Spyro and cynder lemon

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Spyro and Cynder had been spending a lot of time together lately, so much so that every night, she simply couldn't get him out of her head. Due to this problem, she had recently started having very…interesting…fantasies to say the least. She absentmindedly be an to rub her slit and jumped as she realized what she was doing. The next morning she realized that was the start of her and the other females' cycle of heat.

Suddenly, there was a knock on her door. N-n-not now. Im k-kind of b-b-b-buisy" she said 'trying to keep you off my mind' she added in her head. Your stuttering pretty hard right now" said Spyro. I've never felt better! Most obvious is that puddle of clear liquid your leaving behind while you keep grinding yourself on the floor" said Spyro. A few minutes later and he came back with a chest on his back. Do you like grapes? Asked Spyro.

Then, he put the chest next to her bed and motioned for her to get in bed with him. As soon as they were both In the bed, Spyro opened the chest and pulled out a large bunch of fat, round, juicy grapes and rolled her onto her back. She gasped as the cold fruit slid deep into her and then popped popped, filling her pussy with it's cool juice. She smiled as the sweetness of the grape jelly mixed with her own juices flooded her mouth. Soon they were out of grapes. Spyro then reached into the chest again and this time got out a small bottle before giving it to Cynder. Thanks" said Cynder as she drank the contents.

I don't want to do it of you aren't" said Spyro. Spyro nodded and slowly entered her. Soon, he felt something stopping him that made Cynder wince when he pressed into it. She nodded and closed her eyes tightly. Spyro quickly punctured her barrier making her scream and bite his neck. Luckily he was thick scaled. After waiting for a minute ortwo, he slowly began to thrust into and out of her hole making her sobs turn into moans of pleasure. He gradually sped up making her meet his thrusts.

The two then kissed before falling asleep together. FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Games Spyro the Dragon. Cynder is having heated thoughts on Spyro. Spyro has a chest of goodies. It's that time of year. Spyro decides to 'help' Cynder with her little 'problem'. I May or May not make a continuation, extended version of this fic but if I do, it will be a separate story. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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Spyro and cynder lemon

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