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This Petticoat Punishment Art has been greatly expanded and now has many thousands of pieces of art may of which were created specifically for this site. Featuring such stories as "Semester a Broad" and "Mom-enstein", illustrated with poser in a comics style. Holly says she'd like some feedback and encouragement on these so try to give her that, please. One-Time Gift Recurring Gift. If you prefer, you can donate through Patreon: Become a Patron! Thank you! Links: TG Illustrated. Visit Amazing Transformation Comics. We are a comics site that specializes in TG fiction. Most of our comics are done using 3d renders but we do carry hand-drawn comics as well.

about Amazing Transformation Comics. Visit Sissytrain. about Sissytrain 2 comments. Visit TG Comics. Most of the site is free, though there are premium stories available only by paying for a download. If you like a visual element to your TG stories, this is definitely worth checking out. There's also an incredibly complete links on the site.

about TG Comics. Visit Petticoat Punishment Art. about Petticoat Punishment Art 2 comments. Visit Hourou Musuko. about Hourou Musuko 1 comment. Mostly captioned images by Oturus and others but with some other features. Now hosted on one of the BigCloset servers. Visit Holly Dunn Presents. about Holly Dunn Presents 6 comments. ICE Elemental Book 1. Entirely Blank. Remember me. Create new Request new password.

Tg comics and stories femur

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