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Serving a Dominant is a very fulfilling lifestyle. However, many submissive beginners are lost. Many times they are just looking for someone to fix them, to make them feel complete. But being a sub in a BDSM relationship is a lot of work — physically, mentally, and sexually. How can they successfully meet the challenge? Want a FREE cheatsheet to help you put these ideas into practice? Click the button below to get it right now! First and foremost, a sub is not a doormat. They want someone who truly desires to be owned. Unlike BDSM, abuse has no limits or safewords. True submission has to be earned first.

There are many bad and fake Doms out there, and even predators pretending to be Doms. The definition of a submissive is a person who is consensually obedient and compliant to their partner, and who also likes to give up control. They crave being used and need to serve. A submissive can take on many different roles such as:. They strive to please their Dom in all things, not just sexually. This means that they may have to give up some of their own personal freedoms and preferences. It is not uncommon for a sub to have a mild and quiet personality while in the presence of their Dom.

They are obedient, and accept discipline when needed. Subs are not perfect; they will mess up from time to time. It can be hard to work on behavior modification and serving someone else when you are tired and pressed for time. And a test to many is being obedient even when not in the presence of their Dom. One challenge I have had to overcome as a submissive is topping from the bottom. A submissive can be a confident, independent, and strong individual and still be a sub. Just remember: subs are not weak. They are the ones choosing this lifestyle for themselves.

Their submission is a gift that only they have the power to give. And if being completely subservient feels too scary at first, start small. Remember that choosing to obey can actually be empowering. And although the sub is doing whatever their Dom asks of them and is striving to please them at all times, it is always within their limits.

It can be hard to take the submissive personality out of the bedroom and into everyday life. Again, being completely submissive feels overwhelming at first, start small. Work on keeping your words and demeanor respectful to your Master. Give them the opportunity to make choices for you. Here are some areas you can start with:.

Being submissive outside the bedroom will get easier with time, and soon the sub will begin to crave more and more. Subs can proactively think what the Dom needs in any given moment, and fulfill it enthusiastically. They should also try to obey rules to the best of their ability, but if discipline is necessary they should take it willingly. Wearing a collar, even a discreet one in public, can help keep a sub in the slave mindset.

They are property owned by someone else, and as such they are a representation of their Dom. This will cause a sub to take great pride in the health and presentation of their bodies. Ways they can do this are:. Since BDSM is still a taboo lifestyle, finding friends, mentors, and a community that they feel comfortable with can be challenging. Although they can talk to their Dom about how they feel and can also journal, finding an online or in-person support system is still vital and worth the effort. Remember, true submission is not just a role, it is a way of life. Thank you for your kind advice for other subs.

Hi im a newbie sub and love what you talk about. I was a total brat. When i read your article i realized i was trying to mix my vanilla life with my BDSM lifestyle. Thank you so much for the info. Give yourself time to adjust to what is in reality a new body, a new way of relating to both the world AND yourself.

And as was suggested for discussing this with your Dom, if he refuses to see you, hear you, respect you…major red flags. We counterintuitively hold much of the power here. And congratulations on your babe. I am new to the lifestyle and finally found a real Dom.

He is a Daddy and we are going by the book so to speak because of my inexperience. I have found though I love the thought of submitting to him I have a brat side to me. Love to bring out the DD side of him. I am fearful I will be too much for him.

I feel more fulfilled seeing him so pleased with me when I do a good job. I am so happy to find you and your blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I want to be a good sub. And I am new to this. I do not have any friends in the bdsm community , so this was fun learning more about being submissive. I am also new to this sub stuff like you. So I hear what you are saying. Let us hope that we can both learn together here and be the best subs we can be.

My fiancee and I are new to the lifestyle and recently found your blogs. We both want to thank you so very much for sharing your training, advice, and real examples. After reading your blogs on both I fully understand her and myself. The consensual non consent blog was eye opening for me as well. Thank you so much educating us!! You gave me a rather clear vision of what should be a good relationship i.

Hello, I recently started being a sub. And I have to tell you that…. I thought that I was the only one who loved this way of life. Thanks for this article it is really helpful!! I actually have lots for Doms, Annette!

You can check out this article to get you started. My Dom and I sub only have bdsm in the bedroom right now. But I crave more. I have collars but only for my gothic style. Not for my sub self. Great Great Great Post and Article. I am working on all these areas with my sub and with Excellent, Excellent, Excellent and Progress. But Live and Learn. Again, Great Post and Article. Thanks for the information. This was really great. I could use some pointers on how to keep my mouth shut and not talk back. And just some tips on being a good sub. Thank you for this.

So many thing you said clicked so deeply with me, that I know for certain this is who I am now. This article is like a synopsis of my soul! Thank you again, for confirming this. It is such an epic relief, I cannot tell you! I am so glad i found you. I am a new sub and have been struggling on how to be a good sub to my Dom. You are a lifesaver.

My Dom and i have a long distance relationship for right now and reading some of your blog has already answered some of my questions so Thank you. I am really wanting him to be totally in control o er me, I can be very demanding in my own way and domineering. We have 5 children and both also work full time.

We both said we would give it a try, but I feel. I wish he was more clear on how he wants me ro behave and literally put himself in charge or is that asking too much? Great article too! Im very new to this. I am a sub. I need your advice. Instead of thinking clearly i sent a message to the woman that he was mine and i belong to him. My Dom found out and wants to punish me very severely the problem is he lied to me. He wants to do extreme bondage and hitting when he sees me. Does the Dom have the right to conflict bodily harm.

I need advice. Through online trainings and mentoring, I help new and experienced Doms and subs live the BDSM lifestyle to the fullest. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. I have to agree. The info I pick up from here has been a huge and comforting help. Awe, thank you, Alexander! That means a lot to me. I wish you the best on your BDSM journey! Welcome to the community.

Submissive women blog

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