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Remember me Log in Register Lost password. Demon's Dirty Dreams 2. Chapter 2: Ino 3. Chapter 3 Ibara 4. Chapter 4 Hana 5. Chapter 5 Tsunami 6. He wanted to see her again simply so he could make sure she was alright. After her apologizing retreat, he hadn't seen her for a while. Putting it out of his mind, Naruto instead focused on his reason for walking through Konoha that day. Spotting his destination just down the street, Naruto grimaced.

Yamanaka Flowers. Smelling the sweet scent of flowers reach his nose, Naruto quickly checked he had Gama-chan with him before entering the store. Feeling a cool breeze from the air conditioning, Naruto sighed relieved. It was one of the hottest Summer's on record and the weather that day was reinforcing it.

Staying beneath the cool breeze just in the entrance of the shop for a moment, Naruto looked around. Simple wooden flooring and cream painted walls, gave the shop an open airy feeling, especially when combined with the numerous plants scattered throughout the store. Looking over the scores of different colors, Naruto couldn't help the scowl that crossed his face when he saw who was behind the counter. Yamanaka Ino. Naruto honestly wasn't sure what was up with her.

When their class had just started out, before all the girls got their crushes on Sasuke, Ino had actually been pretty nice. She had actually been pretty defensive of Chouji in particular, being ready to 'mind-fuck the shit' out of anyone who poked fun at the big-boned boy. Then as she made new friends among the girls of the class she had steadily become more and more, well, bitchy for lack of a better word. There was a time where Ino was quite encouraging toward Naruto himself.

When he'd been feeling pretty down after a particular disastrous Taijutsu spar, Ino had actually tried to cheer him up. Then it all started to properly go to shit when she turned After that, if you so much as scratched Sasuke she was more than happy to verbally tear into you in front of the class, often throwing humiliating facts about you for the world to hear. The old Ino was somebody who Naruto was pretty sure he would've liked to hang out with. The girl she'd become on the other hand was another matter. About the only thing about her that had changed in a good way was her body.

And what a body it was. Because of her rather revealing choice of attire, Ino served as a nice bit of eye-candy for the boys of the class. Smooth fair skin, long toned legs that had proven quite powerful, a toned stomach and a slightly larger bust than the other girls in the class, barring Hinata, and she was considered gorgeous.

Today, said bust was on display due to the heat forcing her into a purple tank-top. Reluctantly Naruto felt his eyes drift to her cleavage and eye it appreciatively. Yeah, Ino was a bit of a bitch, but she had one hell of a body. Taking in a deep breath and praying to Kami for patience, Naruto walked up to the counter. But first she'd have to take a shower, she mentally grumbled as she felt a bead of sweat crawl down the side of her face.

Normally she was quite pleased with her skin tone, feeling that it made her look a little more elegant, than some of the heavier tanned girls. But with the heatwave that had overtaken Konoha, she was quickly remembering one of the downsides to having such fair skin.

A lower tolerance for heat than most, not to mention that she could burn as red as a lobster if she was under the sun for too long. Grumbling she turned the of the magazine she was reading while using the other she had already finished to fan her face and chest. She hated wearing tank-tops. She wasn't afraid to flaunt her body, hell even she knew her ordinary outfit was a little more daring than most, but it didn't actually reveal all that much. When she wore tank-tops, guys just spent their time staring at her chest. Of course it would be different if it was Sasuke-kun, but he was far too gentlemanly to do that.

If he was looking at her chest, she'd just take it as a of his good taste. Pausing she eyed the picture of a muscular guy in some kind of cologne ad in the magazine. While nobody could quite match up to her Sasuke-kun, there was no harm in window shopping right? The noise of somebody clearing their throat directly in front of her nearly made her jump out of her skin. Only long practice from having her Father accidentally do the same prevented her from actually reacting to the interloper.

Instead she feigned lazily looking up, the standard greeting about to leave her lips before she scowled at who it was. The boy before her was wearing a simple white t-shirt, tight against his frame and a pair of blue shorts. If Ino was feeling objective she would say he was actually quite hot, with the toned body and the blonde hair and blue eyes. However Ino had a particular dislike of some of Naruto's less legal extracurricular hobbies. There was no way in hell she was giving her fellow blonde a free look down her top. She flushed angrily when he exaggerated looking around the shop.

Naruto was a particularly good thief and regularly enjoyed relieving the villagers of their possessions. It was the only reason he could afford his pretty swanky apartment. Smirking, Naruto grabbed Ino's finger and pushed it off his chest. Well if everyone knows, then the police are pretty damn slow in coming to arrest me.

People knew he was a thief, they just didn't know where he stored the valuables he'd stolen, thus meaning no evidence. Giving him a scathing look, Ino crossed her arms and stared at him. For whatever reason Naruto felt it was only right he visited the Hero's Memorial Stone. A large portion of the names there were put there because of the Kyuubi. The beast that was now his responsibility had killed all of those people.

