Naruto x nami fanfiction

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The Uzumaki's monstrous pole was still sticking up proudly into the air for Nami. How about you follow me and let me give my hero more of a well deserved reward. Come and shove that monster deep in my pussy. Nami stood up, the water dripping off her beautiful body and stopped before a tree with a smirk, arching her back, raising her arms against the tree and arching her butt up. You want your reward right? She grabbed onto his cock, the thick shaft was blazingly hot to the touch and wide enough she couldn't even come close to getting her hands around it.

Without any more thought with a smirk or a statement from the blonde she pushed herself towards the head of his cock. The shaft twitching as she pressed up her pussy against the hot meat. She could feel her breaths getting heavier, she needed Naruto inside of her already and spread her legs wider. With one last breath and one large push the first three inches of Naruto's cock were slammed inside of her tight cunt instantly, Nami's eyes rolled into the back of her head slightly.

She bit down on her lip and let out a high pitch moan between her teeth, the feeling of finally having Naruto's massive sword inside of her was everything she'd hoped. She could feel her pussy getting stretched wide to accommodate Naruto's thick dick, her lips gripping on desperately. She was so worked up she could feel herself getting close to cumming already.

Everything about this made the wait entirely worth it. Naruto tilled his head back with a groan as her pussy squeezed down on him with all her might. His cock was pressing against every inch of her insides, her cunt unconsciously clamping down on his massive shaft and hugging it as tight as possible.

It made it so that Nami felt everything that the Uzumaki's cock did, from the flared head spreading her wider as it moved into her fuckhole to the individual veins of his cock. It gave Naruto's shaft a ribbed texture and made it so that when it pulled out of her, Nami felt her pussy get stretched slightly wider. Nami pressed her legs against Naruto's sides as hard as she could and kept pushing herself onto his cock. The thick painful member slowly going deeper and deeper inside of her one inch at a time with each push. Nami had to stop biting her lip, the pleasure of getting her twat stretched was too much to hold herself back.

She started moaning freely, the lewd sounds of her desire filling the air, Nami felt herself blush even harder at hearing her own lustful moans. She had forgot just how sexy someone moaning could sound and was getting excited from her own moans. She felt her cunt getting spread wider by the second as she tried to fit more of his impossible sixteen inch cock inside of her. Half of Naruto's manmeat was already deep, the feeling of having eight inches of thick and hot Uzumaki cock inside of her was only making her lust for more.

She could feel the head of his dick flaring inside of her, causing her to moan louder and for her legs to shake slightly. She tried to keep her legs in place though, her hands squeezing Naruto's sides desperately as she humped herself onto his massive shaft. Naruto grabbed her firm ass and welcomed the tight sheath around him. Nami's walls tightly gripped him all the way from tip to several inches all the while she squirmed on the long dick.

Naruto felt nothing but elation as his head was encased in her tight cavity. Her pussy was warm and hugged him snuggly as he palmed her ass vigorously. Nami continued her descent with the punishing penis, her shouts only getting more frantic. Nami let out a loud moan as she felt Naruto's manmeat jumped inside of her. The head of his manmeat pressing against the upper walls of her pussy harder than anything she could remember feeling. Pleasure shot through her body as she realized just how sensitive she still was. Her cunt was so sensitive she couldn't talk, she couldn't think straight, and couldn't do anything except moan while Naruto's hard member throbbed powerfully inside of her with each thrust.

She'd keep making Naruto's cock throb and pulse inside of her pussy. She could tell that her orgasm was building, and fast too, the excitement of finally getting to have Naruto inside of her after so long, combined with the size of the manmeat spreading her was starting to drive her crazy.

She pulled herself further onto the cock, looking down and seeing her stomach start to bulge as his hard shaft became outlined through her skin. Nami's face was red, lust was all that was running through her mind, The sight of Naruto's cock spreading her was the last bit of encouragement she needed to ram the cock home. She could tell her womb was yearning for Naruto's spunk and she was in agreement. She stayed still for a minute, catching her breath from having been moaning so much.

