Sexy sister n law

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for Free! Published 22 Oct I am married to a very sexy wife, she is 40 years old looks yiunger, and I am I have had the odd kiss and grope at a party but that was it. Anyway, she turned up mid afternoon, I was off work. She looked lovely in a short summer dress and heals, we sat in the garden having a couple of large gin and tonics, she was getting a bit tipsy, as she crossed and uncrossed her legs i could see a very skimpy thong.

We flirt and chatted. My wife came home, wwe had another drink and shesaid that she had to take our daughter for her riding lesson and would be about two hours and she would pick up a takeaway. By now we had gone inside, Laura was sitting next to me very tipsy now, and her legs were over my as she laid back and her dres had ridden up.

I told her what a great body she had, and she said I never seen it poperly, and I said noit for the want of trying; she then asked who was stopping me. I slowly slide my hand up her legs and she opend them,and my fingers when under her thong, just like her sister totally smooth, I got down on the floor pulled her round and opened her legs and started to lick her very deeply, soon she was moaning and screamed as she came a couple fo times.

I stood her up took her dress off sucked on her tits and took her to the bedroom, once there she lay me back on the bed and gave me the most wonderful blow job, I felt me self harden and shoot down her throat. We kissed and hugged for a while then she put on a show using some of her sisters toys, and then lowereed herself onto my rock hard cock she rode like a woman posssessed, after a while i got on top of her and we also fucked doggy style. We then showered and dressed and cleaned the bedroom up, and was downstairs about ten minutes before my wife got back.

She has agreed to meet me in London for a dirty night at a hotel. Fucking tight fanny and arse and a very dirty slut just like her sister, my wife.

Sexy sister n law

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