In turn it felt right that he Hell he wasn't all that sure himself. All he knew was that stealing the flowers he planned to put on a Memorial felt wrong somehow. Wrong enough that he was actually willing to pay for them. Naruto wasn't quite sure if he'd paid for anything in years. Not particularly caring what Naruto wanted the flowers for, Ino quickly gathered up a bouquet of the flowers and rattled off a price for the boy.

However when he reached for his pockets Ino was incensed when she saw a metal plate on a cloth poking from his other pocket. I can't believe you'd sink that low! All I'm doing is picking up some damn flowers. Stealing money or whatever is one thing, but stealing somebody's Hitaite because you failed the exam again is low! Flicking her hair behind her, Ino snorted at Naruto's claim.

I never thought you could be that big of a failure Naruto. Like she'd said, everyone knew that Naruto was a thief, he was just an unfortunately good one. Still for some reason she couldn't help but feel kind of guilty for the hurt look he'd had in his eye as he left. She resolutely ignored the guilt and continued to read her magazine. If her Mother didn't let her go soon, she'd miss out on seeing Sasuke-kun!

Ino paused as a smug smile stretched across her face. That was what someone like Forehead-girl would say, whereas she can possess small unnoticeable animals, like cats. Cats that Sasuke had a bit of a soft spot for, showing off that sweetness beneath the cool. Sighing blissfully at the thought of seeing Sasuke's caring side, Ino began to scheme for later. Pausing, he swiped at a tree angrily, knocking a fairly deep dent and ridding him of a portion of his anger. Taking one last breath, Naruto continued to walk.

What had just happened was a prime example of why he held no particular like for any of the girls in his class. Hinata was likely to be the only one that would have ever outright trusted his word at face value. And that knowledge was disheartening. One of the things that pissed him off was her self-righteous attitude regarding his stealing. For crying out loud they were Shinobi! They were expected to murder other human beings the moment they were ordered to!

To get that outraged over him liberating a few valuables from people who didn't actually need them was stupid. Feeling the Hitaite in his pocket dig into his leg slightly, Naruto scowled. He couldn't believe that Ino honestly thought so little of him that she'd accuse him of stealing a Hitaite. Sure if evidence was found for his other robberies he could potentially be imprisoned or fined, or even have his hands broken if they found some of the more valuable stuff, but even he wouldn't be so stupid as to steal a Hitaite. If you get caught with one without someone to vouch for your reason for possessing it, if it wasn't yours, then you were guaranteed prison time and potential execution depending on whose Hitaite you stole.

Calming down, Naruto finally arrived at the Memorial and lay down the bouquet of flowers he'd bought in front of it. For a moment he struggled to think of something to say, before settling on a simple promise. I swear. Inside his mind however, Naruto was planning to show Ino why you never, ever insulted a thief.

Crossing through Konoha quickly, Naruto headed to one of the nastier parts of Konoha instead of heading for the nicer quarter where his apartment was. Before long he reached a decrepit apartment building that looked ready to fall down. The fact that it wouldn't and that he owned it was the only reason the eyesore hadn't been knocked down for some renewal project. Instead of heading for the front door, completely plastered with various danger s, Naruto instead entered the building next door. Naruto didn't even bother crouching down as he walked past the oblivious receptionist of the motel.

Judging by the enlarged pupils and the mindless mumbling, the man had just pumped something or other into his veins. Naruto walked up to the first floor and walked past the various rooms, ignoring the sounds of over the top moans and bed springs squeaking as he passed one of them.

Just before reaching the end of the corridor, Naruto pulled out his lock-picks and quickly crouched in front of the last door on the right and inserted the picks. Seconds later there was a satisfying click as the lock popped open. Of course it became less satisfying when he reminded himself that he'd done this countless times before.

Opening the door, Naruto jogged up the stairs and out onto the roof. He could have just leaped up using chakra, or even climbed the outside of the building. But for whatever reason the moment people were able to use chakra they seemed to forget the meaning of subtlety.

Walking to the edge of the roof, Naruto hopped across the small alleyway that separated the motel and decrepit apartment, onto the fire escape. Climbing up to the top floor, Naruto let himself in through an old window missing half it's glass. Walking through the room, Naruto then entered the corridor.

Looking up he spotted a familiar hole in the ceiling which he leapt through, putting himself in the supposedly unused loft of the building. The supposedly unused loft was very much in use. There were several chests containing a sizable horde of 'emergency money' that Naruto kept for a rainy day.

There were numerous scrolls scattered throughout the room that would've sent the Council into a fit of epic proportions. After all there were several blue-prints featuring their Clan compounds with small marks that showed guard patrol routes as well as the times where the guards would switch.

That wasn't even taking into the very detailed and accurate maps of several well to do Merchant homes and a map featuring the labyrinthine walkways through the Konoha sewers. Going down there unprepared was considered foolish given that several of the rodents that lived down there had gotten a hell of a boost in size because of the ambient chakra of Konoha.

And perhaps what would have sent them from that fit and straight into apocalyptic rage, was Naruto's collection that spanned several racks and a whole wall. Everything could be found there from a bejeweled mask to rubies as fat as his fist.

Naruto x ino lemon fanfic

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