Pokemon insurgence gengar

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I thought I would be stuck in the same routine, continuing my life of being a human in this sad world. I would continue my day hearing the AC blowing in my ear, and hearing something cooking in the kitchen. I would hear my dog barking and annoying me to no end. Then I would deal with whatever I need to do and just go back to sleep. I wanted to have some change in my life. All I heard were chains and whispers with the door shutting. That does not sound like my house nor any place that makes me feel safe.

I opened my eyes when I woke up. I woke up in a cell with a table with a person and something else that I couldn't focus on because of my tiredness. The cell looked familiar, but I couldn't focus on that. I tried to move my arms, but it felt like shackles on my wrists.

I tried to look again at the table, but there was an image that shocked me to get rid of my weariness. There was a freaking Gengar on the table that looked like it was eating something from the person. Now I am a fan of Pokemon, but looking at it from a real perspective, it looks scarier than usual.

The Gengar has a more prominent ethereal look to it, and it looks more menacing with the Joker face to it. Honestly it's just missing the white paint and the green scar. I tried to shake my bonds again, but it wasn't budging. I tried to desperately move my bonds again, but then I heard cackling. I looked back at the Gengar, and it was laughing at me!

It was enjoying my troubles right now so I did the one thing that seemed sensible at the time. The Gengar morphed his face to a scowl and decided to stop whatever it was doing. I was getting nervous, and the Gengar punched my stomach with a Sucker Punch! It was like when I was getting hit with a heavy tv on my stomach! At least I wasn't in a dream, however comforting or depressing that would be. I gagged a bit and tried to focus on looking straight. The Gengar had a more sadistic look to its face as it prepared what looks like a Shadow Claw on me.

I closed my eyes with the waiting hit. This was not the way I wanted to go out. I prayed to God and Arecus that I get a painless death. I waited for the hit, but it never came. I decided to open my eyes and was greeted with a cute sight.

In front of my eyes was a small pink cat with the cutest blue eyes floating in front of my face. I was stunned. What was Mew doing here? Mew then had glowing eyes, and suddenly my wrists felt like they were released. I felt pain in my stomach when I tried to move. Mew then glowed and released what I assume was a Heal Pulse to me. I instantly felt better from the hit I took from Gengar.

I checked my wrists and realized I look different than what I look like. I look younger than what I was supposed to look like. Maybe around 17 to 18? Maybe even older. I still kept my black hair, but I seem more fit in my body. I was also dressed in a black and red jacket with a picture of a Duskull mask on the pouch and a scythe on my back. I was also wearing black pants with red stripes going down to my shoes that were black as well.

I also had a pair of sunglasses around my neck. I also had a black backpack with another Duskull mask on the back near me. I need to complain about who dressed me in this. I like the color black, but this was too much of it all over me. Especially the skull and the scythe. I seem like an edge lord. I twitched at the message on my shirt since I feel like whoever dropped me here is saying that. I felt my face with my hands, and it seemed way too smooth with little to no fat on it. I also seem to have a change in my body as well. I shake my head.

That wasn't important right now, and I need to escape. I decided to check on the person so that we can try to escape together. I went to the table with Mew following me. I saw that the Gengar was bleeding on the wall and passed the door. Great, he deserves it, that asshole. I saw the person and immediately froze. I saw a purple-haired girl that is nearly the same age I am with a black jacket with gray sleeves and a yellow collar.

She was also wearing black pants and black shoes with a yellow stripe on the tip of her shoes. She seems to carry a black and purple purse. I recognized her where she was from, and I just realized where I was and how screwed I was. Pokemon was already hard enough, but there were some levels of safety and courtesy that allowed the series to be safe in general. Not here! I had to be in a fan game! And it is not one of the nicer ones too for that matter!

In Pokemon Insurgence, there is no subtlety in its danger. There were mass murdering cultists and powerful legendary that can kill me in every fuckin corner! I groaned at my situation and thought that I'm screwed. How can I survive in this world when I am gonna deal with cultists and shit!? Mew looks at me with its blue eyes and nudges me. I looked back at it and it gave me a worried look. I shake my head again. There wasn't time to deal with that. The first thing I need to do is wake the protagonist up.

I went to the girl and shook her. The girl seems to be waking up and groaning around. I backed up to give her some room. I had a tick mark on my head, and I heard Mew laughing in the background. She shrugs and gets off of the table. We both decided to walk toward the exit with Mew following us. Then Mew went to the front of and passed the girl a note. She opens the note and I decide to look over it.

Mew is able to do what no other can, if you give Mew the DNA of a human then it would allow you to transform into that person, disguising you. This should be helpful in your escape. She giggled, and we decided to get out of here.

I decided to lead and go to the ritual room since that was where the DNA we needed was going to be. Not that she needed to know that and get suspicious. I nodded understanding that Mika went through a Dream Eater from a Gengar. She gave me a cute smile. I try to look hard into my memory, but I can't seem to remember it. I stopped all of a sudden. I can't remember any names of my family. I was trying really hard to thinking back to my family, but I can't seem to remember them.

I can't even recall their faces! I started to go into a panic.

Pokemon insurgence gengar

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