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My first story! I hope everyone who re it will enjoy it. Make sure you review! Don't flame if you can. After all, this is my first story. Before Naruto could respond, Sakura turned her attention towards Shion who called her name. I never break my nindo! Believe it! Shion looked at Naruto and giggled lightly while her cheeks held a faint blush. Sakura moved closer to Shion so that the others couldn't hear what she said next. She turned around and saw everyone looking at her. She chuckled nervously before turning back to Shion. It's just that I think you should save something like uh She looked right into Shion's eyes and hoped she would tell Naruto that the promise was off.

But, then again it doesn't matter though because all I want from him is a baby. She couldn't help but feel a little sad though. Naruto is the first person she ever had feelings for yet she wouldn't have a chance to let those feelings grow since they wouldn't be able to be together.

I use to blame destiny for everything. I told him that me or him had to die but he wouldn't have it. He promised me that he wouldn't let anything happen to me and that he would be fine as well and as it turns out he was right. It made me realize he was a good man, and it made me realize I could count on him, even if he doesn't love me and I don't love him. Shion smiled as she remembered when she and Naruto were talking at the lake. Sakura scooted over closer to Shion. My youthful rival is correct! Shikamaru and Temari thank you for your assistance with this mission you guys can leave now with him.

He couldn't help but smile a bit at seeing his enthusiasm. After the ninja left Neji noticed something. Kakashi then turned to the remaining ninja and priestess and told everyone to get ready to take Shion home. Shion walked up to Naruto and asked him if he could carry her. Get on! Shion smiled with a faint blush and slowly eased herself on his back while she threw her hands over his shoulders. He put his hands around her thighs, just above her knees. I think I could get use to this. Despite her best efforts Naruto heard it though. Shion removed her face from his back and put her chin on the crook of his neck.

Kakashi saw this and eye smiled. Maybe afterNaruto goes through with his promise they could get together. That would give Jiraiya something new to write about. Sakura, who was behind them, looked at Naruto and Shion with a frown while she was tightening her fist, unaware she was doing so. This did not go unnoticed by Kakashi however, who just raised an eyebrow in curiosity. If everyone is set, lets go! Don't worry Shion! We'll arrive at Demon Country in no time! Several hours later Kakashi decided that they should camp and continue tomorrow.

The ninja found a clearing with a lake not too far off. They set up camp with Shion's tent being in the middle and sleeping bags around her. Man Lee I think you broke my wrist! Your youth burns brightly! Sitting on her knees she started to heal his wrist. Please forgive me Naruto! You probably couldn't help but get carried away when you realized my amazing strength! Lee gave him a grin and nodded. Shion, watching all this take place, saw Naruto blush lightly when he looked at Sakura. I hope he will still give me . Even though all I want from you is , I wonder if I could have your love too, even if that would make our lives very difficult.

After making a fire and eating some rations that Sakura had left, Kakshi told everyone to get some sleep. Then he pointed at Neji. Sorry Neji, it's just that you have the Byakugan so you can see if anyone is coming near us and I'm pretty sure everyone is tired after everything that has happened to us.

As the other ninja were getting into their sleeping bags, Shion called Naruto over to her. She was sitting just outside her tent entrance. She looked over at Lee and Neji and saw that they were both asleep. Shion was looking down at her knees. I'm glad you kept your promise. You don't know how much it meant to me. Her cheeks were tinged with a faint blush. I promised you and I always keep my promises. She liked it. She took this time to check out his features some more.

She noticed his whisker-like birthmarks on his cheeks. She noticed his spiky sun kissed hair. She suddenly felt the urge to run her fingers through it. But, what she noticed the most were his eyes. They were so big and blue she felt she would drown in them if she looked at them too long. Shion was staring at him with a little smile on her face and he thought it was because there was something funny on him.

Shion, upon hearing Naruto's voice, immediately snapped out of her daze. She scooted back some very quickly. I-I'm so sorry Naruto! Naruto let out a little chuckle. Shion, seeing his blush smirked. Sakura, who was watching all of this take place was getting irritated. Shion then did something completely unexpected. She herself was surprised.

She hugged Naruto. Naruto's eyes widened even more. Considering he was the "demon child", he was not use to affection, let alone physical affection. His heart still warmed up considerably when he got any kind of praising.

Naruto x shion fanfiction

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