubel Herrera apologizes to Phillies and the fans. Deers of Phanatic call new Phanatic an 'affront' to Phils fans. Harper, Arrieta, infield puzzle This is a recording: Vince Velasquez seeks efficiency. Joe Girardi and John Kruk relive their painful introduction. Eflin noticed it the first day he arrived in camp.

The baseball just felt better in his hand.

Major league big balls gif

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