Naruto and kurenai lemon

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Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto and any of its characters. This story written for entertainment purposes only and no profit was made. The following chapter and indeed any future chapters to this story contain adult material so if that isn't your thing don't read on. Naruto Uzumaki stepped out into a small clearing he had found quite some distance away from Konohagakure.

It was out of the way of many of the village's main ro and Shinobi often never passed through here. It made a great training spot he decided as he went about setting up some simple targets around the trees in the area. The academy final exams were coming soon and if he failed these again it would al the third time he had failed and most likely mark and end to his Shinobi career before it even began.

Taking off his jacket and setting it aside Naruto readied his Shuriken and Kunai to begin practice before he moved on to his Jutsu training later on. Time to get to training! Not too far away and approaching fast the Jonin kunoichi Kurenai Yuhi blazed through the trees trying desperately to reach Konoha as quickly as possible.

It hadn't been a difficult mission at the start. A local group of men had set up shop in a small town and had started drugging women and using them as playthings once they had injected them with a powerful aphrodisiac. Thankfully they hadn't been in business to long before a mission request was sent in to Konohagakure and Kurenai accepted the mission to rid the town of these men.

She had entered the compound and quickly set off to take them out. It was going smoothly as they posed no real challenge for her so she conserved her chakra and didn't bother with Genjutsu. She had set free the girls they had but in the confusion two missing nin appeared who had been hired by the gang. They had been Chunin and also not very impressive but she none the less let her guard down.

Kurenai had been injected with a syringe in the thigh during the skirmish. She had killed the two ninja and finished the job, however she quickly realized what was going on with her and immediately took off towards Konoha were they could remove the toxin from her system. Now so close to home it was getting harder and harder to concentrate as her body burned for release. Her vision was blurry and her chakra control was slipping as she tried to concentrate. Finally she slipped up and crashed stomach first into a tree branch.

Slipping down she crashed hard on the ground. It was getting worse now. Her body was on fire desperate for release. Her underwear already soaked trough with her wetness she darted a hand between her legs and tried to relieve some of her desire as she still crawled forward trying to get home.

She moved slowly and soon entered a small clearing. She heard the sound of a Kunai embedding a tree some distance away and spotted a young boy practicing close by. Naruto turned quickly after hearing someone close by.

Then he saw a woman stumble into the clearing. She was an older woman who Naruto immediately recognized as a ninja that he sometimes saw around the village or at the Hokage's tower when he went to see the old man. She was very beautiful Naruto thought.

She had long black hair somewhat messy but it only made her look even more irresistible. She was wearing a white bandage like dress with more or less the standard Shinobi style sandals. However Naruto quickly noticed something was wrong with the woman. She was panting heavily and sweating quite a bit. She was holding her stomach with one hand and had the other down between her legs. Naruto quickly moved over to see if she was injured, after all this hadn't been the first time he saw ninjas entering the village injured and on the way to the hospital.

Do you need some help? Kurenai looked up a look lust and passion on her face, though Naruto didn't recognize it as such. Kurenai's mind already affected by the drug and not thinking clearly decided not to care about it right now and threw herself at the boy hungry for release.

Naruto's eye's shot wide at that but it only allowed the woman to thrust her tongue into his mouth. Effectively unable to talk Naruto lay there as the older woman moved her warm tongue inside his mouth. Naruto relaxed only slightly and stopped moving around so much as he began to enjoy the taste and what the woman was doing to him. Feeling the boy start relax Kurenai slipped one of her hands down and grabbed the boy through his pants.

She looked dazed as she licked the small amount of saliva on her lips. Naruto breathing hard stared silently as the woman reached to her own shirt and pulled off her top part of her dress undoing the bandages and removing her chainmail shirt revealing her bare chest to the boy. Naruto completely awestruck by what he was seeing didn't even notice as the woman undid the front of his pants a bit.

Moving down she planted her breasts on the boy and once again brought her lips to his. Amazed by the feeling of her woman's amazing chest on his own, Naruto relaxed again as the woman slipped her hand down his pants. Her mind still not quite right Kurenai none the less still realized that she had found something unexpected. She pulled back and despite Naruto's protests she slipped his pants down revealing her 'big' discovery.

Kurenai let out a moan as she laid eyes on the boy's penis. He was semi hard but already Kurenai could tell he was very big considering his age. Almost in a daze she reached out and used both her hands to touch him. Naruto laid on the floor wincing as the woman touched him there, but it was pleasant and sending him feelings he had never experienced before. Soon he had grown to his full length in her hands and Kurenai looked at him amazed at what she had discovered. The boy was easily as big as men in those magazines that Anko sometimes showed her.

Dreamily she stood up and removed the last of her clothing above Naruto letting him see her in all her glory. Naruto stayed there his eyes glued to what he was seeing his eyes traveling down her body seeing her erect nipples down to a cleanly trimmed bush of hair that she had down between her legs. He had of course known what sex was, he had found out a lot about it when he was doing research for his Sexy Jutsu in those magazines.

He knew that what he was doing was also not 'right' by people's moral standards but here with this woman he couldn't have cared less. Kurenai couldn't hold it anymore and moved down and grabbed his cock and moved her mouth on to the tip where she started licking him while one of her hands moved to her dripping core and began to slide her two middle fingers in and out.

