Naruto and fuu lemon fanfiction

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Jiraiya chuckled as Naruto grew frustrated. They had been walking for two days and a half and had yet to reach the Hidden Waterfall Village. Four Ninja were on them in a matter of minutes. Shibuki pressed a button on his desk and said 'send her in' and turned back to the two Konoha Ninja.

Her ninja outfit consisted of a short sleeveless white midriff shirt with fishnet armour underneath, long white armlets, and fishnet shorts with a short white apron skirt over it. Her forehead protector was worn on her right arm. He voice was cold and dark. Like if she was angry with the village leader. Fu turned her head to Naruto. He was grinning a foxy grin and it made Fu blush a little and fortunately no one noticed. This time her voice wasn't cold. It was as normal as can be. Her voice was soft and gentle but not too gentle.

Naruto turned to see a weird looking flower. The petals were yellow with a green center and a small orange dot in the middle. They hate her yes but they're afraid to even touch her", she told him and tears welled up in her eyes. Before Naruto could answer three girls appeared in front of them. All of them sporting Taki headbands on their forehe.

They all had dark purple hair and yellow eyes. Naruto's next word shocked the shit out of them. Fu looked at Naruto wide eyed and rubbed her tears away with her hands then turned with a smirk to Akimi. They sat in the center of a training ground cross legged across from each other.

They hadn't said a word since Fu lead them there. A slap across her face. They dashed at each other clashing Kunai. Naruto back flipped as Fu sent an uppercut. He sent three Kunai and three Shiruken at her to which she dodged gracefully. They all charged at Fu who was smirking. A black line shot out from heading towards Fu. It was much like the Nara clans shadow possession but it didn't need shadows and travelled in straight lines. Fu sensing danger jumped and avoided it as she sent a Kunai to Naruto who dodged it making his seal fade away.

Fu was in awe of the attack and acted late. The wall removed to see Kunais barreling down on her. She grabbed a Kunai in each hand and deflected them all then rush him and lock into another fierce Taijutsu battle. He sent a leg sweep to which she jumped and sent a spin kick. He used his right hand to grab her leg mid spin and pull her to him. He used his left hand to punch her but she avoided it and kicked him in his chest making him explode in smoke. She turned to see a Kunai in her face. She swept her leg and Naruto avoided it by jumping giving her the perfect opportunity to punch for his stomach.

However, he interpreted this and used a Substitution with a Kunai behind her making her punch the Kunai. The back flipped from each other. The both threw three Kunai. They clashed causing a loud 'clang'. Naruto jumped at her and brought his right foot down in an axe kick. She simply jumped to meet him and kicked him in his side. He stopped three feet from her and sent a Kunai. She tunred to dodge it and when she turned back he was gone.

She then felt the tip of a Kunai to her neck. Naruto was going to shake her hand on a match well fought when he tripped on a stone and fell on her making them both fall. Their lips smashing together all the while. FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community. What if he wasn't an idiot? What if he was loved? What if he was a genius? What will happen when he finds out about his family? All this and more. Limes and Lemons at Young Age.

Bloodshed at Young Age. Obscene Language at Young Age. Chapter 02 "Are we there yet? With Naruto and Jiraiya "I know it is gaki butwe are almost there", Jiraiya informed him. Jiraiya and Naruto walked for a couple more hours than Jiraiya stopped in front of a waterfall. A little later they stood in front of Sibuki; the village leader. Her forehead protector was worn on her right arm "You called for me Shibuki-sama", she said. Naruto followed her out with a wave to Jiraiya.

She turned to him and blush as he was grinning at her again. Naruto noticed the glares, stares and comments. She was a Jinchurki but they never tried to kill her on her birthday. She hated this girl. Akimi latched onto to Naruto hand rubbing her 'B' cup breast on his hands. Naruto and Fuu; Two Mintes Later They sat in the center of a training ground cross legged across from each other. She raised her hand to touch the place Naruto slapped and winced from the pain. Naruto looked at her. She was…cute. Cuter than any girl he had ever met before.

Even Sakura. They stood across from each other. He took out a scroll and a brush that had ink on it. He began drawing on it. She took a couple steps back to catch her breath. No flames. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.

Naruto and fuu lemon fanfiction

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