Sakura breast expansion

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Chapter 1 - The side effects of Sakura's new breasts! Home » xxShiroyakshaxx » Stories » Sakura Haruno wants bigger breasts! Author xxShiroyakshaxx. Comments 8. You are not authorized to comment here. Love how slutty she is getting.

On the one hand, hot. A Sakura so perverted that she can't help but stop herself from sucking off the first guy to compliment her new and obviously jutsu-enhanced; I wonder if that has any of the same stigma as fake tits in the shinobi world and improved tits, despite the fact that she did it for Sasuke? On the other hand, random old man. Not even a handsome old man, by the sound of it. Ah well. Old man's better than fat, ugly old man I suppose although I think Sakura knows exactly what Sasuke would do to the old men help him along to the afterlife, most likely , so she better learn to keep a secret despite her guilt and there's something even hotter about her realization at the end there.

And now that it's been acknowledged, I hope there's a fic in the future featuring Sakura's ass the same way this one did her tits. So many possibilities. The commissioner wants to have the next chapter be a double-team one, so I'll bring it up with him if he wants to have a focus on her ass for this one! Ah, no worries. The main idea I had was a polar opposite to this fic, where Sakura would focus on making her exceptionally shapely, plump and perfectly round ass as presentable as possible to make up for her boy chest.

Nothing you need to worry the commissioner of this oddly arousing fic over. After being unable to see him for so long, Sakura fears that he might not find her attractive anymore. Thus she asks Tsunade to perform a forbidden jutsu on her body, causing her breasts to grow ificantly over the next few days, unknowing of the potential side-effects of the jutsu.

Sakura breast expansion

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sakura breast expansion comic