Post prom sex

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I can feel the emotions, the tension, the excitement, the worry. Prom time is here. Facebook and Instagram are just waiting to be up loaded with all the proud pictures. Are you worried about teen drinking? So I wonder dear family of mine, have things changed since I went to Prom? Does everyone have sex on Prom night today? Of course not! The idea that everyone has sex on prom night is just silly. But you know what is the difference between those two groups? The people who have sex on prom night have had sex before or are planning to soon. So parents have a right to be concerned about the possibility that their teenagers will have sex on prom night.

Sex is a reality when it comes to highschoolers and college kids. The best thing you can do is teach your kids your beliefs about sex and then prepare them by teaching them how to protect themselves. Sure not all are, but its better safe than sorry when it comes to these things. And I am sure a lot of kids would rather have a conversation with their parents about birth control then having to tell them they are pregnant.

Yeah, that is a total misconception. First of all, as a rule of thumb, a lot of kids start bragging that they are going to have sex. Secondly, the idea of having random sex with someone you do not know very well is a movie concept ex. American Pie. The people who would have sex are most likely going to be couples who plan on it. Stopping them on Prom night will not stop them on any other night. Now that they are adults, the kids going to Prom are entitled to their own responsibilities. Parents will have much more success warning about dangers and giving safety tips than forbidding their kid to go.

It seems to me that sex is much more gratuitous than when we were in high school. But I do basically agree with Devan. Get Your Teen Magazine in your inbox! Up. By Mindy Gallagher. More prom help for parents:. Mindy Gallagher. Related Articles. Receive our weekly newsletter with the latest articles, media, and resources. Address kate example. Close this module. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter for the advice you need to keep your sanity intact! Your johnsmith example.

Post prom sex

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After Prom Night: Do Teens Really Have Sex on Prom Night?