Stomach punching girls

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Iscrivimi alla newsletter! Only one thing IT may sounds stupid but is important, when you are getting belly punch, yo must take out your breath. Videos Wrestlers. You searched for:. IFW — Bianca vs Sabrina belly punching. Video resolution:. Sabrina age: 25 height: 5'3'' weight: lb. Bianca age: 35 height: 5'7'' weight: lb. More information. Bellies under attack Sabrina and Bianca compete in a belly punching contest, to the last girl standing.

There is no time limit, they just go on until one cannot take any more blows and surrenders. Followed by their moans of pain, of course. Both girls throw really hard punches, and the intensity grows with time. Their reistance is incredible, and indeed both Sabrina and Bianca know how to take punishment, bear with pain and keep fighting! Bare fists! Even harder and even more painful… until one is even unable to stand.

Bianca and Sabrina will explain in the end what were their feelings during the contest. Unmissable for the belly punching fans! Related videos. Add video to cart. More information General terms and conditions Privacy Policy Legal notes.

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Stomach punching girls

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Girls Belly Punching