Paula abdul booty

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This is a new dance so shake your butt And get a load of what its like to be doing the Skat Strut Now Jack was nimble and Jack was quick But it was Skat Kat that made Jack trip I burned him on the butt with a flick of my bic And then I cold ran away with the candle stick I've got all the right moves Ladies think I'm loveable Love to wine and dine sippin' on bubble But most of all, I like dancing y'all And doing my Skat Strut from wall to wall It's as simple as it gets, just stick out your neck Lift up your leg and step to the left Now shake a little as you groove to the beat --Bend over, shake your big booty And if you get dizzy from shaking your butt You must have shook the wrong end cuz you ain't doing The Skat Strut I though I saw a putty kat- I did, I did As we go a little something like this-- Hit it!!

Fatz can boogie And now that I've got you at my command Its my sole opportunity to make you dance I want all four paws on the dance floor Do that strut until your legs are sore Come on! Come on! Paula Abdul Official Fan Site. Lyrics Home. Lyrics Discography Concerts.

Paula abdul booty

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