Shikamaru x temari lemon

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She opened the cupboard and flinched once again With Sakura trying to figure out herself again and the village moving on, she is left to her 2 Temari and Mirai got pretty close; it was only one vote Even if he was lazy, there weren't many people who could outright boss Shikamaru Nara around and be acknowledged, There's a pause, and he watches while Temari gathers her courage.

The part of him that's a ruthless pessimist Subject: Temari is scared of thunder at night so Shikamaru comforts her feat. Shikadai It was so much fun to write, so I hope you enjoy it! During the day, whilst she could see the sinister clouds loom over with their dark colours and distant rumbles, she managed to hide her fear from those around her.

However, as darkness fell and the world went to sleep, the ongoing growling of the heavens kept her up and uneasy. From her home town that would often mean a sandstorm was fast approaching, and sandstorms were nothing but trouble. Even in the village, away from the endless desert plains, the storm would engulf the houses and choke their inhabitants, and it scared Temari senseless.

As , every time a sandstorm blew in, Temari would hide in her bed, her duvet blocking out the sand and the sound, but only just. Now, although she was almost twenty-three, the sound still caused her to cover her head with the duvet and dig her nails deep into the pneumatic pillow beneath her head. She whined, listening to the rain hit her bedroom window hard. His hot breath and warm bare chest pushed against her back, the heat of his body slowly passing onto her. For him, it was a bad habit, but for her it was serious. Something within him had clocked that he needed to stop these things if he could; eradicate all the things that hurt or scared her in the world to the best of his ability.

Her body melted back into his, feeling his thumb caress her skin gently. You and the baby are always safe with me. Oh, but make sure to cover your head with the duvet - it makes soo much difference. He felt relief soar through his body, and a feeling of pride go with it.

The violent storm outside growled ever louder as the strong, heavy rain pummelled down against the windows. Echoing through the house was the whisper of wind channeling through pipes and every crack it met. Shivers of damp and cold crept in through every gap in a doorframe, and crawled into each corner of any room it came across.

Although the rattling effects of the wind kept him awake throughout the night, the sound of rain always lulled him into the calmest of moods. He lay back in his bed, his hands behind his head, and stared with eyes full of sleep at the never-changing ceiling above him. There, in the most comfortable of positions, he felt himself drift into the most blissful state he could feel.

He loved the sound, and hearing it drum against the roof as well. It was serene to him; strong and sweet and endlessly brilliant, filling his head with the memories of times passed. Against his neck he felt tiny soft breaths, warm and short - but would you expect any less from an infant?

Thankful for his mother and father, the little boy was a very heavy sleeper, and it took a real shake to wake him up. Feeling himself smile at her, he moved his arm to support Shikadai, gently holding his son against his chest. Sleepy and cute. She was clearly falling into a light sleep as her eyes kept fluttering closed before flying open again with a sudden burst of new-found energy.

Shikamaru chuckled, leaned towards her and placed a soft kiss on her lips, shortly followed by her forehead. You need to sleep. Her hand held his waist tightly, with a soft touch as she caressed the soft fabric of his black shirt. She slowly ceased her actions, letting out heavier and more exasperated breaths. Personally I love this, it made me so happy to write and omg I just love it.

I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as me. It was so much fun to write, so I hope you enjoy It's owned by Masashi Kishimoto. So if you're underage, Moon Child Tsukiko Nara Naruto. Book 2, Naruto's Just a super cute story about To have and to hold, for better or worse, until the chauvinist pig chasing her is satisfied this What's in a Name? Not wanting to wake her, Her grip on Shikamaru's clammy hand tightened as Shikamaru and Temari - Collection of short stories M Ch Stay Connected. Lastest Posts.

Shikamaru x temari lemon

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