Rick and morty xenomorph

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In episode seven of the new series, Promortyus , we find Rick and Morty escaping a species of face-hugging aliens called the Glorzo, though we initially have no idea how the pair got there in the first place. However, in the second half, it is revealed that Rick and Morty are trapped by the alien race after messing with some eggs alongside Summer, their granddaughter and sister respectively.

While the former two are processed by face-huggers, Summer manages to avoid the same fate by using a well-placed toothpick to fend off the intergalactic baddies. Alongside the twist-filled plot, there are a whole load of pop culture references and bizarre jokes to geek out on. The most obvious one: the creatures that Rick, Morty and Summer are trapped by are clearly inspired by the face-huggers in the Alien franchise.

Credit: Adult Swim. However, instead of them being vicious creatures, Rick and Morty give their versions of the slimy extar-terrestrials a more emotional character arc after Summer convinces them to end their cruel cycle of procreation to adopt a more progressive, technological-driven society. Credit: Alamy. Where have we seen that before? Luke Skywalker, we shun you. A very subtle Easter egg, perhaps? Blogs TV Blogs. By Sam Warner. Rick and Morty are back with another time-travelling, Easter egg-filled adventure.

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Rick and morty xenomorph

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