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Author's Notes: Hi! Thank you to everyone who reviewed last chapter :D I'm glad you all are enjoying this! This chapter is based off a picture I found on Deviantart. I thought it was funny, so I decided to use it. Where are Your Clothes!? It was eleven at night and everyone had retired to their rooms at the Pokecenter.

Bonnie and Clemont shared a room, Serena had her own room, and Ash had his own as well. Ash had been traveling with Clemont, Bonnie, and Serena for five months now. And as dense as Ash is, he finally came to the conclusion that he had special feelings for Serena. Something that was foreign to him. He had never really paid much attention to girls. He only focused on his Pokemon and striving to be a Pokemon Master. There was just something special about Serena that drawn him to her.

He wasn't sure if it was her bubbly personality. Or her beautiful blonde hair. Or her deep blue eyes. Or maybe it was everything about her. He certainly loved everything about her, that he knew for sure. He had spoken with Clemont, who had helped him a lot. He helped Ash realize he actually liked Serena and had managed to convince Ash to tell Serena rather than keeping it in because it would only bother him until he couldn't take it anymore. He was even able to convince Ash that Serena might have the same feelings, by telling Ash how Serena usually acted around him.

Stuff, Ash was completely oblivious too. After repeating it a few more times, Ash had finally found the courage to open his door and quietly walk around the hall to Serena's room. When he reached her door, he froze and was about to retreat to his room until he found it hard to move his feet. His mind was now determined to talk to Serena tonight. He pressed his ear to the door, trying to make out any sound that indicated her still being awake. After he heard some shuffling, his heartbeat sped up and he knew what he now had to do.

His eyes widened in shock and the blood instantly rushed to his face. Even though the door wasn't fully open, it was open enough for Ash to see. Serena's hair was a bit messy and looked damp and she only wore a bra and cute matching panties. She looked at Ash with innocent blue eyes as if it were normal for her to be seen in this attire. Ash tried to keep his composure and tried to keep his eyes on Serena's face.

Everything's covered up that needs to be covered. It's the same as when I wear a bikini and you've seen me in that before, Ash. You never acted weird then. She had a point, not saying that seeing Serena in her bikini didn't make it hard for him to keep himself calm, but this was different. There was a huge difference between a bra and panties and a bikini.

Even if they did show just about the same about of skin. Ash found his eyes falling below Serena's chin and he quickly stopped himself by covering his eyes with his hands. Serena giggled quietly to herself at Ash's behavior. Is there something wrong with my underwear? Please don't make me answer that.

This time, Serena couldn't keep her giggles to herself. What Ash didn't know was that, Serena was expecting Ash to show up, thanks to Clemont who had told her that Ash would be paying her a visit to finally tell her how he felt. Something Serena had been waiting for ever since she started traveling with Ash. However, she didn't plan on being in her underwear when Ash came, but he showed up just before she could put on her actual pajamas. But, she thought she might as well have some fun with Ash and so far, it was worth it because the way he was acting was priceless. Ash was caught by surprise when Serena had yanked him into her room and slammed the door shut behind them.

His yell in protest didn't stop her one bit, but it did earn the attention of someone in the hallway. Author's Notes: haha, I really like this xD I hope you all enjoyed this and caught a bit of laughter from it. FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community. A collection of cute Amourshipping One-shots and sweet drabbles.

Rating is subject to change in the future. Just about everyone was asleep too, except Ash. He was busy pacing back and fourth in his room, trying to make a decision. Up until now. Ash sighed to himself. Pikachu was the only one left that he could talk to, but not anymore. And she wasn't going to stop having fun with him. And see you guys soon! Confession 2. Crepes 3. Where Are Your Clothes! The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.

Pokemon serena panties

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