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Most people can sleep 6 to 8 hours without having to urinate. But it's usually not a big deal if you get up once a night to pee. Drinking caffeinated drinks or alcohol or just drinking too much liquid too close to bedtime can cause it. If you're concerned or waking up several times to pee, you may want to see your doctor. Asparagus can make your urine smell funky because of how your body digests it. It breaks down into something that is sulfur-like -- the same stuff responsible for that rotten egg smell. Some other foods that can cause strange-smelling pee? Fish and some spices.

Musty or sweet-smelling urine is something to get checked out by a doctor. How much H2O is enough? While vitamins or medicines can turn your pee neon colors, red or pink may be a of blood in your urine. That could point to an infection, kidney stone, or sometimes a more serious problem like kidney disease, bladder cancer, or internal injury. You should get it checked out. Cloudy pee also is a of infection. Urine is pretty germ-free when it's inside your bladder.

Both can put you at risk for a bacterial or STD infection. Some people do have trouble going to the bathroom around other people. Officially, shy bladder is called paruresis. While the exact cause is still debated, it's considered a type of phobia or social anxiety disorder.

But with the help of health professionals, people with shy bladders can get relief. Scheduling bathroom times and getting behavioral exposure therapy are a few of the techniques that may be helpful. Waiting too long to pee can raise your risk of bladder infections and other urinary tract infections, especially for women. Other risks for bladder infections include: using panty liners or p every day wiping from back to front, which can transfer bacteria from your anus to your urinary tract. But being thirsty frequently and peeing a lot, over days or weeks, may point to a problem.

It can be a symptom of diabetes. Most people urinate between six and eight times a day. Women do get more UTIs than men, because their shorter urethras make it easier for bacteria to reach the bladder. Men do get urinary tract infections -- and when they do, they are at a greater risk of getting repeat infections.

However, recent studies suggest that some cranberry supplements may help prevent bladder infections. They contain substances called proanthocyanidins that prevent bacteria from sticking to the bladder wall. But since supplements are not regulated by the FDA, the amount of this active ingredient in different brands can vary widely. Some supplements do not contain enough to be effective.

Many experts also believe that cranberry juice does not contain enough of these proanthocyanidins to be helpful in preventing UTIs. Urinating after intercourse can help clear bacteria from the urinary tract. Lots of people -- especially women -- leak urine when they sneeze, cough, or lift something heavy.

It's called stress incontinence because it happens when your bladder is under pressure. It can happen during pregnancy and may go away -- or not -- after your baby is born. It can also happen after menopause.

The good news? There are exercises you can do called Kegels and other treatments that help leakage, so see your doctor to learn more. Both caffeine and alcohol are diuretics, meaning they stimulate you to pee more and perhaps more often. Some recent research also suggests that drinking or eating a lot of caffeine might be linked to incontinence. The sound of running water can definitely trigger the need to pee. Sometimes there is no known explanation. See your doctor to get a better picture and help. Most people get up during the night to pee.

Get . Why does asparagus make your pee smell? Fun fact: Whether your pee stinks or not when you eat asparagus is genetic. You need to drink eight glasses of water a day to keep your bladder happy. If your pee is pink, you should call the doctor. Cloudy pee may be a of infection.

There's no such thing as a shy bladder. If you "hold it" for too long you could get:. Other risks for bladder infections include:. Going to the bathroom a lot could be a of:. How often do most people go to the bathroom? Men don't get urinary tract infections UTIs. You can prevent a urinary tract infection UTI by drinking cranberry juice. Peeing after sex may help a woman avoid a UTI. If it hurts when you pee, it could be a of:. A kidney stone could be stuck near the entrance to your bladder. You may be sensitive to the chemicals in soaps, douches, or even toilet paper.

Or you could have interstitial cystitis, an inflammation of the wall of your bladder. If it hurts to pee, you should always see your doctor. If you pee a little when you sneeze, what may help? Drinking coffee or beer really makes you pee more. The sound of water makes me have to pee.

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Peeing pictures teenage girls

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