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Which I am mostly doing for me. Lowkey hate when authors decide to put "period typical homophobia" to a time period that Or if it had in some way it was actually expressed in a completely different way than how we conceptualize it now days. Like guys. Just because it's the past it doesn't mean there was homophobia, that social taboo as well as the very concept of sexuality is actually very modern AHH gripping you by the throat and shoving you against the wall.

Actually I think we need to collect all characters that look like somebody's edgy OC and examine them because I'd like to know if they'd all have similar themes and colour scheme. Being the example of how brains work poorly by trying to articulate an example of how poorly brains work: A living case study of me right now. Do I love AOS! Sulu being happily married to Ben and having a daughter? Oh yes. Do I also think AOS! Sulu and AOS! Kirk fucked while they were at the Academy?

These are not mutually exclusive ideas. View Full. And I will finally be done with the 25 Nights rewrite. I assure you that even when it was seen as a flaw of character it was only if the person had many lovers or failed to marry because of it not because of the act itself of sleeping with men I assure you women were usually seen as unable to have sex with each other in 13 century europe I'm begging you You name a crime; interpersonal or a bigger one; she has done it by the end of the story.

Okay she isn't guilty of exactly two sex-related crimes but other than that she has done everything. Especially that one extra which shall not be named. Show More.

Sex fails tumblr

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Tumblr’s ban on adult content will hurt the sexual subcultures that found space on the platform