My girlfriend in diapers

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Getting my girlfriend into diapers was no easy task. While I wanted her in them she wanted to see me in the diaper. So I let her do all the work and one day she just said she wanted to know what it felt like and then it began and our relationship took not just a step but a leapforwards and now we both alternate who wears diapers.

If any of you fellow DLs out there want to reply and share go right ahead. My girlfriend and I were dating for a few months when one night in late December we were up late getting drunk, and I told her about my diaper fetish. I explained where it came from and why, and she was okay with it. She told me that it wasn't the most strange thing she'd ever heard of, just that she didn't share that interest. She told me that if I wanted to wear diapers, she was cool with it, and if I wanted her to occasionally wear one, that was fine too.

I had been dying to get that off my chest, and I explained that to her. I asked, "would you rather have had me tell you now, when we've only been dating for a few months, or would you rather have had me tell you when we've been dating over a year?

After 15 months, we are still together in a very loving relationship. If you want to get your girlfriend into diapers, I'm not an expert by ANY means. I only know what worked for MY girlfriend. First, pray she has an open mind, and isn't very judgmental. Second, make sure she's in a good mood and I wholeheartedly recommend you both get drunk at home.

It makes any confession easier; both to give and to take. Third, be ready to explain where your feelings for diapers originates. Fourth, make it clear that you told her because you know you can trust her with your secret. Where you go from there depends on her reaction. But if your girlfriend keeps an open mind, and you let her know that she's 1, not the diapers, you just might be able to get her blessing and participation. I hope this helps.

I got my girlfriend involved very early in our relationship. I told her about them when I first met her. I figured if she got freaked out then no big deal, it's not like I was in love at the time. Also we didn't hang out with the same crowd, so I didn't have to worry about her telling my friends. So I told her and she seemed interested. She tried it out and loved it. She is into the fetish just as much as I am. She likes wearing them as well as playing the "mommy" role so I got the best of both worlds.

I just know "how" to tell her? We both LOVE bondage and some discipline, usually in the form of spanking. I had noticed a pattern of argumentiveness from her when she was "bad". For a few weeks, gathering up nerve I had been telling her I had an idea how to deal with her "not taking responsibility for her actions". I insinuated that it represented immaturity Finally, one night while I was punishing her blindfolded and strapped spread-eagled to the bed , I pulled out a medium Attends six tapes with the elastic waistband! As soon as she knew what it was she started laughing and bucking, and I had to hold her down and forcibly fasten the tapes.

We were both laughing but she was genuinely trying not to have to wear the diapers. I told her if she wouldn't accept her punishment, I would have to put her in two of them. Which I did end up having to do. She laughed that they were "horrible" and laid there reed to their fluffy embrace. I left her that way for about an hour and then was so freakin horny, I had to take them off and make love to her. I would do this to her more often if I thought she liked it, but quickly it became obvious I could easily cross the line of doing it too much.

She did remark one time that she thinks I should have to wear one if she does, but my gut told me it was not because it would turn her on. I might be as lucky as I'll ever get with the diaper thing If you really love your girlfriend and she is very open minded and trust worthy and likes to try new things go for it.

The worst that could happen is she will not ever get into it. But if she truly loves you she wont break up with you. I haven't told my boyfriend yet, either. Wouldn't it be something if he came to me and admitted wearing diapers? I would be in absolute heaven! Still building courage here. I treated it like a game, teasing my gf at the time that she could fit into a diaper. She was baby sitting at her house and I came by and started teasing her with the baby diapers that were there.

I secretly wanted her to put e in one but I figured I would start with seeing if I could get her to. As soon as we had the little one laid down for bed, I started teasing again and pulled one out and started acting like I was going to changer her and she played along! I got her pants off and slid the diaper under her and she was laughing and turning red. She got into it and we started fooling around. The next day we did the same thing and she put one on me!!! I admitted to her that I liked them and got turned on by her doing that with me, it became our secret play time up until we broke up.

She never said anything to anyone because she did it with me and I would have denied it anyway. She felt it and said what the heck you wearing. Now i cant wear one enough for her. I am not even sure how to approach trying to get my gf to wear them she knows that I wear them and that I love them and that i wear them cause they make me feel younger and that i sort of want to relive my younger years but i have no idea how to approach trying to get her to wear them can anyone give me some advice on how to approach it.

I told my ex girlfriend and she told me she had to think about it and let it sink in but she never did want to. My girlfriend knows i wear diapers at night. She is fine with me during the day. But she is very cautious about it at night. I have been with my girlfriend for over 5 years now but i am still too afraid to tell her. I told my wife about my obsession with wearing plastic baby pants. She was fine with that and kind of enjoyed touching them during foreplay. One night I put a pair in my bedside stand and pulled them out and just put them on her without asking!!

She went right along with it and well let me tell you she had quite an explosion!!! She won't admit she likes it but I know she does!! So before i got married when my wife was still my gf, we were sitting outside one night talking and she told me that she would tell me one of her biggest secrets if i told her one of mine that i could never tell anyone. So i said if she'd go first that i would tell her mine. So she told me that her and one of her best female friends were actually curious in each other and that she was bi.

She said that i turned her on and that she actaully wanted to try it. So I then told her that I like to wear diapers and do at night. She was really cool with it. Now after 2 years together we are married and she loves wearing them. So a good way to start by telling the one you love is asked them if they ever saw that CSI ep and ask what they thought of it, that can generally tell you what their reaction will be if you were to tell them you were, but at the same time i believe that if they truely love you that they will love you for wh you are.

Yeah i got my girl to wear diapers for me today. I tried the checklist that someone mentioned in this thread once. I even edited out some of the fetishes I thought might really freak her out, but left the diaper-related ones in amongst some fairly mainstream things like spanking and whatnot. But eventually it turned out she did like a little spanking amongst other things including a little bit of AB stuff and some of her reaction was just Don't let the issue just die with one try. Sometimes people just aren't ready to accept something like this right away, but eventually might even enjoy it themselves, when they get to really think about it.

Before we got married, in high school i was over at her house when i found an old box labeled BABI stuff in the basement. I told her I wanted to see inside, and when she opened it, there were a pair of old plastic pants in there. I acted like I was joking when I said- I bet those still fit u! She jokingli put them on in the bathroom over just her panties! I thought I was gonna have a heart attack from the excitement. I told her she looked real sexi and started to kiss her, i ended up fingering her under the panties and plastic pants!

The image of her cumming with plastic pants on will probli be the hottest sexual thought I will ever have. Although she did sa later on that she felt weird about it. My girlfriends reacted very differently when I told them that I like to wear diapers. Only one of them was keen to start experimenting with diapers - but also, only one was strictly against everything kinky. I always 'come out' very early in the relationship - because I know how important diapers are to me and that I can't hide them anyway..

I also think it's fairer to my gf - so she can decide early, before she plans her whole life.. My boyfriend begged me to tell him what my fetish was and because I loved him so much, I did, and thank God, he was cool with it! He has fetishes that kind of go with my diaper fetish, so, we are both very happy and I am so content knowing that he is so accepting of my diaper fetish.

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My girlfriend in diapers

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