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While I'm the resident Trekkie in the house, my wife was only vaguely familiar, having seen a few episodes in re-runs. Let's start with one that you might actually remember, Whoopi Goldberg. Goldberg played the role of Guinan, the bartender and manager of the Ten-Forward lounge on the Enterprise, a perfect job for a character that is desribed to be from a race of listeners. Goldberg was a fan of the original series due to Nichelle Nichols Lt. Originally, creator Gene Roddenberry and the producers of the show thought this to be a joke and passed on the offer.

It wasn't until Goldberg contacted Roddenberry directly that they understood her to be serious. When asked why she wanted to appear on a syndicated television show, Goldberg said that she was already a successful comedian and actress and felt that she was at the point that she could do any project that interested her. The role of Guinan was immediately rewritten for Goldberg and she debuted on the first episode of season 2. During the episode, the crew of the Enterprise gets stuck in a time loop that always ends with the destruction of the Enterprise when it collides with another Federation ship coming out of a distortion in space.

After figuring out how to avoid their inevitable fate, the other ship is revealed to be the USS Bozeman captained by Morgan Bateson Grammer , which had been caught in the same time loop for nearly 90 years. Slater played an unnamed night-shift communications officer on the USS Excelsior, tasked with waking Captain Sulu to deliver a message from Starfleet.

A lifelong Star Trek fan, Slater got the bit part from his mother who was the casting director for the film. People tend to forget that Perlman was in this film because his make-up here, unlike that of his best-know character Hellboy, was so heavy that he was unrecognizable to the viewer. According to special features on the Special Edition DVD set, Lloyd had difficulty going along with the idea of space-age communicators, yelling his lines to the sky rather than speaking into his prop.

In the opening of the episode, Data is participating in a poker game on the holodeck with representations of Hawking, Albert Einstein, and Sir Isaac Newton, in an attempt to get an idea of how three of the greatest minds in human history would respond to each other. Jadzia Dax, a role that would coincidently have her wearing the exact same make-up as her role of Kamala.

But Janssen wanted to focus her career on film and turned the role down. Commander Valeris. Cattrall had a hand in the creation of her character, deing the headband she wore and naming her character after the Greek goddess Eris, the goddess of strife.

Ashley Judd is only one of three people on this list to appear in more than one episode as the same character. Commander George Kirk is one of my favorite moments. Hemsworth's Kirk takes command of the ship after the Captain is killed and saves the entire crew, including his wife who was in the process of giving birth to James Kirk, but at the cost of his own life. And apparently the admiration goes both ways between MacFarlane and Star Trek. Sarjenka contacted Data on an old RF transmitter while she was looking for someone to help save her planet from volcanoes and earthquakes.

After Data and the crew of the Enterprise were successful in saving the planet, Sarjenka's memory was erased so the Enterprise's involvement which was a violation of orders would remain secret. Tony Kerns Published: August 3, Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Image Credit: Paramount. Image Credits: Marvel and Paramount. Filed Under: casting news , star trek. : Celebrity News , Movies , Television.

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Teri hatcher star trek

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