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Soft and creamy touch, nothing is more comfortable than a girl's waist. Watch 1 Yarn 3 Chinese Website. The two faced each other, and there was a trace of coldness in Asdes' eyes, and the Ice Shield transformed into several ice needles and flew towards Naruto. Such a weird thing made Esdes a bit dumbfounded, and soon recovered, struggling with a cold face and body, and immediately asked Naruto to wrap her hand around her waist.

How could you have such an odd ability, Naruto, which country are you from? Naruto didn't expect Esdes to be so cautious, but unfortunately he wouldn't say anything about it. He just wanted to play around with the queen, right, just playing around. Because of the trouble in the room, the three beasts hurried over, saw two people staring at each other, and called out the master, and the three were trying to get started.

The three people understood the matter and stopped at the same place, locked Naruto with eyes, ready to wait for the command of Esdes, and then rushed over. Looking at Naruto, Esdes returned to calmness, and his cold cheek suddenly showed an excited expression, licking his red lips and saying. Your excitement has made me even more excited. I've never been so excited. I want you more and more. I want to see the expression that you stepped on my feet. As soon as raising his hand, three ice needles shot out quickly, Naruto still raised his spear to sweep them all down.

At this time, Esdes had rushed up, and when he raised his foot, he kicked sideways towards Naruto. Naruto condenses Chakra with one hand, and Chakra of the ten tails all mobilized a part, and stretched out one hand and pinched Aesdes's long legs. With a snoring sound, the floor shook, and the whole room shook a little, and there were cracks in the floor tiles. With a frown on his back, Asdes retracted her feet, a rotation that drove the fluttering blue hair, changed her other foot, and swept over Naruto.

Asdes was completely angry, and anger was burning in his eyes. When he fell in place, he raised his hand and smashed into Naruto's face. Raising one hand gently, Naruto used one hand to hold the tender white hand tightly. When the air vibrated, the marble floor tiles showed s of damage, and there was a feeling of collapse. The air around him blew, and when he heard his master's trick, the three beasts fled out quickly.

Naruto closed his eyes and opened the ten-tailed state directly before Mocobatemo had actually started. This time, instead of getting the tin rod out, Qiu Daoyu was made. Several black Qiu Dao floated behind Naruto, and the whole body became golden and black. Looking at Naruto's strong ability, this kind of power is ten thousand times more terrifying than her emperor, and Naruto's whole body has a lot of pressure. She is the first time she has seen such a terrifying power.

It's a human, and I don't know if the gods have such powerful strength. Before Naruto's horrible ability, Esdes felt that he was just a small animal, letting anyone play with it. The strength of suppression broke out again, the floor shook, and the Taoist jade behind Naruto rose, and the whole earth showed s of shaking. Asdes's unconscious legs softened, he sat down on the ground, raised his head to look at Naruto, and there was some awe in those good-looking eyes.

This age was chosen by nature. Esdes only admired strength and pursued strength. It was really unwilling to meet someone who was so much stronger than her, but unfortunately what happened. Now I want you to help me lick. Don't think about running. The black ball around you is more scary than Emperor. Glancing at the of begging jades, Esdes could perceive that his emperor was crying.

This should be a fear of powerful items. Esdes knew that he could not escape and put himself down. Because of fear, he trembled and stretched out his hands, holding Naruto's shoes, biting his teeth, kissing his feet, and licking his bright red tongue.

The expression was full of anger, looking up at Naruto, the anger was burning vigorously, and there was a bit of tears in the corner of his eyes. Naruto smiled, his smile was very happy, he reached out his hand, and gently clicked on the blood-red lips of Esdes, smiling. Angry Esdes had a little rosy cheek. She had always been someone else, and now she was rectified by others. She was angry and had a strange feeling in her heart. Night Mode :. Watch 1 Yarn 3 Chinese Website The two faced each other, and there was a trace of coldness in Asdes' eyes, and the Ice Shield transformed into several ice needles and flew towards Naruto.

Naruto printed with one hand "Sclerosis. Take a few steps back, stand still, sweeping Naruto coldly "Your ability is not from Yudi Gao. Register.

Naruto feet lick

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