Sophie devereaux real name in leverage

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In other words, she is using her awful acting to prove that she is a world class grifter. By making these people believe that she is good, despite showing that she is awful, she is continually showing off, or honing her skill as a grifter. In fact, every time that we see Sophie act, the reviews are very awful, and yet, she still continually gets on high class plays. So not only is she proving that she is a world class grifter. But not a challenge that will leave her in danger if things go badly. Eventually, Nate will be asked to get revenge on the company for the fake treatment that let someone's child die, and he'll find out everything.

She seemed WAY too interested in Nate's ex-wife. In the Juror job, the other juror she was most interested in was another woman. In the Hunter episode, there's a scene where Hunter tells Parker that if you punch out the camera man, she'll kiss you. Parker immediately looks at the cameraman, like she's considering it. Of course, since it's brought up at least Once an Episode , it's not good deep cover. Maybe shallow cover. It is so obvious. Elliot has super strength, speed and resistance to injury. Able to take bone crushing blows and keep hitting. Parker can teleport short distances once a day and Hardison is able to manipulate images on computers with his mind.

In the season premiere, he says he's been an honest drunk and a sober thief, and now he's going to try being a drunk thief. Once he's done with that, there's only one corner of the square left to explore Think about it. She's delivered a brutal headbutt when she was protecting Nate and taken on an armed hitperson using a fire extinguisher.

These two alone could be things she learned from Elliot, but, she was able to up a rifle with alarming quickness. Elliot has remarked on his own dislike of firearms, meaning this would probably be something she learned on her own. It would also explain why she's so skilled at making up a cover: it used to be her legitimate job. Maybe that wasn't entirely coincidental. Perhaps Billy and Alec were also brothers or half-brothers who got put into the foster care system young. Either the system split them up or Nana couldn't taken both of them in, and since he wasn't very old, Hardison has few memories of his older brother.

First, realize this entire episode was multiple layers of con And then realize we have an entire missing year in Sterling's life, when he first started working for Interpol. What if Sterling was working on the black book investigation, and got pissed when it got shut down under him? And Sterling, of course, never loses. He could have stolen the files at any time, but that would have been obvious.

So the entire purpose of the team's song and dance was to present a reason for Agent Casey to cover up the theft. The reason being that she and Sterling, at least it looks like so badly screwed up security that to admit what had happened would ruin their career. Afterwards, after Sophie drives off, Sterling's going to stand there while Agent Casey 'convinces' him that not only do they need to cover up the entire thing, but not even mention what the team was after. The official story will be that there was just a security breach of people entering the building, which was quickly discovered and they were chased out.

And afterwards the server room was checked routinely but nothing was missing and there's no of entry. They will probably put an empty hard drive in place. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an . Sophie stole the Holy Grail. Sophie is Lisa del Giocondo. Sophie and Jane are the same person. Sophie's real name is Alice Leverage and Hustle take place in the same world. Leverage is a prequel to Kaitou Saint Tail. Parker is the daughter from Con Air. Eliot is a reformed Lindsey McDonald.

Sophie's real name is Carmen Sandiego. Team Leverage is a Solar Perfect Circle. Team Leverage is a Blessed Werewolf Pack. Sterling: Do you remember when we were friends? After work we used to come up here, have a drink, watch the sunset? Sterling and Nate both have large, well-diversified portfolios, with holdings distributed among the world's major insurance companies. The Leverage Team is a modern day group of Adventurers. Sterling is Crowley from Supernatural. Sophie really is the 18th Duchess of Hanover, and the "William" mentioned by the Countess was her father.

Beck fom The Rundown is Elliot. Leverage is eventually going to jump the shark, get very weird and do an episode based on The Prisoner. Parker and Elliot are Wedy and Aiber , respectively. Leverage and Criminal Minds take place in the same universe. Leverage is some sort of Limbo for Supernatural characters. Out of all the marks, Larry Duberman will be the one that comes back for revenge. Roper will be hired as the muscle by whoever puts together a Leverage Revenge Squad.

The Italian will eventually return as a season's Big Bad. Leverage takes place in the same universe as Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Nate's dad will be the companion for Doctor Who 's series. Parker is a grown-up Brittany from Glee. The fifth season premiere's stinger refers to:. Greg "The Mako" Sherman will inevitably return to either seek revenge on the team or team-up with the team.

Nate's "game," as mentioned by Eliot in The Gimme a K Steet Job is to groom the team to take over his position as "Mastermind" because he is leaving the team later on, either at the end of the season or the beginning of the next one. The Final episodes of the show will be a major deconstruction of it with at least a Bittersweet Ending. Leverage and Human Target take place in the same universe.

If Wil Wheaton and Cha0s both exist in the Leverage-verse Sterling is psychic. Leverage and Ace Attorney take place in the same universe. Show Spoilers.

Sophie devereaux real name in leverage

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