Naruto and tsume love fanfiction

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Metallic Militia Here and I got a new one, don't worry for the other stories they will be done soon. Disclaimer: Again own nothing but the plot; nor do I want to own anything, too much troublesome work. Naruto prevented Sasuke from leaving, Naruto single handedly stopped pain, Madara Spelling? Sakura never hated Naruto but died in the fight with Madara.

After fighting the Uchiha the genjutsu he had on the Akatsuki disappeared. From there they pledged their allegiance to Naruto. It was a warm morning, Normal for mid-August. The sun was just barely peeking its rays over the horizon, when a lone beeping sound could be heard. Naruto woke up like every morning. He sat on his bed with his alarm still going off, he yawned and stretched. He stared at his arch enemy for a moment before mumbling something along the lines of 'stupid beeping' Naruto stood up at his full height of 6'4. He walked over to the alarm clock and was tempted to see how far he could throw it.

He resisted his urge and shut the cursed thing off. He proceeded to do his morning routine which was the basic use the toilet, attempt to comb his hair before saying 'screw it', splashed his face with cool water, then walk out of the bathroom and head to the kitchen where he made his breakfast.

Two eggs over easy, hash browns, three pieces of maple smoked bacon, and a large glass of milk. He ate in silence like every morning. The cleaned up after himself. After finishing his cleaning he proceeded to get changed. He wore a complete different outfit then his genin and chunin days, much to the appreciation of the female half of Konaha.

He now wore black steel-toed military grade boots, urban camo cargo pants that were tapped to the boots, a black shirt with the Kanji for Pride on his back, on right arm was his Konaha symbol, also on his arms was standard ANBU armor. Naruto then tied his normal weapons to his body which consisted of his normal kunai and senbon needles, however after Naruto ed ANBU he was taught how to use a sword so he picked two swords one he wore at his waist was a normal Katana with the Kanji for Devine, the sword was the normal curved blade but had seals on it to make it so it never dulled even during constant use.

It was pearl color with a black handle and no hand guard. His other sword was the one he loved the most his European Long sword it was about 5 and a half feet long, but with the seals Naruto had put on it weighed next to nothing and it also would never dull no matter what happened to it. You could drag this sword through sand after baking the thing in a forge for three hours straight and nothing would happen to it the hand guard wasn't a normal hand guard either they where pointed at the ends acting like senbon needles when needed for super close fighting.

The grip was black with a black blade with a crimson red on the edges in gold was the Kanji for 'Honor'. It was strapped from his right shoulder down towards his left leg. It was still about 3 in the morning but Naruto had a mission today so he placed his mask on with black on the top side of the mask and on the bottom was crimson red. Naruto sighed and went to his door, and left his house.

Naruto no longer lived in a crap apartment but now in an actual house that he built himself. It was right next to a lake which was surrounded by woods. Naruto no longed lived inside of Konaha either. He continued toward the gates of his village with out any thoughts. Kiba was coming back to the village after a week long mission to Tea County. Kiba decided to catch up to his pal. He caught up and looked at his good friend. He was happy he found Naruto. His sister had talked with Kiba about Naruto before he left and it seemed that the girl fell head over heels for Naruto.

To Kiba he was pissed at first, but after a few minutes and being screamed at by his mom, he settled down and actually thought about it. Naruto was a great guy that never deserved the shit that he got. He was caring, nice and sweet. Plus Naruto was protective, Kiba found that out when he started dating Hinata. He had threatened to hang Kiba by his intestines and then force him to swallow his own family jewels if he ever did anything to hurt Hinata.

Kiba also realized Naruto never dated he never had anyone for him. Sakura died during the war with Madara so Naruto was pretty much by himself in that department. Pretty much nobody wanted to date him for real anyway. Sure he had a huge fan club, but they were never serious about an actual relationship. They only wanted to get laid by the town's hero and use his legendary stamina to good use. Kiba actually had to hide Naruto once from a horde of horny pre-teens that wanted to rape him.

