Rias gremory x issei

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Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. Net Adult-FanFiction. Password Reset. Update . Rias is in desperate need of assistance if she's going to avoid marrying into the house of Phoenix. Eventually she gets a lot more than she bargained for; whether that's a good thing or not is subjective. How the hell is a devil supposed to tame a dragon? Living a normal life was the idea for Issei Hyoudou, yet he did not know that he was one of the last dragon's hosts. Now every power will come to ask him if he wants to be their hero or become the one thing they never expect for him to become.

The question of if Issei can go back to normal life or not is up to him. Asia Agento is pretty annoying in high school dxd, so she's not going to fare too well in this story, because despite her annoying, clingy nature, she's always being used as a fuck piece by her familiars.

This is the story of a nun who fulfils the sole purpose of getting fucked. A world filled of people with superpower except for one, but he discover his true power. He'd saved her from Riser. He was her Hero and she'd even given him her first kiss! What more did Rias have to do to make Issei return her affections!? Maybe a man's perspective will shed some light on the situation. There's not a ton she trusts, but her favourite Sensei?

Uzumaki Naruto should be able to help her! After the war between the factions a sole survivor of the family of incubus belonging to old maou faction wants revenge. Upon learning that the heirs of gremory and sitri are in kuoh town he starts his journey on making sluts out of the satan families to fill his revenge. Contains mind control,prostitution and mindbreak. Same as DxD but more sex and less cock blocks.

Contains prostitution,cheating and slight incest. Being a maid of Gremory family have more duties than she thought to be. Contains Cheating,prostitution,Incest and bestality. Akeno has duties she has to fulfill, as a devil and as a woman. Luckily, she really enjoys them. A story where Dusk Tarragon is a normal student at Kuoh Academy, till he stumbles upon a book that would change his life in more ways then one.

Issei hyoudou a normal high school student destined for greatness or so he thought unknown to him his fate was about to take a big step in the wrong direction. Issei x Reynare. Yasaka the milf with the biggest breasts of DXD needs to have fun, but found more than she was looking for. After all, to contain the Welsh Dragon's power into a body that was so recently human must surely have consequences Patreon Commission.

Highschool DxD and Naruto crossover. This will e a combination of one-shots including the girls from the anime and other anime I like or those someone recommends. This is a series of lemons with Issei having a pleasurable time with. Gasper, jealous of all the girls in Issei's harem, becomes severely distressed.

After overhearing their wildest night, his feelings of worthlessness reach a boiling point and explode in a way that forces the other members of house Rias to deal with the problem. AU where they're all Kushina and mikoto are sexually frustrated after reincarnated in dxd world. So they set their sights on the hung perverted dragon in the group.

Contains Cheating Play. Crossover with naruto. Issei dreams to be the harem king and he intends to achieve it. Instead of dying, he takes control of his own life and shows the supernatural world that HE is the alpha male. Hardcore lemons.

Rias gremory x issei

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Rias Gremory