Sexy idf women

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By subscribing I accept the terms of use and privacy policy. Jerusalem Post Israeli News. Is serving in the IDF sexy? September 06, A majority of Israelis find service in an Israel Defense Forces combat unit to be sexually attractive , according to data on Israeli users released by online dating app OkCupid. Israel is a country with mandatory military service. Israel is a country under a constant security threat, Tom-Dotan explained, and the feeling of being secure and having someone watching over you is very attractive. The uniform is a symbol of safety and security, and therefore still has a great degree of appeal even if military service is common in Israeli society.

However, being a combat soldier is still statistically seen as more attractive than an elite noncombat position. The OkCupid data did not delve into age, and attraction to military service may vary with age and demographic, said Tom-Dotan, with Israelis of military age not necessarily being attracted to other soldiers, due to the lack of novelty.

Older Israelis may be less attracted to what is associated with extreme youth while demographic groups that serve less might not find service attractive. For guys, it is a chance to relive their youth. Having a partner who is also in uniform can be a shared experience — the more people have in common, the more there is to bond over.

Tom-Dotan said that for Israelis, the army is a melting pot. People from every demographic serve in the military, and that also creates shared sex appeal for military service across the different groups in Israelis society. Subscribe for our daily newsletter. Hot Opinion. Most Read. Reporters' Tweets. About Us. . Advertise with Us.

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Sexy idf women

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