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Discussion in ' Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery ' started by heydidyougetthatthing , Aug 9, Does edging count as relapse? Aug 9, 1. I've been edging a little bit over the last few days. Does this count as a relapse? Aug 9, 2. I personally don't think it does. It's something you should avoid cauz it encreases dopamine, but it's "formally" no relapsing By edging today, tomorrow, the day after, there will come a day where you won't be able to resist and will O Elchicoloco , Aug 9, Aug 9, 3.

Daredevil99 , Aug 9, IWantToBreakFree likes this. Aug 9, 4. The counter itself doesnt count anything If you feel more "comfortable" without resetting it even if you know there should be a king or reset just keep it going. Aug 9, 5. But one thing is certain, by edging you are preparing yourself for a failure. Aug 9, 6. You've got to understand that the NoFap reboot "challenge" is first and foremost about a rewiring of the brain.

P, P-Subs, erotic fantasies, edging, they all release insane amounts of dopamine. Sometimes you can literally feel a rush to the brain when you look at porn. As a fapstronaut, you want to get away from this unnatural and unnaturally strong arousal through pixels on a screen or images in your head.

Even though personally I wouldn't count edging as a reset opinions on that vary greatly! Especially if you edge while watching porn. Just know that this behavior is extremely counterproductive in that it will either severely slow down your overall reboot process or —and much more likely— lead you to a full-blown relapse too fast for you to even realize. That being said, after all, only you can tell if what you've done makes you feel like resetting or not.

Some people on here just add multiple counters. One for the days they haven't PMO'd, one for the days they haven't MO'd, one for the days they haven't O'd, one for the days they haven't looked at P or P-Subs, one for the days they haven't had any wet dreams, and another one for the days they haven't edged, etc. So maybe adding a second counter might help you, since you only edged, but not all the way to O. Whatever you do, just remember : this isn't just a challenge.

This isn't about counting the days for others to see your progress, or resetting your counter when you've had a slip-up. It's not about making it to the magical of 90 days without O'ing, just to be able to brag about it, either. This is your personal and unique healing process. It may take 90 days, it may take 9 months or even more. This whole NoFap Challenge is just a neat little idea to raise awareness of the negative effects of PMO on people's lives and to get them hooked on NoFap.

It's up to you what you do with it. But it has to become a lifestyle if you truly want to heal. How paradoxical and useless then is the act of looking at porn and edging? NooseAnchor , Aug 9, TheOneRingBoromir , 2ndChance! Aug 9, 7. Thanks [Warning: Possible trigger alert ] I just came dangerously close to a relapse. I downloaded an app I knew would let me "accidentally" come across p.

Before I knew it I was straight-up watching. It's been months since I've watched last but it's like my body knew exactly what the routine was. I managed to get the app closed and I didn't m but almost didn't have to. Was like I was about to finish without doing anything I've never been that sensitive before. My whole body was physically shaking which is kinda scary. I ran into the bathroom, poured cold water over my head and took a really cold bath. I think it's passed for now but now I have these fucking images in my head and yes, I deleted the app.

Makes me think of the movie Trainspotting. It's about a herion addict who's trying to quit and all the things that keep dragging him back. There's a scene where he's in bed detoxing and his whole body is rebelling against him and his mind keeps making him see things. Not quite that extreme but feels something like that. I've been meeting with a therapist about this addiction for over a year now but he hasn't been helpful.

Basically he says it's a normal part of life and I shouldn't feel guilty. The thing is: I don't feel guilty. I feel ashamed. Guilt is about something you've done, shame is about who you are. I'm ashamed of myself for allowing this to become such a huge fucking part of my life.

I remember when I was 11 and started watching p and telling myself that it was ok as long as I didn't let it become an issue. Now it's a fucking issue. There are so many relationships I've messed up because of what I've let this do to me. So many missed opportunities and friendships. People I've hurt. I'm successful professionally but what good is it if I'm ashamed of who I am? How long does this shit last? I was hoping I'd be over it by now. Deleted likes this. Aug 9, 8. IGY , Aug 9, Aug 9, 9. Aug 9, Yes it does. BlackKnight , Aug 9, I think it does.

You started this jurny to stop masturbating and you are still doing exactly that. Deleted , Aug 9, As I got older my PMO times were always considered "edging sessions". It would go on for hours while looking at porn throughout the "session". The goal of edging is to heighten the experience until I finally released and blew all over the place It would be like an alcoholic swigging a beer and spitting it back in the cup over and over again. Sorry I know its hard but if you are truly recovering then it has to go as well.

Buggery , Aug 9, Aug 10, Daredevil99 likes this. There are often questions like "Does xxx count as relapse? But there are no rules, and nofap is not a church with confession and absolution. There is no priest or leader who tells you what is allowed and what not.

The only one who decides over your life is you, yourself. When you feel that your behaviour is not good for yourself, then you can decide to change it. SnowWhite , Aug 10, The answer is yes AND the answer is you get to decide for yourself.

Sounds right to me. Deleted , Aug 10, Jul 12, I consider it near miss. If i edge twice in a streak, and they're separated by days then I don't reset. But since it is something to avoid I reset on the third time. Show Ignored Content. Share This Tweet. Your username or address: Do you already have an ? Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

No fap edging

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NoFap Edging: Is it good or bad to edge when you’re on NoFap?