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The British-American animated comedy television series The Amazing World of Gumball features a wide array of primary and supporting characters, all of whom reside in the fictional American city of Elmore. The series primarily revolves around the daily life of the cat Gumball Watterson and his family—adoptive brother Darwin , sister Anais, and parents Nicole and Richard.

Gumball's fellow Elmore Junior High students also have frequent recurring roles throughout the series. Creator Ben Bocquelet conceived The Amazing World of Gumball in while working as a development artist for Cartoon Network Development Studio Europe , [1] [2] and based several of its characters on sketches characters he had created for commercials. Episodes dictated by title as the series order is not consistent with production order, original airing order, or order on streaming services like HBO Max. He is a year-old [6] mischievous blue cat who lives with his family in the fictional Californian city of Elmore.

He attends Elmore Junior High in the seventh grade later in the eighth grade [5] with his adoptive brother Darwin, who is 10 years old. Often finding himself and Darwin in various antics which end up getting them into trouble, episodes in the series' first season characterized Gumball as well-meaning in his actions, but with naive tendencies; throughout the show's progression, he has since established himself as a more serious character capable of logical thinking and prone to sarcasm.

In "The Name", it was discovered that his real name was "Zach", however, this caused him to develop a split personality, though he was seemingly cured at the end of the episode, by changing his name to Gumball. Gumball has a crush on his classmate Penny Fitzgerald, who in turn shares the same feelings for him.

They initially struggle to properly express their feelings for each other until the episode "The Shell", where he finally works up the nerve to express his feelings to her after she reveals her true form, and they begin dating. Despite occasional lapses in judgment, Gumball is loyal, straightforward, and a good-natured person at heart.

He is protective of his loved ones, but has a large ego , often causing him to react out of proportion to criticism or out of jealousy. Hansley Jr. Simon in season 6 onward is a year-old [9] orange goldfish who is Gumball's best friend adopted by the Watterson family. Initially given to Gumball as a pet, Darwin later sprouted legs and subsequently became a full member of the Watterson family. The series' first season depicted Darwin with a tendency to be more naive and gullible than others, due to his sudden introduction into the world; subsequent seasons established his more serious side, including the ability to think logically and, in "The Words", speak his mind freely.

He is sometimes shown to not exhibit normal behaviour, such as calling his adoptive parents Mr. Dad and Mrs. In Season 4, Darwin began showing heavy feelings for Carrie Krueger. In Season 5, they officially began dating. She is one grade above her brothers, as revealed in "The Others". Gumball resents the fact that she is always telling him what to do, but nonetheless loves her and acknowledges her good intentions. Although impatient with her brother, she often tags along with him on his misadventures as a voice of reason, usually having to help Gumball out of situations caused by these misadventures.

She has, however, been shown to not be above manipulating her family to get what she wants. Despite her intellectualism, she still shows typical childlike behavior, including an obsession with the children's television character Daisy the Donkey, and has tried to fit in with Gumball and Darwin on numerous occasions. She attends eighth grade at Elmore Junior High, which Gumball and Darwin are unaware of due to them "filtering" out anyone or anything that isn't part of their lives. In Season 3 and onwards, it's revealed that Anais is socially-inept and incapable of forming friendships as she can be often drive potential friends away with her over-the-top clinginess.

A workaholic , she is often bossy, over-stressed, and possesses a short temper. She acts as a guide to her sons when they get in a tough spot with their misadventures. Competitive by nature, Nicole is a master martial artist and is very agile and flexible. Despite her bossy, over-stressed, and short-tempered personality, she is sweet and shows much affection for her family, keeping them safe as much as she can. She is also very protective of her family, as seen in "The Ape". Since she is the only truly responsible member of the family, Nicole does most of the household chores, and in addition, works long hours at the Rainbow Factory.

Nicole also suffers from a tremendous amount of emotional stress because of her many duties, and as such, is quite strict and demanding whenever upset. In fact, on one occasion, Gumball decides it would be easier to face Tina than an angry Nicole. Despite all that, Nicole is still a good mother and person, and she still loves her family very much, especially her son, Gumball. Much of her issues stem from her hard pushing parents who gave her the first name Doctor in the hopes that she will become one later on in life. Nicole is also occasionally vindictive, as was shown in the episode "The Ape," after Miss Simian called her and her family "losers".

On top of this, she is also very resourceful and inventive, a trait she most likely passed on to her daughter Anais, who has demonstrated similar talents. She usually punishes her sons Gumball and Darwin by grounding them when they do something wrong, such as in "The Nobody" which Nicole grounds her sons by making them stay in their room and bans them from watching TV, playing the internet, going to the museum after they being framed for stealing things around the house. Winning seems to be a necessity for her at times, most likely due to her mother's ambition for her to succeed in her youth.

