Polish plus size models

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Yes, these are what plus size models look like. I'd give a thumbs up to everyone I made the list, after all but feel free to give thumbs up to as many models as you think deserve it!!!!! I know there are some veteran models missing from the list i. Emme, Barbara Brickner, Natalie Laughlin - and they certainly paved the way but this list is based on models who are currently active in the industry as models.

The hottest plus size models based in or from the U. Finally - it's NOT a competition. I wish I could block the thumbs down feature because it's not a contest - this is simply a list to highlight how beautiful the women in the plus modeling industry are. Ashley Graham. Photo: ed by LisaNelsonToton. Tess Henstra. Ashley Alexiss. Melissa Masi. Lauren Veluvolu.

Miranda Walz. Danielle Line. Tara Lynn. Lexi Placourakis. Jada Sezer. Joanne Borgella. Jenn Purviance. Griselangel Paula. Kristina Yeo. Nicole Lebris. Fluvia Lacerda. Katya Zharkova. Mariesther Venegas. Kaela Humphries. Clementine Desseaux. Tinder Badhesha. Stephanie Dorr. Christina Mendez. Denise Bidot. Lauren Shaw. Kate Dillon. Lornalitz Baez.

Victoria Lee. Wyinnetka Aaron. Candice Huffine. Kelsey Olsen. Robyn Lawley. Allison McGevna. Celina Lorenz. Lizzie Miller. Anita Marshall. Michelle Rudan. Liris Crosse. Whitney Thompson. Jordan Tesfay. Anansa Sims. Shalon Dozier. Maggie Brown. Briana Harrington. Kori Leilani. Rosie Mercado. Velvet D'Amour. Teslyn Butler. Tess Munster. Models People People.

Polish plus size models

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