Mr peabody and sherman sherman and penny kiss

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Now this is a completely different storyline from You're MY Superman and Unintentional Heartbreak, both Valentines fics from last year. And yes I am aware that Valentines Day was two weeks ago, yet I'm still posting this here an now because I'm not gonna let it sit on the shelf and collect dust. I might as well share it with the world. Despite it being out of date. This fanfic is based off of the song, 'I Need a Doctor' by Dr. Dre ft. Eminem and Skylar Grey. So Explicit language is shown. A normal day in the busy metropolis of New York City.

Taxis buzzing, traffic flowing, a normal day for the City That Never Sleeps. It's schools were no exception. Around this time, the city's elementary schools were letting out for the day. Susan B. Anthony Elementary school has ring the bell, officially closing yet another day of education.

As the students were leaving, two best friends, Sherman Peabody and Penny Peterson were leaving, having a friendly conversation with each other. Sherman: So then I had to kiss her, just so she could give me and my dad our show back. It was awful! Penny: I can imagine you didn't like it.

But it was pretty funny watching your reactions from home. Sherman was talking about one of the unexpected antics that happened in His and his father's late night talk show. During the show, a fan by the name of Shelby invaded the set and tried to get involved in everything, annoying the father, and his son. She also seemed to have a giant crush on Sherman as she always pestered him to kiss her throughout the whole episode. Sherman: Trust me Penny, I don't even want to see her amongst the audience. I will literally lock myself in my room if she comes again.

Penny: Maybe we should change the subject. It seems like you can get pretty explosive at this point. As they walked past the gate, the walked together down the sidewalk. Their parents were both busy today. Penny's parents. Paul and Patty were occupied by their respective jobs, while Mr.

Peabody was busy with the TV network, discussing the season premiere episode of the show that will be taped tomorrow, and aired on Friday. The two kids didn't mind walking home. There houses aren't far away from the school and are also several blocks apart from each other. Sherman: My dad and I have been thinking of inviting you to the TV taping tomorrow night. You know, as special guests? Peabody will talk about one of our time travel stories, and we can do the Sherman's Corner segment together. It's always fun when someone helps me.

They all pulled out cameras and pens and papers, each of them asking for pictures or autographs or even both. Penny only stands there with her arms crossed and her eyes rolled. Sherman: Sorry Penny. Being a famous TV personality has disadvantages. People like these wind go away until you give them what they got. Penny started to go down the crosswalk as the red light blinked on. The road was slightly empty so that was good news for Penny But not for long.

Down the road Penny was walking, a car chase was unfolding between three police cruisers, and a brown getaway car. Apparently, a robbery took place at a bank just mere minutes ago, and the thieves were looking to escape with the loot they stole from the heist. The cops and robbers were both shooting at each other as they all drove in high speeds to catch the thieves while the latter tries to elude the former. Penny was walking down the crosswalk as the getaway car was approaching with no of slowing down. The revving engine and the loud police sirens caught her attention, as she froze in place, scared.

He slams the brakes hard, but it's not enough to slow down as the car reaches the terrified girl in front of them. Sherman notices Penny's shriek of terror, and looks through the crowd and sees the approaching car. However, as Penny is now safe, Sherman wasn't Sherman was struck by the car. The car swerves and crashes into a wall. Sherman lands hard on the pavement too, almost lifeless The cops arrive and watch as the thieves were leaving the car.

Looking at the boy they hit, the men surrender to the cops. As they were all being whisked away into police cars for processing, Penny starts to wake up. She raises her head and looks around, to see a vast array of destruction. One sight catches her eyes as she sees a body with red hair and a puddle of red liquid, slowly growing by the second, and shards of glass sparkling near him. Penny: Sherman! She runs to him and picks him up in her arms. Sherman's head is gushing blood, and his glasses were cracked and shattered.

Penny starts to tear up and cry into Sherman's chest. Cop: Dispatch, we need an ambulance at Susan B. Anthony Elementary. A civilian boy has been injured in the incident. Send an ambulance, now! As the cop was comforting Penny, an ambulance arrived. EMTs exited the back of the ambulance with a stretcher. They take Sherman off the pavement and into a bright orange transfer board. They strap him tightly to the stretcher and wheel him towards the ambulance.

As they were about to close the doors, the cop stopped them. Despite being weak of sadness, Penny climbs into the ambulance as they close the doors and drive off. After about an hour, the doctors bring him to a room where they leave him go rest, already doing what they can. They all leave as Penny walks up to him and holds his hand. Penny cries, believing this was her fault, and worries for Sherman.

At the same time, Mr. Peabody and The Petersons arrived with shocked looks on their faces. Peabody was worried sick for his son as he ran toward him. He was mortified seeing Sherman in critical condition. Paul and Patty were also worried for Sherman. Since getting to know the Peabodys two years ago they all seem to be close friends. They also saw Penny crying in the corner. Sobbing uncontrollably. Penny: He took the pain for me, it should have been me who got hit.

He deserves to be alive, while I should be the one in that bed. They both hug Penny at the same time. Knowing how important Sherman is to Penny as he is to himself, he hugs Penny too. Penny hugs them all at the same time. The three of them hugged Penny individually as they all have their goodbyes as Penny lies back, hugging the unconscious Sherman in her eventual slumber.

Millions around the country were widely anticipating the season premiere of The Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show, as they all tuned in to the TV in the scheduled timeslot. As the current show was finishing it's closing credits, the screen faded to black before showing Mr. Peabody in a darkly dim set with only one spotlight shone above him with a saddened look on his face. Peabody: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Peabody here. I regret to inform you that tonight's premiere will not go on as scheduled. And all upcoming episodes will have to be postponed until further notice.

Viewers at home were very confused as they were all expecting a new episode to be shown, but now it's hiatus will have to be extended. They aren't sure why. Peabody: Recent events have occurred that have put me in a very serious position. My co-host and son, Sherman has been involved in a tragic car accident. Peabody: Sherman is currently in the hospital in moderate condition, however he's placed in a coma.

I'm not sure when he'll wake up. We hope you understand the importance of this matter, and all I ask is for your support for Sherman. Once Sherman wakes up, normal production of episodes will . Thank you for understanding. Peabody, Paul, and Patty decided to visit the hospital again earlier in the morning.

As they walked to Sherman's room, they see Sherman, still the same since the other day, with Penny, sleeping next to him. Peabody took a closer look to see that she's been crying last night as he sees dried up tear trails running down her face. Peabody walked up to her and gently shook her. She groans lightly before fluttering her eyes open. Adjusting her vision, she sees the visitors look at her. Penny: He just seems to always help me when I'm in trouble, or when I need to be saved, or even when I need a friend to talk to.

Mr peabody and sherman sherman and penny kiss

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