Though, despite her somewhat ruthless faults, she can accept defeat, acknowledge her mistakes, and even find humor in them. As shown in "The Parents", Nicole's parents have very high expectations for her, which explains her awkward first name "Doctor" and her short temper due to the tremendous stress they would put on her as . Richard Buckley Watterson voiced by Dan Russell is a year-old anthropomorphic pink rabbit. He is the father of Gumball, Darwin and Anais. Being a stay-at-home dad , he spends most of his time sleeping, watching TV, and playing video games. As revealed in the episode "The Lady" Richard also dresses up as a woman Samantha and spends the day with his girlfriends parodying The Golden Girls , but it is later revealed that all of them are men who couldn't seem to make friends with other men and decide to continue their friendship as sassy old women.

He has been "the laziest person in Elmore" for 13 years [14] and has a large appetite and is a voracious eater. Richard often serves as a third-wheel to his sons' misadventures and cares deeply for his family despite his lethargic nature. He can be very naive at some times and may be called "dumb" or similar words by other characters throughout the series. In the episode "The Job" it appears that Richard can't hold a job or else the universe will be destroyed which is why he must remain unemployed.

Richard is the father figure in the Watterson family but doesn't seem to possess any responsibility or common sense. He is very childlike and lazy and is not a good role model for his children either. However, Richard genuinely loves his family, and has good intentions, despite his severe lack of intelligence and maturity as seen especially in "The Prank" and "The Authority".

He also greatly enjoys eating, and as a result, he is overweight. His obsession with food can sometimes be his undoing, such as when he was supposed to help his wife in "The Spoon," but he ends up licking a sausage on the floor instead. He can also sense when there is toast nearby, as seen in "The Recipe". Due to his continuous hunger, he gained an instinctive-like nature, as seen in "The Game" and many other episodes, where he runs toward any food he sees. Richard is very childish and has been seen exhibiting childish behaviors in several episodes, which include believing in ghosts, ing in some of Gumball's misadventures, believing in Santa Claus , and many others.

He also has a very hypocritical sense of humor. He enjoys pulling pranks and laughing at people, but hates it when others prank or laugh at him, saying that "it's only funny when it happens to someone else". The motive for Richard's personality was shown in "The Authority," where it was revealed that Granny Jojo sheltered Richard his entire life, leading him to grow up as an unintelligent and lazy person.

In "The Man," it was revealed that Richard's father walked out on him when he was young, claiming he was going out to buy some milk. Richard still believed it out of denial, even into his adult life. Despite his incompetency and childishness, Richard can occasionally spout out some good advice. In "The Gift," he was the one telling his sons to give Masami friendship which they later did , and he manages to tell Nicole some very good, philosophical advice about life.

It is also possible that Richard has a sufficiently sized brain, just he neglects to use it. As seen in "The Fuss" when he tried to think, a large cramping mass grew rapidly in size and made his veins stand out on his head. Penny Fitzgerald voiced by Teresa Gallagher is a shape-shifting fairy formerly a peanut with antlers and following the events of the episode "The Shell", Gumball's girlfriend. Their mutual affection and incapability of expressing their feelings for one another was a running theme in the series [16] until "The Shell", where Gumball finally directly reveals his feelings for her and they have their first kiss.

Rob voiced by Charles Philipp, David Warner , and Hugo Harrison was one of the more prominent Elmore Junior High students, and later on in the series, Rob is the main antagonist and Gumball's arch-enemy. Rob is a tall cyclops and, upon exposure to the Void, he becomes a disfigured and polygonal husk of his former self. He tries to have some friendly conversation with Gumball and Darwin in "The Pony", only to discover — much to his annoyance — that the two do not even know his name. As a result, he remembers that Gumball and Darwin left him, and swears revenge on them for not noticing him.

In "The Ex", it is seen that Banana Joe was his new nemesis. But toward the end he s his hatred with Gumball. In "The Inquisition" Rob disguises himself as Superintendent Evil and begins transforming the students and staff of Elmore Junior High into real people, though Gumball and Darwin restore everyone to normal and Tina beats Rob up when he tries to explain his motives and knocks him out.

The ending shows Rob's actions were part of an attempt to save everyone from an unknown threat, and Rob, now alone, is sucked into the Void along with the school. The series ends on a freeze frame of Rob falling into the Void. Carrie Krueger voiced by Jessica McDonald is a ghost who lives in a malevolent mansion [19] and "enjoys being depressed". In "The Matchmaker", she and Darwin become a couple. Tobias Wilson voiced by Rupert Degas , season 1; Hugo Harrison, season 2 onward is a multicolored, cloud-shaped humanoid who is heavily interested in sports and possesses an overbearing self-confidence.

Joseph "Banana Joe" A. Banana voiced by Mic Graves is a hyperactive banana and the class clown of Gumball's Elmore Junior High class, with the tendency to crack a joke whenever possible. He is killed by Rob in "The Rerun" but this event was erased from the timeline by Rob. He also has an active Elmore Stream where he posts a variety of videos. Bobert voiced by Kerry Shale is a robot who is one of the smartest students at Elmore Junior High but constantly struggles to understand emotion and develop a social life.

