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The basic premise of all of the stories is that a small change in Jaune's life brings about great changes, both in his life and the main characters of RWBY. The genre of the stories vary from Comedy to Drama. Community Showcase More.

Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an . A Crossdresser or Something is a short comedic story based off the idea that Jaune is secretly a girl and has her friends response to this discovery.

Status: Complete Advertisement:. A Common Criminal. Becoming the Mask : Jaune, unable to deal with the guilt of what has happened during his time as a criminal, develops another personality: Just Jaune. Beneath the Mask : We get to see Jaune Arc's inner thoughts, and not just the persona known as Just Jaune he presents to others until the mask becomes its own identity. Before he can die, Qrow saves Jaune, giving him the chance to become a hero. Took a Level in Badass : Jaune starts off too weak to pose a threat.

After his identity crisis and Mercury unlocks his aura, Jaune is feared by his peers and respected by his employers. An Affair. All Amazons Want Hercules : Jaune is the only normal person in the story with the other characters being all huntsmen and huntresses, even his own children. This causes Jaune to worry that Ruby might leave him for someone who's actually strong, famous and capable like her.

Someone like Cardin. Bureaucratically Arranged Marriage : Weiss, who married for politics and not love, attempts to give Jaune some marriage counseling. It goes as expected. Defenestrate and Berate : After Jaune and Ruby finally confront each other about their secrets, Jaune destroys the Rose Garden in a sudden burst of Aura and leaves his wife and children behind with the intention of ending the marriage for good.

Destructive Romance : Jaune is clearly miserable at the beginning of the story and as it progresses it explains further and further his reasons for believing such. Don't You Dare Pity Me! Grand Romantic Gesture : RWBY concludes that despite Jaune believed his children with Ruby were actually conceived with Cardin during an affair, he raised them anyway with the hope of beating Cardin and winning back Ruby's love and faithfulness. Meaningful Name : One of the options Jaune gives to Ruby before attempting to leave her is to allow him to change his last name from Rose to Arc symbolizing him taking his life back without breaking his marriage vows.

Mistaken for Cheating : Imagine you're Jaune, Ruby's husband. See The Reveal below then ask yourself: Who is the father of her children? Protagonist-Centered Morality : The narrative, for the most part, focuses on Jaune's perspective, only dropping a few random mentions of how the other characters react to the events of the story.

It's up to the reader to decide what is part of the narrative and what are Jaune's own biases. Subverted near the end when Ruby and co. Red Herring : The title le the readers into thinking Jaune and Pyrrha are going to have an affair, which they never do. In reality, the title is referring to what truly set the stage of the story: Ruby's affair, when her children were consumated.

However, because ultimately nobody had an affair probably , it can't be truly referred to as such. College Fool : That's like an affair. Or something. The Knight of Lancaster. Achievements in Ignorance : Ruby is furious that after all her hard work practicing and worrying and training to perform a Knight Strike attack on command an all-or-nothing attack that channels Aura into the weapon, leaving none for defense but capable of vastly improving how strong and deadly the weapon is , Jaune's been doing it the whole time.

By accident. It's at an amateur level, sure, but Ruby could barely get it to activate on command and Jaune didn't even know he was doing it. An Arm and a Leg : Averted from canon. While Yang does try to attack Adam in the same way she does in canon, Ruby's new skills mid-air dodging and Knight Strike combined with Blake's clones and Weiss' glyphs, mean that this time it's Adam who takes a fall.

Yang's arms survive. Ascended Extra : Lisa Lavender showed up a few times in canon, but wasn't anything special. Here, she's a regular minor character who serves as the go-to "Media" person for Vale. The same happens in the fight with Pyrrha. Death by Adaptation : Neo and Roman are executed by Mordred well before Roman's canonical death would have taken place.

Demoted to Extra : While Team SSSN weren't really major players in the big scheme of things in canon, since the Blake-Weiss argument was moved to inside a museum and not triggered by the docks, Sun doesn't meet the main characters until just before the tournament, Neptune getting less success in his attempts to woo Weiss as a result of everything they've been through, and the rest barely making an appearance at all. It's later revealed that his reaction to Ruby's coddling was because his own parents coddled him, not wanting him to be a Hunter or get hurt in any way- and it was stifling for him.

Getting it from Ruby, on top of everything else, was just the straw that broke the camel's back. He cries out "For the True King" and then tries to murder her. Since he's Faunus, one of two things will happen- Mordred's forces will assume that he was working for Jaune's faction who has the support of the local Faunus community and includes Arc's Army, a largely faunus, pro-Jaune and very violent force that would love to get rid of the woman who denounced her son , while Jaune's forces will assume that the assassin was either working for Mordred directly, or through the White Fang, which seem to have connections to Mordred's faction.

