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Unread post by Milflover » Sun Aug 08, am. The Picture Game For hotwives and the men who adore them. Do you enjoy finding random nude photos of your wife on the Internet? No When we find a site where the search turns up something, we visit it if it is accessible to see if there are any comments on the photo, or how it was used. This gets my wife very, very hot - we talk about the possibility that hundreds, maybe thousands of men have jacked their hard cocks, looking at her hot, naughty photos, and fantasize about how the photo made its way into the vast internet, where anyone could see.

The husband is a close relative of my wife. We assume they thought the hosts or whoever recorded the session of four couples didn't know the person making the video was intended for distribution on the internet. Of course, we haven't told anyone, including the couple. My wife won't allow any guys she fucks to even take pictures of in ordinary circumstances with her clothes on. After I showed her the online video, she even hardened her position if that's possible. Our hotwife history from its beginning at viewtopic. As we moved more and more into swinging, MFM, Swaps, etc.

In some cases, she has even shown them which is a real turn on to me. Re: The Picture Game Unread post by 2wheel » Mon Oct 15, am mine hates pictures of herself in non-sexual situations - an absolute NO to anything sexual. My wife knows I'm sharing her pics with a particular friend, and also with strangers online. She's ok with it as long as she remains anonymous. Unfortunately she couldn't be bothered to do it WITH me, reading up on comments together etc. Shelikesit wrote: I have several nude and semi nude photos of the wife on my phone.

As many truckers as she has flashed I would thought a pic or 2 would show up. I have posted some always masked and enjoy the feedback plus, as I said in one of my recent thre, EsBe did do a nude set for a men's magazine many years ago which are obviously in the public domain, but I don't like finding that someone downloaded one of the pictures I posted and reposted it. I've even had one muppet pretending to be me. Re: The Picture Game Unread post by rypmar7 » Mon Oct 15, pm We have found some of Lynda's pics online, but not as many as we would have expected.

It does turn her on to find them and know that they are "out there". So I now save every Fantasy Fest reference I find, and when I have time I search thru hundreds of photos looking for it If not, her twin was. Re: The Picture Game Unread post by jmontagn » Thu Feb 11, pm My 19 year-old son her stepson had just returned to college after spending the winter break at home with his girlfriend. As she would sometimes do, my ex-wife, Pam decided to clean-up his room which she referred to as his sty.

You can surmise that her relationship with Jay was not a cordial one. I was working in my office down the hall from his room when she screamed, "Come down here and look at these pictures right now! Pam opened the box and showed me its contents. It was about a quarter full of Polaroids. I was curious to see the pictures and started going through them with Pam standing next to me nagging me about what I should do to my 20 year-old son who was so disrespectful.

Seeing the photos, I agreed that Jay and Karen had indeed violated the prudish parental rule. I responded with my own anger at his disobedience but at the same time I was getting a hard-on. Then we looked at the third picture. It showed Karen topless with her arms pushing her breasts together, her pink nipples and hard as erasers on a new No. The next photo showed Jay pinching a nipple. The next one was a classic come-to-mama pose with Karen fingering her neatly trimmed pussy.

As we continued to view the Polaroids, they got raunchier and raunchier. Why are you so concerned about that? Who did you pose for? Your ex-hubbies? She responded by nuzzling her tear filled face into my chest and holding me tight. After a few minutes she lifted her head to look at me with that "kiss me" look. I bent down and our lips met. She responded by putting her hand inside my shirt and running her fingers through my chest hair.

After a few minutes of this she found my nipple and started to stroke it. My hands busily began to un-tuck her blouse from her Levis and I soon had her front-hook bra unclasped and cupping her left breast. I could feel her nipple harden against my palm.

By this time I had forgotten about whether Pam had done hardcore or soft porn photos with other guys. All I wanted to do was fuck her ass off myself. Pam used her fingers in that special way she had of rubbing the bottom my cockhead so that I was hard as a rock and leaking precum but not yet ready to erupt.

My hand cupped her pubic mound, my fingers forming the Vulcan Peace around her swollen nether lips and the meat of my palm pressing her clitoris. Pam loves palm pressure on her clit almost as much as she loves fucking, so she was cumming in less than a minute.

After we finished fucking Pam told me she had posed for several guys starting with her first hubby before they were married in the early s. She was about 21 yrs old. She told me they used her father's Polaroid and had to sneak it out of his house. After her first divorce she said she posed for a "couple" of other guys and her 2nd hubby and that after her 2nd divorce, she was very active posing for Jack, her last boyfriend before me.

He was a dom and she was his sub. She also told me that some of the photos were posted on a BBS in the late 80s. For a long time, I looked for those photos online, and 10 years ago, I found a couple posted at Flickr by someone who I think is Jack. About 5 years ago, I was surfing an interracial porn site and noticed the a photo of woman in sex thigh-his being eaten by a black guy. I thought to myself, "Those look just like the thigh-his that Pam used to wear under her business pants suits when she went on business trips to Washington, DC.

I almost soiled myself when I looked at the woman's face and it was Pam. Then I looked at the guy and he looked familiar. He looked like Derick, a contractor to her office in DC. I wondered about when the photo might have been taken. For a brief moment I thought it might have been before we met but then I remembered the necklace and the thigh-his. I estimate the photo as sometime between and while we were married. Both of us used that hard drive for, among other things, our individual photos collections.

These gold nuggets were buried in hundreds of thousands of other documents and images and it took me forever to get everything sorted out and organized. There were pics of her getting dressed in our bedroom jeans and a bra , taken by some unseen hand. And one more find that I almost missed. The recovery software dumped the various file types together, but without organization. So when I was looking through everything it was a nostalgic review of a bunch of digital content, whether porno or pics from a vacation. The porn stash was fun because I only ever save stuff if I feel it worth saving.

It's very difficult to even get pictures of her clothed in non-sexual situations. I don't know why, she just doesn't like have her picture taken. I also know a guy online who occasionally shared softcore, partially clothed pictures of his unaware wife with strangers.

One of the strangers he had been talking to a long time actually went rogue and posted one on tumblr and he spent a long time trying to get that stamped out. But you know how that is But if you have an aware wife who enjoys pictures of herself and having them posted, I think this game would be a complete blast. Re: The Picture Game Unread post by iloanmywife » Fri Feb 12, pm There have been several times in our lives when other men have taken unauthorized pictures of my wife.

She showed her tits on Bourbon Street and there were like a dozen cameras flashing and video rolling, so I know there's content out there somewhere. There are so many pictures of women doing the same thing that it's a grain of sand in the desert. I've caught guys who were surreptitiously taking pictures of my wife on the beach and in the water. One guy was in snorkel gear with an underwater camera, circling around and sneaking pictures of her bottom half, before I shooed him away.

I sometimes wonder what those guys do with pictures like that in a world where infinite porn is available online, but I've certainly never come across those pictures. Lots of pics of her sucking my cock, on her knees topless, She would dance for me in gstring and demi bra and those pics are hot too. Lots of hot outfits showing her 34Cs and juicy pussy.

I still have them tucked away in my sock drawer and sometimes take them out to jerk off to. Just the day before yesterday my wife came into my office wanting me to pull up something on the net unrelated and saw the photos I keep under the glass top of my desk. There are two pics of her on a bed in a lacy negligee. In one pic her breasts are partly covered by lace, but it is sheer enough that it is no disguise.

In the other pic she is bare-breasted. We had a brief conversation about the possibility that extra copies might have been made and that there may have been someone out there using them for JO fodder. I'm not quite clear on whether she was pleased with the possibility or not Board index All times are UTC.

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