Mortal kombat ball punch

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Cassie Cage is a well-rounded character with fast advancing attacks and strong zoning tools. Cassie has multiple long-reaching normals that allow her to outspace her opponents. She also has great up-close attacks, with her fastest mid coming out in 9 frames. All of these tools combined make Cassie a very versatile character that excels in all areas. This is useful as it allows her to deal unbreakable damage to the opponent.

The standard way to end combos with Cassie is to use her Ball Buster move. This is usually done to prevent opponents from using wake-ups while knocked down. For maximum damage, combos can be ended with Up Glow Kick or the Shoulder Charge ability if equipped. On block, it will leave Cassie at Use this string with caution because the last hit is a high and can be punished if the opponent ducks underneath it.

Be careful when using this string because it can be punished if the opponent ducks underneath the 1st hit. The 2nd hit of this string is an overhead which can catch low-blocking opponents off-guard. The 1st hit can be staggered, leaving Cassie at -3 on block. However, this string ends in a high and can be punished if the opponent is ducking, so it is ill-advised due to its high risk and low reward. Each hit of , , comes out very fast, making this string great when mixed with throws. On hit, , , can be easily confirmed into a combo. If , , is blocked, Cassie will be at -8 and can be punished by characters with a 7 frame attack.

To counter opponents trying to punish this string, use a Special Move such as Up Glow Kick or Dual Wielding after the string is blocked. This string is completely safe against characters without a 7 frame attack. While these strings do not lead into a combo, they are much safer than , ,. Cassie lacks the ability to combo in the corner unless she has the BLB Energy Burst ability equipped.

Once opponents are conditioned to block after the Amplified Dual Wielding, they can then be thrown for a mix-up. There are a couple of strings that Cassie can use to combo in the corner. This string however is extremely risky as it is on block so it should rarely be used. A more viable combo starter Cassie can use in the corner is her , string.

If blocked, it will leave Cassie at 0 while creating a decent amount of pushback. Charging Dual Wielding will also trigger a Krushing Blow when held for maximum duration. Inputting will allow Cassie to save the charged shot for later use. At the end of combos, Cassie is able to restand opponents by using Ball Buster. When Amplified, Cassie will drop down on the opponent leaving her safe on block. Throwing out Up Glow Kick in the neutral can be an easy and safe way to attack opponents due to the amount of space it covers.

Up Glow Kick can also be used up-close after blockstrings such as , , to counter opponents trying to punish the string. However, this can be quite risky because the 2nd hit of Up Glow Kick can be Flawless Blocked and punished. While risky, it can lead into a full combo if the opponent is hit. This can be a useful way to switch positions with the opponent and escape the corner. It should be noted that while this move is safe on block, it can still be punished if the opponent preemptively walks or dashes out of the way to avoid the gunshots.

When Amplified, the Shoulder Charge will knock the opponent down and will trigger a Krushing Blow if the opponent blocks late. Shoulder Charge can be used in the neutral as a surprise attack and to stop opponents from moving about. Despite the fact that it is on block, it can be somewhat difficult to punish. Opponents must be quick to react in order to punish the Shoulder Charge due to how fast the move is.

Flying Glow Kick is an advancing high attack that covers a long distance. It also triggers a Krushing Blow if it hits as a Kounter or Punish. If blocked, it will leave Cassie at -8 but is safe due to pushback. Flying Glow Kick can be useful in zoning to stop opponents from advancing. If the opponent is hit by a Flying Glow Kick, it can be cancelled directly into her Fatal Blow for high unbreakable damage. The great thing about this is that the Fatal Blow will only come out if the opponent is hit by the Flying Glow Kick.

BLB Advance gives Cassie the option to pressure opponents when used after blockstrings. In contrast, BLB Escape can be used after blockstrings to run away from the opponent without putting Cassie at risk. BLB Energy Bounce is a slow low projectile and can be directed to hit anywhere on the screen. BLB Energy Bounce can also be useful when used after blockstrings. Since it does not disappear if Cassie is hit, it can be used somewhat safely for pressure. Opponents must react quickly and jump out in order to escape the blast.

This allows Cassie to combo while keeping the opponent on the ground and not have to worry about the opponent escaping via Breakaway. Table of Kontents 1 Move List 1. Control BLB Bounce a bullet off of BLB and create an energy bomb. BLB flies forward and creates a damaging bubble.

Beginner Combos. Advanced Combos. Air Bullet Barrage. BLB Energy Burst. Flying Glow Kick. Although these gunshots are highs, they will connect on crouch block Be careful when punishing because if Cassie uses a Manually fly and attack with BLB Fire in a straight line while airborne.

Kneecappin' Adds Kneecappin' Special Move. Lean back and fire a low shot. Leap forward and fire twice below Cassie. Charge forward and tackle the opponent. Grab BLB and fly forward, kicking the opponent. Grab BLB and fly in several directions. Bounce a bullet off of BLB BLB flies forward and releases a burst.

Mortal kombat ball punch

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