Stepford wife training

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A well trained wife for the man of distinction. Do you get home from work at night and dinner isn't ready, your slippers aren't out, The wife is still in her robe and curlers, your coon dog needs a flea dip, the car needs washing and the kids are screaming? Well, Those days are gone now. The Stepford Academy caters to the man of distinction who just doesn't have time to to give proper attention to proper wife training.

For a slight fee, you can drop her off on the way to the hunting lodge or box her up and we will pick her up at the train station. When you get her back, she will be the wife you always wanted. Your instructors Bob and Jodie with over years of experience between them, will adjust training to your particular needs. For instance, if the dog needs to be walked regularly or the Harley needs to be washed every Thursday etc. Make a free website with Yola. Home About us Picture gallery . As seen in the movie Stepford Wives.

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Stepford wife training

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