She only stayed idle for a minute though, her body refusing to do anything except remind her that she needed Naruto further inside of her. All the way inside of her. Naruto in ecstasy. Here we go. Nami readied herself one last time and pushed herself on Naruto's cock by a few inches. The feeling of his wide cockhead was making her pussy tremble with pleasure, she felt like her hips and legs were going to give out any second now.

But that only spurred her on further, she had her legs stretched completely straight, her entire attention was given to fitting the rest of this stud's cock inside of her. The sensations coming from her womb, cervix and pussy were all that she could feel. Her arms and legs tightened up and pulled as close to her body as possible, making her knees bend even further and pushing the cock even harder against her cervix.

She was trapped, a slave to her desires as Naruto filled her. Nami wanted it to go on forever. The fog of lust was once again clouding her mind and she was lost in it, Naruto just making her lose herself even more every time it throbbed and filled her even further.

With her legs braced and her pussy a waterfall of desire she bent her knees as forcefully as she could. Her hips lifted then shoved as she impaled herself onto the blonde's cock, her moaning cut off suddenly as she felt all sixteen inches of Naruto's cock stretched and filled her womb. She wanted to scream in pleasure but her whole body had seized up. It felt like she was tied down without any way to move, her body unresponsive to anything except the pleasure traveling up her body.

She could feel her orgasm was running through her body like lightning, making her already tense muscles seize up even more pulling out and slammed back inside. The impact had forced any words she was going to say right out of her mouth. She couldn't even begin to hope to form any words, Naruto inside of her pressing up against her womb.

Nami only had a moment to think about all of that though before her orgasm took over the rest of her thoughts. The total pleasure coming from her cunt making her forget about almost everything else going on around her. All she could think of was how amazing the Uzumaki felt, how he spread her wide, filling every inch of her vagina with his hot cock. How the head was broadening wider than ever, stretching her deepest parts beyond anything Nami had ever known. The feeling of its tip pressing against the back of her womb, the twitching of his cock as it knocked against the womb.

Fuck me! Do anything you want with me, hero! Unfortunately for Nami, Naruto didn't let the fact that she was climaxing on top of his dick slow him down, and he brutally continued to pump her soft, jiggling body up and down. Light danced and flashed in Nami's eyes, her tongue lolled dumbly out of her mouth; without giving it any thought, she lapped up some of the cum still surrounding her mouth. He galloped on Nami as if her life depended on it. Sweat ran down her body as he thrust into her, driving Nami crazy, seeing stars.

Her twat being ripped apart by Naruto's brutality. Wet squelches sounded from Nami's pussy each time the Uzumaki extracted his massive cock, or pounded it back inside of her, which, of course in turn, made her belly bulge and flatten, bulge and flatten. Flashes of pain and pleasure coursed through Nami's body each time Naruto's powerful cockhead slammed against her womb.

She knew what was going to come next, and tried to brace herself. She distantly realized that she must look so un dignified , make-up and hair a mess, completely naked and with an expression of utter whorish bliss on her face. Somehow, the thought of getting caught like this entered her mind, maybe someone would venture down and see her being used as a pleasure toy for a dick and she got even more excited. She didn't get to entertain this fantasy, however. Naruto's thrusts never seemed to end and only sped up as his grunts became louder and louder, until after an hour he rammed her down all the way on his cock and released a bestial roar.

Nami's eyes suddenly widened, the fog of lust and sex that'd been consuming her mind clearing for a second as realization hit her. But right as she realized what was about to happen she felt Naruto's cockhead flare even wider, she reflexively threw her head back at the feeling.

Though that pleasure was instantly replaced as she felt a powerful, hot jet of cum shoot out of the Naruto's cock. Her womb readily accepting the shot of jizz inside of her womb right as Naruto shot another thick blast of cum inside of her. Nami's eyes rolled into her head and she felt herself start cuming again.

Naruto x nami fanfiction

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