Teacher and student relationship manga

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Love is messy and complicated even in the best relationships, but it is so much more interesting when it is forbidden love. Here are some of the best forbidden love manga that will have you hooked, hoping to find out if true love really does prevail. She finds herself lost one day, but bumps into a mysterious man who helps her find her way to her uncle's house.

She soon discovers she will be seeing a lot more of this man, as he turns out to be her homeroom teacher. Teacher and student are stuck in a tug of war between what is acceptable, and following their true feelings. Will love prevail, or will social pressures tear them apart? This is a flirty story but it is fairly short as it is part of a four-part series. A teacher meets a young girl who is really into gaming. It sweetly follows their love story with some humor as well.

It is a forbidden love between an adult and a teenager who need to decide if the spark between them is strong enough to overcome the risks they will face being together. This manga has a wonderful illustration. The story follows Fumino who loses her parents. Along with her brother, they move around from one family member to the next. They become tired of moving around and she decides that she will quit school in order to work and support herself and her brother on their own.

Sitting on a bench one afternoon, her teacher approaches her and makes her an offer — she must marry him and he will support her and her brother. Can she actually love this man, who is her teacher, in order to provide a happy life for both her and her brother? A love story between brother and sister. Yori and Iku are twins, brother, and sister. They have parents who have worked really hard to provide the best education for the twins. Iku acts like a kid, especially towards her brother, whereas Yori is smart and good looking.

The two have been inseparable from birth, but for some reason, Yori starts acting differently towards Iku, he becomes cold and gets mad at her easily. Iku wants to do anything to keep Yori close to her, but she needs to see if it is possible to love her brother as more than her twin. She is always overshadowed by her twin sister Hana, is who both beautiful and popular. Ageha grew up with her grandmother in the countryside while Hana grew up with their parents in the city.

Their personalities developed very differently. Ageha has a crush on her childhood friend, Ryuusei, but Hana soon catches wind of this and decides to get involved. Ryuusei dislikes girls like Hana, but she somehow manages to charm him into becoming her boyfriend.

Ageha is heartbroken and left with nobody, but she soon finds comfort in the new school counselor and decides to try her best to get Ryuusei back. Her relationship with the new counselor has a surprise in store for her though. A teacher-student forbidden love manga. It is wonderfully illustrated and easy to read. Senou Miku is an ordinary high school girl. The day she finally snags her new boyfriend is the day her mother is transferred for work.

She has a guardian move in to look after her, but he turns out to be her homeroom teacher, Nishizono-sensei, and the two have a deeper relationship than a teacher and student should have. It also has a sad scene, just to add a little more emotion for readers. This is a short manga, but it is worth the read thanks to the cute storyline. It is another teacher-student story where the pair have to battle social and professional rules in order to find true love together. For a more supernatural manga, it still has some forbidden love.

Rikka is in a bus accident one day, her school field trip bus crashes into a lake and she is the only survivor. After recovering in hospital, she is released, but life will never be the same. She finds herself repeatedly caught in strange situations where water is always involved.

She comes across a sadistic woman who wants something from her, and who seems to hold all the answers to why Rikka is the only survivor of that tragic day. Miki Koishikawa and her parents return from an amazing holiday in Hawaii, however, upon returning home, her parents decide to get a divorce. This completely shocks her, but to make matters even worse, they tell her that they will be re-marrying and swapping partners with another married couple they met while on holiday. They ask her to set up a dinner date with themselves and the new couple, in order for everyone to meet and get along.

She prepares herself emotionally to meet her new parents but is completely thrown off balance when she meets their gorgeous son Matsuura Yuu. Her new step-brother and her develop feelings for each other, that neither of them can seem to control. Mao Takagi falls in love with a man she meets under a cherry blossom tree. She dreams of the kiss and the man she meets fleetingly, but she soon discovers that he is, in fact, her uncle. They are not blood-related, however they are still family. Is this enough to keep their love at bay, or will the two find happiness together?

Angel Alexiel deeply loved God, but she had no choice than to rebel against heaven when she became aware of how disgracefully the rest of the angels were behaving. She is captured one day, and her punishment was that she was sent to earth to live in an endless series of tragic lives. The story follows her when she is in the body of Setsuna Mudo, a teen with a troubled past who is in love with his own sister Sara. Setsuna goes through misery which mirrors the chaos of the angels in heaven, and together, their passion threatens to destroy both heaven and earth.

This manga is based in Victorian-era England. It follows the story of Emma, who is a young girl rescued from a life of poverty and is raised in a wealthy house to become a proper British maid. She meets William, who is the son of a well to do family, and she falls head over heels in love with him. They can never announce their love in public, so is this something the two can overcome to be together in secret? Kayano Saitou writes a love letter to confess her feelings to her crush Kamijo Yuuichi. Kayano considers him to be Satan himself. She now has to live with Takeru, who she in no way likes at all.

However, the two start finding their way out of hatred and soon start feeling new, budding emotions towards each other. Neo Verona is a floating island. Leontes Montague and his follows lead a coup and managed to murder and overthrow the members of the ruling house, the Capulets. Only Juliet, the daughter of the lord, manages to escape. Amidst their budding romance, the Capulets loyalists plan to overthrow the Montagues, while Leontes only wants to destroy the Capulets forever.

Can these two keep their love alive, and manage to uncover a deep secret hidden within Neo Verona? Jeremy endures horrible ordeals at the hands of his stepfather Greg, who is sexually-abusive towards him. Instead, he messes with the brakes in his step-father's car, and successfully kills him, but also ends up killing his mother as well. However, Ian finds out what his father did to Jeremy and is now in a dilemma as to what to do about the situation.

To make things even more confusing, he also starts to develop strong feelings for Jeremy, that blur the lines of family. The Kouga and Iga have been living side by side in peace for many years, but they still have a deep and rooted hatred against each other. The next heir of the Kouga, Gennosuke, and the next heir of the Iga, Oboro, are engaged to be married. Their love is tested when there is a break in the pact keeping the peace between the two sides, and they need to try and keep their love alive during a rivalry that is centuries old.

They work together to bring the feud to an end, all while trying not to be consumed with hatred themselves. This manga follows the story of siblings. Se-Joon and Se-wa are brother and sister who have a dark relationship. Se-Wa is considered psychotic by those who know her, but she has a deep attachment to her brother. She only sees Se-Joon, and her feelings for him go beyond what a sister should feel for their brother. But does Se-Joon feel the same?

Can they break their bond as brother and sister and possibly become something more, if that is even possible.

Teacher and student relationship manga

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