Even though it's unsuccessful in killing Melody, Tyrian's actions start a massive riot. Foreshadowing : When Team JNPR crashes as RWBY he to Mountain Glenn, it turns out that there was no big thing that made the Bullhead go down- the engines simply exploded and they crashed into the Grimmlands for seemingly no reason, and the pilots were experienced enough to know that it wasn't normal. The following chapter reveals that there was a simultaneous crash of another air transport that killed many nobles, and that one of the escaped members of the White Fang murdered another noble at the same time.

Given Jaune's Royal Blood , that makes three major events that either did or nearly ended the lives of nobles in a 24 hour period. This culminates in the Monarch's assassination, and Qrow revealing that there's been a very bloody underground battle where someone has been trying to kill off any people with Royal Blood. Near the finale, it's revealed that it was Adam working with Mordred who conducted the assassination attempts. When Team RWBY go to the museum, they pass an exhibit that talks about the Kings of Vale, and the narration notes that it's very specific on that- only Kings, no Queens.

There have been many female kings in the past. Ruby, however, never paid any attention to politics, which is why she's so surprised when it turns out that the nice old lady she talked to at both the charity gala and the one she's at when she finds this out is the King. A nice bit of subversion- throughout the story, people have commented on Ruby's silver eyes and, indirectly, their Grimm-killing power, until the Finale, when Ozpin looks her in the eyes, the narration commenting specifically about her silver eyes as he tells her he has a way to unlock her true potential clearly building up to a reveal Ozpin even lets out a little "Eh?

The romantic Bodyguard Crush angle is there as well, with Garnet harbouring a long unfulfilled love for Mordred and while Ruby and Juane's relationship slowly develops into a romantic one. Lampshade Hanging : Ruby notes that Bullhe crash all the time, so what's the big deal about another one?

College Fool has complained about his own tendencies to write the ships crashing all the time. He even said that was hard for him to write "The window exploded," and not write "as a Bullhead crashed through it. Nice Job Fixing It, Villain : The attempt to assassinate Jaune and JNPR by crashing his bullhead not only fails, but it crashes him right outside a village of innocents that no one knew was there, had been uncontacted for the last several centuries, and now consider Jaune "Their Lord" or at least their Mayor because he and his team stood against the horde of Grimm that tried to kill them all.

Jaune's notoriety goes through the roof. Oblivious to Love : Averted. Jaune noticed both Ruby and Pyrrha's crushes on him. When Pyrrha goes too far in reprimanding Ruby, he throws Pyrrha's own affections back in her face for calling Ruby's affections shallow while taking advantage of all the time Pyrrha and he are forced to spend together.

One Steve Limit : Averted. There's some comedy and drama that comes with the fact that "RWBY" as in the team and "Ruby" the huntress sound the same. Despite being a family whose semblance- all of them- are shapeshifters with powers limited only by their imagination, it seems that they dropped the ball on the naming front because there are three generations of Maliks. One is dead, but that still leaves Malik the founder of the White Fang and Faunus community leader and his daughter, Malik the Third. Who is also just known as Malik. One of the more confusing scenes is when Malik III, disguised as Malik, claims that she wants to meet Jaune and Sun, and does so, only for Malik II to show up and ruin the disguise, then both Maliks have lunch with them.

In the end, neither has the Fall Maiden powers, as Amber, the pre-canon Fall Maiden, shows up fine and unharmed at the Battle of Beacon. Royal Blood : Jaune is the direct descendant of Joan Arc, a knight sworn to the Royal House of Vale, and the prince who lost Vale's civil war and went into exile. That said, Jaune notes that it's interesting trivia, but not really relevant- his ancestors and their houses were stripped of all noble status after the war ended and they went into exile, so he's not set to inherit anything, nor does he have claim on any titles Running Gag : Ruby manages to get into an argument on the scale of the Blake-Weiss one in canon at least once a major arc.

Socially Awkward Hero : Ruby's youth and great skills are given a bit of a deconstruction here, as her attempts to be cheerful at Jaune coupled with her own social inexperience making her seem really condescending are not played for laughs as they normally are, and in fact drive a wedge into their friendship. They hit her again in the following arc, when she loses a match to Pyrrha over what is essentially "Who gets to be Jaune's friend," and accuses her of cheating when she loses control of Crescent Rose.

Pyrrha, not being in public, nor having to pretend to be nice for the media, is cool and curt towards her and it's clear that she's not in the "person I am friends with" category and in the "Spoiled brat who accuses me of cheating after losing a fight" category that she's dealt with so often in tournaments. As the author lampshades, "Only in fiction are the socially awkward the ones who you want to make the best friends with. In real life, they aren't necessarily all that endearing.

Stations of the Canon : Averted.

Rwby jaune harem lemon

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