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Ash cannot achieve his dreams on his own. That help may not always come from a close friend. The lesser known background characters support Ash and his friends. Officer Jenny helps to keep the humans and their friends safe. She often puts herself in dangerous situations to fight off thieves and chase enemies on her motorbike.

We've used the North American English translations of character names to make it more accessible for everyone. To the normal human eye, every Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny look the same. They all share the same physical characteristics: hairstyle, uniform, and voice. There is only one person who can tell Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny apart. He can differentiate the women by the length of their eyelashes. They also share the same sweet, caring personality and voice actress. All Nurse Joys wear a standard nurse cap. Within the regions of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova, the way to tell the difference between each Joy is the color of the cross on their cap.

In Kalos, the color of the badges on their lapels differ. The characters all had a slightly different appearance since they were being drawn by hand. The first digital animated episode "Here's Lookin' at You, Elekid" debuted in Digital animation saved time and labor for animators and episodes could be released faster and more efficiently.

Digital animators were now able to match the original character des by Sugimori. Officer Jenny's blue hair became a green-blue to match her original artwork. She still retains the same green-blue hair color today. Though Brock is blunt with his romantic intents, Nurse Joy will usually act confused and not respond. He will flirt with any Nurse Joy he notices. All of the Nurse Joys remain oblivious to his advances. Officer Jenny may have a human officer assisting her, but normally she is very serious about her job. We also learn more about the personal lives of one of the Officer Jennys.

One of the Officer Jennys is married. Her medical training does not go unnoticed. He brainwashed her so she would believe that she always lived on New Island as a maid for Mewtwo. Her trademark pink dress was swapped out for red, and her nurse's cap was replaced with a white veil. It wasn't until Brock caught her from fainting, did everyone discovers her true identity.

Her clothing may have been different, but she still retained the Nurse Joy ature hairstyle and color. Officer Jenny not only works with Growlithe on the road but also trains from puppies to their adult versions. Where we might think of German Shepherds as the standard K-9 police dog, Growlithe acts like a typical police dog in the series. These centers are also where tired trainers come to rest or to socialize with others.

Though she has more of a personality in the anime, in the game, she always stands behind the counter. Though her role is limited, players know what to expect when they see her. Officer Jenny does her best to stop crime and help others. There have been times when she finds herself in trouble. She's hypnotized by Malamar into helping him revive the Ultimate Weapon.

The character working for the good of the city becomes the evil Madame X. The evil character wears a long hooded cloak over her police uniform and antagonizes others. Ash and his friends are also able to break Malamar's control of Jenny. Nurse Joy may be known for her medical skills, but she also has a different job.

Along with Raoul Contesta and Mr. The Coordinators who score highest will proceed to the next battle competition. Only in the anime series, the Grand Festival is the final competition. Only taking place once a year, it is a difficult competition that the judges take seriously. They are more critical of mistakes, and only one winner will be granted the Ribbon Cup. When first meeting Officer Jenny, she appears as a tough-as-nails policewoman who does whatever it takes to get the job done.

Unfortunately, she is not an expert at her job. Jenny claimed she was an expert at solving cases, but when confronting suspects, she accused the wrong people. Officer Jenny has also been brainwashed, failed to capture Team Rocket, and often relies on Ash and his friends for help. It may be difficult to tell them apart, especially when they share the same name.

For the first time, we meet the children of Nurse Joy: Marnie and . Both Marnie and Paige share the same ature Nurse Joy hairstyle and color. Though you wouldn't expect it now, Pikachu and Ash had a rough start at the beginning of the series.

She's working hard to warn the residents of Viridian City of a thief and to report any suspicious activity. On that day, Ash arrives with Pikachu in his arms. Nurse Joy doesn't have any other Joy co-workers and primarily works alongside Chancey. Any gym that was "unsafe, unclean, or uncool" would be shut down within a month. The reason why they all look the same is easily explained. Saving time is also why characters usually wear a single outfit for a season.

They may only change their clothing for a special event. Many video games often reuse content to save development time. Share Share Tweet . Related Topics Lists Pokemon. Lisa Nguyen Articles Published. Read Next in television.

Nurse joy xy

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