Male tickle torture stories

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Four Ticklish Brothers by Anonymous. The Summers family consisted of a single father and four sons. The house constantly reeked of man sweat as all four brothers played some sort of sport. Dale was a big soccer player who was quite agile and skilled. He even went to college specifically to play on their soccer team. Guys were jealous of his prowess on the court and wanted his charm off the field. Justin has short brown hair with blue eyes and was insanely muscular. He was certainly the strongest out of the four boys with his commanding bulging biceps that could lift almost anything.

Justin was a high school football star and dazzled his whole class. Lastly, came twins Nick and Nathan who were 18 and had just graduated high school. Nick was a natural runner and had really toned abs. Nathan was one of those guys who was just blessed with looks. He was model pretty and everyone always wished they were as attractive as him. Both twins had dark brown hair with very light, icy blue eyes. As you can see, all four of them were very athletic and skilled in some physical activity.

It stemmed from their dad, Joe Summers. He was a built guy and moderately handsome. He was a construction worker and looked great in his size 15 work boots, if I might add. All in high school and college, Joe was a jock and was involved in many different sports. It was no surprise that his four sons would take after him. He had raised them as a single dad since Nick and Nathan were four and taught them self-discipline and gave them a strong work ethic.

Besides athletics, Joe also passed down the gene for ticklishness which was unfortunate for his boys. Joe was one of the most ticklish guys around and growing up with two brothers of his own, he remembers being held down and tickled until he literally peed his pants. His brothers knew they could get what they want just by tickling his whole body, but specifically his really tender soles. Joe would get hysterical in a matter of mere seconds after his shoes were pulled off with his brothers each grabbing one foot.

Over the years, Joe and his sons would engage in casual tickle fights as he discovered that all four of them were ridiculously ticklish all over their bodies. He often used to punish them with a good tickling if one of them misbehaved. He would straddle one of his sons and just mercilessly dive into their ribcage, and sides, and pits for a good few minutes to really teach them a lesson.

However, that all changed when Joe went out of town for an urgent business trip. He carefully instructed all of them to not throw any parties or damage the house in any way. They, being young men still, ignored his warning and hosted a party anyway. Dale, Justin, Nick, and Nathan all invited their friends and got drunk and the party escalated into a wild night of games and fights. When they awoke from being strongly hung-over, they saw the state of their once neat and orderly house.

It was complete chaos. Everything was disheveled, out of place, or all together broken. They frantically tried to clean the place before their dad would be due back in a short two hours. The four brothers heard a car door slam out front and each consecutively gulped. As the front door crept open, their skin collectively tingled of nerves. You deliberately defied my orders and now our house is a friggin mess. Great, just great. Joe just shook his head in disappointment. Joe paused for a minute and thought to himself.

They all knew what was coming. Their faces looked similar to animals waiting to be slaughtered. They each knew they were in for it. You boys really deserve it this time. He made each of them lay face down, side by side with their feet all sticking off the side of the bed. Joe gathered rope from his closest and began to tie up his four sons. The brothers all began sweating in terror as Joe tied each of them up. On the bed, the boys laid youngest to oldest from left to right; so it was Nathan, Nick, Justin, and lastly Dale.

He did a similar restraining method for their arms. You all look pathetic with your little feetsies sticking out all helpless and waiting to be tickled beyond limits. I bet this anticipation is just torture. I bet each of your feet are tingling with pre-tickling sensations and sweating from the nervousness. He always wished he could get his brothers back for all the tickle torture he was put through. This was the next best thing; maybe even better. He had FOUR sons all with big, extremely sensitive feet at his disposal. It was like Christmas morning with all the beautifully wrapped feet in their shoes.

Joe paced back and forth at the foot of the bed, making them sweat it out even more. Joe picked up one of the sneakers and gave it a whiff. Man, Dale you got really stinky feet. They definitely deserve some torture now for this stank. Anything but the socks. Anything Pleaseeee. He was going through pure hell. After fifteen minutes, he knew it was time to move on to the next victim. My feet are my most ticklish spot. Joe revealed two soft feet in white tube socks. If there half as ticklish as my dogs, then you are in for it! Joe took off one of the socks and sniffed it.

This freaking reeks. God you boys have extremely smelly feet. Joe mercilessly tickled them. He went from the heel to the middle, to the arch, and found his sweet spot, the toes! After minutes of just toe tickling, Joe moved around both feet and began to tickle Dale again to muffled ple from his sweaty sock. Now, Justin and Dale were both laughing hysterically. The two oldest boys were in pure tickle hell. I bet your socks feel left out, Justin. Now both boys were screaming with laughter through their stinky wet sockgags as the torture on their feet went on and on. You two definitely feel left out of the fun.

Not to worry. Surely, you need to be taught respect and loyalty to your family. You two smell even worse than your other brothers. Come on boys. Oh yeah, I can still hear you boys. I bet they smell worse than all four pairs of these stinky feet. Joe unlaced his work boots and slowly peeled off both of his long white socks. There were brown stains on the bottom and extra moisture by the toes.

He put them up to his nose. Joe scratched at the arch of their feet and played this little piggy with their toes. I expect more from you guys. You are young men who need to act mature. Do I have your words that this will never ever ever happen again? Since they were all gagged they tried to mumble a reply, but ultimately each of the four shook their head in agreement. All Rights Reserved.

Male tickle torture stories

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