The manager gives them a new Bobert and sends old Bobert away on a plane with a bunch of random old junk. Gumball and Darwin use the new Bobert to fly up to the plane to get the old Bobert back. They open the hatch in the back of the plane and everything falls out including Bobert. While falling Gumball finds the disc with Bobert's original operating system BS7 and installs it.

At the last second before impact, Bobert boots up and saves them both from smashing into the ground. Sarah G. Lato voiced by Jessica McDonald is a yellow ice cream cone who debuted in "The Banana" as a transferee to Elmore Junior High and makes her first major role in "The Sweaters", where she attempts to defend Gumball and Darwin from two uptight human students, only to lead them into more trouble. Leslie voiced by Kerry Shale is an effeminate, friendly daisy who plays flute in the school band and can often be found hanging around the girls.

Alan Keane voiced by Kerry Shale , season 1; Hugo Harrison, season 2 onward is a teal-colored balloon who, despite their physical incompatibility, is in a romantic relationship with Carmen and sits at lunch with her. In "The Photo", Gumball envies him for having a beautiful face. Alan rebuffs this, but Gumball replies: "Dude, even your mole looks better than me". In "The Vision" it is revealed Alan secretly plans to take over the world and rule it as a dictator, brainwashing people to eradicate sadness. After discovering this, Gumball and Darwin attempt to assassinate Alan, which they succeed in after many failed attempts — though he reappears in subsequent episodes without any explanation.

It was shown in "The Faith" that the world goes through chaos if Alan stops his kindness. Carmen voiced by Teresa Gallagher , season 1; Alix Wilton Regan , season 2 onward is a cactus who is considered to be a leader among her female classmates. Their relationship in the cafeteria annoys their classmates, who are frequently annoyed by their romantic gestures and deem them "too perfect". She is best friends with Penny Fitzgerald, Sarah, and Molly.

Teri voiced by Teresa Gallagher is a hypochondriac paper bear usually found in the nurse's office. Hector is the subject of the episode "The Colossus", where his mother — a witch who works as a cleaning lady — reveals that he can be dangerous if he expresses too much emotion, such as anger, sadness or excitement. Idaho voiced by Kerry Shale , season 1; Hugo Harrison, season 2 onward is a free-spirited potato from the rural countryside with old-fashioned beliefs, and is one of the less popular students of Elmore Junior High.

Anton voiced by Lewis MacLeod in "The Dress" and Tony Hull in every other appearance is a piece of toast who is forcibly drafted into Tina's gang despite his unwillingness to do so, hoping that by appeasing her he will avoid her anger. Juke voiced by Hugo Harrison, music by Beatbox Hobbit [49] is a native of the continent of Boomboxemburg who moves to Elmore. In "The Boombox" he is described by Gumball, a " boombox head" who speaks entirely in beatboxing.

Sussie face by Aurelie Charbonnier, voiced by Fergus Craig season 1 to season 4, voiced by Aurelie Charbonnier season 5, Ben Bocquelet voiced her screaming, yelling, and laughing Season 2 onward is an upside-down chin with googly eyes and puppet -like characteristics who debuted in the episode "The Ghost". She is talkative, odd, and obnoxious, and as a result is generally avoided by the rest of her classmates. She was the main problem for Darwin in "The Words". Clayton voiced by Rupert Degas in "The Party", Kwesi Boakye in "The Dress"; Max Cazier, season 2 onward is a ball of clay who is a compulsive liar with a tendency to make up absurd stories about himself.

Rachel Wilson voiced by Jessica McDonald is Tobias' older sister, who is disgusted by Tobias and his "dweeb loser baby friends". In "The Party", however, after Tobias invites all of Elmore Junior High to a party for her but none of her friends show up, Darwin helps her feel better by fixing the trashed house, so she kisses Darwin.

The directing staff did not like the character, so Rachel made a handful of cameos in the second season before being dropped from the show. Harry [ citation needed ] "Ocho" Tootmorsel [ citation needed ] voiced by Max Cazier is an 8-bit spider [55] and a generally friendly person, but often overreacts to what people say about him in a negative manner, as he does to Darwin and Gumball after they accidentally send him an insulting text message.

His uncles are Mario and a blue speedy hedgehog, a reference to the video game characters Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog. Colin and Felix voiced by Kerry Shale for Colin and Rupert Degas in season 1 and Hugo Harrison in season 2 onward for Felix are a pair of egg brothers who are two of the most intelligent students at Elmore Junior High, speaking in English accents and considering themselves to be much smarter than their classmates.

Jamie Russo voiced by Jessica McDonald, seasons 1—2; Maria Teresa Creasey, season 3 onward is a "half-cow, half- troglodyte " creature who is one of the bullies at Elmore Junior High and a member of Tina's gang.

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