Sister wears thongs

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. My twin sister, Britney, plays on the varsity volleyball team at our private high school. We are both 18 years old, finishing up our senior year. Britney is 5 feet 4 inches tall and has long, light brown hair with faint blonde highlights in it.

She has beautiful bronzed skin from frequent trips to the tanning bed, as well as several hours spent sunbathing in her skimpy bikini on our back porch. She has large, beautiful, D cup breasts that hang proudly from her chest. Even in a sports bra, it is nearly impossible to contain them. She had a toned stomach, thanks to her volleyball workouts, but a large, firm ass and thick toned thighs. I cannot even begin to describe how amazing her ass looks in a pair of ultra short, skin tight, black, volleyball shorts. Even though most of the girls on the team don't wear anything under their volleyball shorts, Britney always wears one of her ultra skimpy, lacy cotton thongs.

I know this, because I can always see the thong line through her super tight shorts. Today is the day of the state championship volleyball game. I'm sitting in the bleachers of the gymnasium next to my mother and best friend Adam. The game is nearly over, and the girls look tired, and unbelievably sexy. It's hot in the gymnasium and the girls are pouring with sweat.

Britney looks exceptionally drenched. Her hair is so wet with sweat it looks like she just came out of the shower. Her shirt is completely damp with sweat, and I can even see damp patches around her crotch and ass on the black spandex shorts. Be of sweat cover her face, neck, arms, and thick thighs. I can only imagine how completely soaked with sweat her tiny cotton thong is. Living with two beautiful, sexy women my mom and my sister , I am able to constantly feed my insatiable hunger. They are both always leaving their dirty, worn panties all over the bathrooms.

The filthier the better. I love a thong filled with cum, sweat, piss, shit, etc. I like them as dirty and smelly as possible. I love nothing more than to find one of their dirty thongs, bring it to my nose, and smell it while rubbing and jerking my hard cock to images of my beautiful mom or sister. I will often lick it or suck on the cotton material, trying to taste as much of the sweat and cum and piss as I can.

Thankfully, my best friend Adam, shares in my immense fetish. We have spent countless hours in my bathroom with our shorts around our ankles, a pair of filthy panties held to our noses, jerking our long hard teenage cocks. I happen to know that the thong my sister is currently wearing during this volleyball game, may in fact be the nastiest, filthiest pair of panties I will ever have the chance of smelling and licking. It has become a ritual to go into the bathroom after my sister has finished showering and find whatever pair of panties she had worn that day. But over the last few days, much to my dismay, there were no panties in the bathroom when I went into search for them.

One night, I overheard a phone conversation my sister was having with one of her teammates in her room. Apparently, the volleyball team is a bit superstitious. They decided, at the beginning of the volleyball tournament, that they would all wear the same clothes throughout the whole tournament, and wouldn't wash them either. That means, that for the entire two weeks of this volleyball tournament, my sister has been wearing the same, smelly, disgusting thong the whole time.

I know for a fact that often times, because the girls stay so hydrated during games and don't have time to make it to the bathroom, Britney will pee a little bit in her panties. I know this because the thongs I steal and sniff after volleyball games always have the most yellow stains and the strongest scent of warm piss.

As I sat and watched the swear pour down her back into the crack of her ass held in those tight black shorts, I imagined finally being able to sniff and lick the greatest thong of my life. As I daydreamed, I was aware of my slowly hardening cock. I looked down and saw that I had developed quite a bulge in my jeans. I looked to my right, and saw that Adam also had developed a noticeable lump in his khaki shorts. We made eye contact with each other and smiled. We knew we would soon be having the greatest masturbation session of our lives.

I snapped out of the daydream by the sound of a loud buzzer going off. The game was over. My sister's team had won. My mom, Adam, and I all stood up to greet my sister. She came bounding overt to us, her large breasts swinging obscenely from side to side and up and down as she ran. Sweat was dripping from her hair and clothes.

Her nipples were sticking out through her sports bra and athletic shirt. She gave my mother a big hug, and then turned to give me one. Her smell was intense, and intoxicating. As she mashed her large breasts into my chest and wrapped her arms around me, the side of my face got wet with the sweat from her hair.

I wrapped my arms around her back and felt the damp material of her soaked shirt. The bulge in my pants pushed against the thin material of her spandex shorts, but I think she was too excited to notice. We all headed out of the gym towards the parking lot, my mom and Britney leading the way, with Adam and I following. We watched Britney's ass as it swayed to and fro before us, with the shorts riding up into her crack showing the bottom of her ass cheeks. She was talking very fast to my mom and using excited hand gestures while she described some of the plays from the game. When she would life her hands up, her shirt would lift up and I could see the hot pink string of her nasty thong had come out of her shorts.

My cock was getting so hard, and I'm sure Adam's was too. When we got in the confined space of the car, the pungent smell really became intense. On top of the stink that naturally accompanies a hard fought volleyball game, the smell of her filthy unwashed clothes multiplied the stench ificantly. Mom was driving, Britney was in the passenger seat, and Adam and I were in the back seat sitting right next to each other. Very discretely, we had both starting rubbing our hard cocks over our jeans.

Britney started complaining about how badly she needed to go to the bathroom. Apparently she had been chugging a lot of water, and hadn't gotten a chance to pee yet. She was fidgeting a lot in the front seat, clearly trying to hold in the flow. Adam and I kept stealing glances at each other and our cocks before refocusing straight ahead. My mom kept telling her to hold it, and that we'd be home soon. As the ride continued, we heard a faint, small farting noise erupt from Britney's seat.

My mom looked at Britney with a quizzical glance. She'd been holding everything in all game. God, this was go fucking hot. The smell of her fart began to waft to the backseat, which only made Adam and I rub our cocks harder. We knew we would feast on this thong that would certainly be completely vile at this point. We finally parked, and Britney got out of the car quickly and started heading to the house. Her ass jiggled as she ran. The back of her spandex shorts were much damper than before, and we could definitely see a small yellow trickle of liquid running down her thigh.

I don't think she had peed in the car, but she had definitely released a little urine as she had gotten out of the car. Britney rushed straight to the bathroom. Adam and I headed to my room to wait for Britney to finish up in the bathroom so we could go look for our treasure. I closed the door behind us, and then turned to Adam. I practically came in my pants smelling Britney's fart and thinking about that nasty thong," said Adam. Adam walked over to me and put his hands over the bulge in my jeans.

I'm not gay at all, and neither is Adam, but the pressure on my cock from his hand felt so good at that moment. I reached over and felt Adam's cock through his khakis. I gave his cock a squeeze and heard a moan escape from his lips.

Sister wears thongs

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