Plus size pin up models

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Calendars or postcards would be hung in garages, workshops, and offices and advertisers banked on this when creating products with pin-up girls on them. But, there was one stand-out pin-up character from the era that still gets quite a lot of love today: Hilda, the plus sized pin-up girl. Pin-up girls could be racy or wholesome, phots or drawings, but in any case, they represented some of the most idealized images of women produced in the first half of the 20th century. Betty Grable, Marilyn Monroe, and the fictional women from the mind of Alberto Vargas all captured the imagination of men at the time.

Hilda was a full-figured pin-up girl created by artist Duane Bryers in the s. The new calendar girls were often drawn from life, but Bryers only occasionally used a model for Hilda. The plump and red-haired Hilda was not expected to be a success, but customers clamored for her — cellulite and all. But, Hilda captured another, lighter side to life which the public enjoyed.

Hilda is often depicted wearing makeshift clothing and doing down-home things like fishing, using an old wood stove, or going to the swimming hole. But, the paintings were so successful that they were in print for a whopping 36 years according to Bryers. Hilda fulfilled a niche market at the time for men who enjoyed images of hearty women. Many folks today love the idea that a plus-sized image of beauty could have been admirable in an era of waist cinchers, diet pills, and fit and flare New Look dresses, but Bryers and others have speculated that a rounder image of femininity will never go out of style.

Over the years Hilda has been called pleasingly plump, chubby, vivacious and buxom, among other things. Hilda plays guitar, knows how to surf, paints, does DIY projects, re, rides a bike, has back aches and bad days, and generally amuses herself all the live long day. Hilda may get into some silly situations, but she seems neither unintelligent nor sly. Rose Heichelbech.

Plus size pin up models

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