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Being on the cusp of 21 is an odd and exciting age; you're old enough to vote and can almost legally drink. Add to that the work of reinventing a career you've established the first two decades of your life while coming into your own as an adult without triggering a rush of "Disney star gone bad" headlines, and this is the life of Peyton List.

Known for appearing in the Disney Channel series Jessie and its spinoff, Bunk'd , List is a television fixture to so many who either grew up, or babysat a lot, in the past decade. This also means that tabloid editors are almost orgasmic anticipating a misstep. And while she understands that she is walking the infamous divide of being not a girl and not yet a woman, she wonders how many more headlines she'll see with the Disney descriptor every time she does something that she calls "remotely scandalous.

After a recent sexed up ad campaign, and semi-public breakup, List is turning the corner on 21 with a clearer view on what she wants. Since Bunk'd finished its three-season run in September, List's has gotten a lot more eclectic. A trained singer, she's also released music for the latter and released the electric, poppy single "Liar Liar" last year — of this side hustle, List says music writing makes her feel more exposed than acting does, because it's just her and a microphone the process is "sort of bearing my soul to my writing partner" as opposed to "playing someone else.

But List also knows how to play the grown-up-Disney-star card in her favor. This only served as more publicity for her campaign, as people ate up the Disney angle. Now is also a great time for List to redefine her personal style. She says it "took me a second" to develop her own aesthetic, after being on set and playing other people for so much of her formative years. This is why she's such a devotee of comfortable, fashionable basics like a black bodysuit tucked into high-waisted jeans her two favorite denim brands are James and Mother.

But she's not afraid to play with a full-on look, and she said she fell in love with the sheer, tulle Tory Burch and the large, detailed Marc Jacobs dresses she wore for her InStyle photo shoot — the latter so much that she saved cellphone videos of herself dancing in it, and convinced crew members to try it on too. List's personal life is also evolving. Over the holidays, she quietly broke up with her long-time boyfriend, Anthem co-star Cameron Monaghan. Her experiences with dating someone while under a cultural microscope will certainly fuel future relationships.

Next time, she says "I'll have to make sure that it's really real because I don't want to share someone who's just going to be around for a few months and that's it. Like so many other year-olds, List is learning from her past to ensure she has a stronger future. By the looks of it, she's dressed for it, too.

Hair and makeup by Erica Whelan. Art direction and production by Emily Shornick. Peyton List. The actress talks discovering her personal style, her music career, and the relationship lesson she's just learned the hard way — while testing out some of spring's boldest looks. Peyton List in a Valentino dress and Roger Vivier shoes. Photo by Aingeru Zorita. Peyton List in a Tory Burch dress. Credit: Peyton List in a Tory Burch dress.

Peyton List in a Louis Vuitton top and pants. Credit: Peyton List in a Louis Vuitton top and pants. Peyton List in Chanel. Credit: Peyton List in Chanel. All rights reserved.

Peyton roi list ass

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Peyton List Is Growing Up