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I saw some of them want to see after this I mean his childbirth. And here we are! I get some inspiration from comments from the very, very past one; maybe people almost forgot about them. So please look forward to what comes up next! If I made a comic from my posts "I tapped that" and the weird fantasy I had the other day would anyone read it? Adding as many tags as possible. Sunshine was laying on his side cuddling Ariel close, he had managed to doze off into a restless sleep while his body was allowing him to take a short break before Molly decided it was her time to enter the world and meet her family.

Starlight was sitting beside his husband and their newborn, watching the two of them fondly while he strokes Sunshine's head, gently scratching behind his ears like he knew the darker hedgehog secretly liked, causing Sunshine to start purring softly in his sleep. Ariel flexes her little fingers and gently grasps handfuls of her Papa's chest fur, burying her face in it with a tiny purr and wagging her short tail. Sunshine smiles weakly in his sleep and sighs softly, finally relaxed for the first time all night.

Manic yawns and glances out the window to see that the sky had turned the soft pinks and yellows of a sunrise "Morning already? I owe you one after everything you've done for Sun while I was gone, you and Sonia both" The blue hedgehog tells his siblings. He needed us" Sonia replies, soon turning her attention back to her brother-in-law when he groans in pain and opens his eyes. I called my lgbt clinic that prescribed my testosterone and told them I think I might be pregnant. They messaged me back saying that they would like me to come in as soon as possible to get a ultrasound done.

My obgyn is at the clinic and she's supportive of transgender pregnancies but I just don't feel really ready to face this situation yet. I imagined this for so many years but not like this, unmarried and alone, unsure of much about the father. Imagine how big he will be in 9 months. View Full. Namjoon - no i am his husband hehe Jin - we are getting divorced.

A quick selfie before our baby born babyiscoming. If you like to see the original less censored work, please visit my pixiv! Genuine question If I made a comic from my posts "I tapped that" and the weird fantasy I had the other day would anyone read it? After a rough night they are waiting for baby making. New sketch. Snowcap x Icepick Snowcap is pregnant! He gave birth somewhere in some city??.. Ice Pick tried to calm him down, but it's too late.

The cops just noticed the noise from snowcap.. In the End, There in the hospital as their baby is born and crying, and snowcap recover. Show More.

Mpreg birth tumblr

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