Naruto clutched at the grass beneath him and leaned back as he felt the woman take him into her mouth. It was wet warm and felt amazing. Taking him in fully Kurenai began to slide her tongue up and down his length while furiously working her hand down at her sex. It was an amazing feeling Naruto thought as he opened his eyes and looked down at the woman's face as her ruby red lips slid once again down his shaft shiny with her saliva. Naruto felt it building up inside of him and started trusting his pelvis up trying to seek a release to the pleasure. Kurenai felt him twitch in her mouth and knew he was close.

Seeking her wonderful gift that she so desperately needed Kurenai took him deeply into her mouth and sucked hard while her hand cupped his balls gently massaging them. Naruto tensed and finally blew. Kurenai felt the first shot hit the back of her throat and pulled back to allow the rest of his seed into her mouth so she could taste him. Naruto gasped hard as load after load shot into her mouth were she eagerly drank it down as it entered her mouth. Finally done Kurenai moved her tongue around his penis lapping up any remaining fluid that had escaped her mouth.

Naruto meanwhile was enjoying the aftermath of his release and the delicate ministrations of the woman. Feeling her move away from him Naruto looked up and saw the woman looking at him lustfully. Kurenai's foggy mind briefly attempted to remember why that name ringed a bell but wrote it off as not important; she had… other things on her mind at the moment. Smiling Kurenai stood up and helped Naruto stand up as well.

Feeling Kurenai's naked body on his own Naruto moved his own arms around her as she bent down and captured his lips in another kiss. Pulling away Kurenai looked around and spotted a nearby flat rock that seemed to be able to do the job nicely. She moved over to it taking Naruto along by the hand. She turned and sat down on the edge then gently spread her legs open allowing Naruto to see her fully.

Naruto couldn't believe what he was seeing and once again thought back to his research on the female body he had done to learn how to properly pull off his sexy Jutsu. Use your tongue and lick me. Naruto nodded and moved in between her legs ready to repay her for how good she had made him feel earlier. Naruto moved his head in and instantly smelled her wet core.

It was intoxicating and oh so welcoming to his senses. Naruto opened his mouth and ran the tip of his tongue up the length of her slit. Tasting her for the first time Naruto truly believed that he had found the one thing in the world that tasted better than ramen.

Wanting more Naruto moved back in and began to explore Kurenai in earnest with his mouth. Don't stop Naruto… make me feel good. Kurenai moved her hands to her breasts and began to rub her hard nipples trying to maximize the pleasure she was receiving. Naruto continued on eagerly seeking to make Kurenai as happy as she had made her.

Naruto soon found something atop her opening and licked there, suddenly Kurenai made her pleasure obvious. Right there! Keep doing that Naruto! Don't stop! Encouraged by her moaning Naruto concentrated there as she seemed to get even wetter than before. Kurenai moved her legs behind Naruto and trapped his head between her thighs trying to bring him even closer in to her as she could. Naruto began to speed up and wrapped his arms around her legs as she began to tremble. Naruto barley had any warning as she pushed her sex more into his face and exploded sending her liquids in to his open mouth and all over his face as Kurenai finally went limp and laid spread on the rock breathing heavily trying to regain her breath after her amazing orgasm that had finally calmed to fires of lust that had built up inside her up until now.

Finally release from the vice grip Kurenai's thighs had him in Naruto stepped up and admired the beautiful goddess that he had given pleasure to. Kurenai opened her eyes and looked at Naruto. She saw he had gotten hard again and smiled. Kurenai sat up still breathing deeply and wrapped her arms around Naruto. Moving in she captured his lips in her hers and began to gently kiss him tasting herself in his mouth. Naruto closed his eyes and stayed there enjoying the kiss with Kurenai. Pulling away she moved Naruto into her lap once again captured his lips and began a hot make out kiss while one of her hands snaked down and grabbed hold of Naruto's cock.

Naruto moaned as the goddess that was Kurenai continued the kiss while stroking him up and down with her hand. Placing one of her fingers at the tip of his cock Naruto twitched as he felt once again closer to that amazing relief that he had felt once before.

Kurenai knowing he was close sped up and was soon rewarded when Naruto came once again. That feels so good! Coming down from the pleasure Naruto noticed that Kurenai had brought her had to her mouth and was gently licking her fingers clean of the semen.

One by one Kurenai licked her fingers as strands of Naruto's cum dangled between them. Having finished with her work Kurenai smiled at Naruto, both their faces flushed and excited. Kurenai smiled and moved him into a better position on top of the rock and crawled up on top of him.

Things only get better from here on out. It didn't take long and once again Naruto was stiff again. Kurenai smiled. Ku… Kurenai! Wanting that initial pleasure to continue Kurenai moved up then dropped back down letting Naruto's hard length pierce her again and again as she moved uncontrollably seeking that wonderful felling of ecstasy once more.

Naruto opened his eyes and was met with Kurenai's lustful expression as she moved down still moving up and down on his hard cock. Lick them! Suck them.

Naruto and kurenai lemon

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