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In. Edit Private Parts Showing all 2 items. For its airings on the USA Network, the movie occasionally pauses and 'Howard Stern' appears to provide commentary on the movie. Also, in an atypical move for a basic cable channel, USA Network presented the movie with no edits -- but with all spoken obscenities bleeped and objectionable visuals nudity, drug use electronically masked.

This version also airs on VH1. A leaked workprint version is available for sale on the internet which features deleted scenes, alternate takes, and different music. It also has a completely different voiceover narration by Howard Stern throughout. Major differences include: John Stamos kneels and grabs "Fartman"'s behind recreating what 'Luke Perry' did in real life. Camille Grammer takes off her bikini top after she initially refuses. A much longer shot of Howard imagining Gloria in her bra. Her breasts do not enlarge in this version. Instead of Howard doing a goofy dance to Ramones ' "Pinhead", he does a bad reading of a sponsor's commercial.

Howard goes to Allison's job and tells her that they are moving to Hartford. In the film, a clip of this scene is shown as being Allison's new job in Hartford. Howard is shown hiding his wet underwear under his car's seat. This explains how Allison finds them there. Howard tries to record a bit in his Detroit apartment then a bullet comes through his wall. Howard calls Allison and begs her to come to Detroit. This is shown very briefly during the montage in the film. Howard stages a rally in which he gets women to burn their bras.

Gary's vignette in Washington, D. A much shorter version of Howard and Robin's first show together. Robin Quivers 's interview is not included. The montage of Howard in the streets of Washington, D. A longer version of the lesbian sex story in which they are both topless. Howard, Robin, and Fred run from a mob of adoring fans. Kim Chan 's appearance as a waiter is not included. The vignette with Gary and a donkey is not included. During his victory rally, Howard encourages the crowd put up their middle fingers and yell "Screw NBC! The stockholders call Erlick who then calls Vallesecca.

As Howard is leaving the studio, Vallesecca fires Howard and has security escort him out of the building. A clip of this was shown in the trailer. A video montage in which Howard describes what happened to him and his show after he was fired. This le to the scene of Howard falling at the Oscars which turns out to be Howard's nightmare.

John Melendez 's scene is not included. Getting Started Contributor Zone ». Edit . Top Gap. Private Parts Did You Know? Create a list ». Paul Giamatti Top 25 Films. See all related lists ». Share this :. Clear your history.

Robin quivers bra

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