Kiba being Kiba never liking the silence tried to figure out what to talk about when he remembers his conversation with Hana. Hana looked up to see that Kiba was packing for his trip to Tea County. Kiba stopped for a second looked at his sister and moved his head from side to side with a light smile on his face.

Also I've thought about it and since me and Naruto are good friends, I think it's safe to say that … I accept that you have feelings for him. Since Hana was trying her hardest to think of way to keep her love life she was sure that Kiba was going to say no. So she started "Kiba I will not accept that you just can't see that I love Naruto and I will go and date him and … wait what the hell, did you just say?

Kiba broke out laughing, "Sis, I love you, and I know that you love Naruto that is why I'm accepting it, … but be for warned that Naruto has no idea what a romantic love is he barely knows what a friend like love is like so expect there to be some complications with him.

He will love you be you need to give him time, he never really had any one in his life when he was a kid that loved him, that and the way he was treated he has trust issues with new people that are around him. Sis, I say go for it you both will be good for each other. I will help you in anyway I can. Hana was teary eyed with all that her little brother just said and was about to thank him when clapping was heard.

She turned around to see her mother standing there with a huge grin on her face. Hehehe, just kidding Kiba, I love you baby. Hana he is serious though, our village's savior has had probably the worst childhood out of everyone. You better take good care of him or I will snatch him up myself. Both teenagers in the room stared at the woman with a smile on their face until they realized something she was serious. Kiba started semi-scared "Mom are … are you …are you serious? Tsume looked at her kids with wide eyes and thought to herself 'Fuck that wasn't supposed to be said, shit now they know I'm Hana's rival.

Kiba fell to the floor laughing his ass off wondering about how his family will act especially now that poor Naruto actually now has two people that love him for him. However his mom immediately took to defense. Kiba was crying he was laughing so hard. You have left me no choice mom but he will never want someone that had already had kids you used package. At this point was about to pass out from laughing so hard so he had to step in. The two women glared at each other before Tsume spook first.

Hana sighed loudly "Little brother how am I supposed to go against mom? Ahh, well, see you after the trip Kiba. Kiba chuckled slightly remembering the event, but turned to his good friend and probably soon to be family member and asked "So Naru-Kitsune-san have you found any girls that have caught your eye? Naruto was sort of taken back by that question so he answer with "and why does it matter dog-breath". Kiba knowing Naruto smiled at that "I'll take that as a no" Naruto's brow started to twitch.

Kiba was about to continue when another ANBU came out of nowhere. They nodded and took off in different directions to get the most amounts of people. Kiba and Naruto took off towards the tower themselves. Lady Tsunade stood atop the tower overlooking the village. It was time for her to tell the world about the truth of one Naruto Uzumaki- Na mikaze.

The full truth his heritage, his burden, his ugly childhood, his feats over the years then there was something that she wanted to give him, however he had asked for something that did not make sense to her. It was about four weeks ago that she was telling Naruto that she planned on making him her successor to the Hokage title, but to her surprise he refused. When she had asked him why he told her he would tell her when the time came.

Since then he has been taking any mission he can to go to wave country. Tsunade has been stumped ever since. Then she heard someone land behind her. However she turned and smiled at him without saying anything when out of nowhere the four foxes Naruto summoned arrived and tackled and held Naruto to the ground.

The twenty ANBU arrived. One walked over to Naruto and knelled down. He then removed his mask and smiled at Naruto. Kiba appeared next to Naruto and smirked evilly. Kiba just simply nodded his head and walked over to Tsunade and said. Sasuke continued to smile and then stood up and stood to the right of Naruto. Tsunade continue to smile at Naruto, then turned to the crowd who where all looking around confused of why the villages hero could be treated with such hostility.

It is good all of you are here; there are some things that need to be said about our great ninja that has been subdued behind me. First of is the heritage of the hero. Well his parents died when the Kyuubi no Kitsune attacked the village nineteen years ago.

Naruto and tsume love fanfiction

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