Timmy x trixie fanfiction

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FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pink Hats and Purple Hairbands. Founder: Michael J. J - Stories: 25 - Followers: 0 - Staff: 2 - id: Amras Felagund dumas. To Sacrifice: For What? I own nothing; just saying. Don't read, please!

However, what he doesn't know is she is deeply smitten with him. Can she tell him before she loses him forever? Popularity is a drug, and one that trixie never wanted to take. Trixie's POV. Timmy x Trixie. He is ready to go and be with his wife. Possible Tissue warning. Happy Ending. Unforgettable by unknown20troper reviews Fairy magic can't interfere with true love. Wishology based. Might write a sequel, might not.

Just Another Day by Green Gallant reviews Just a slight meaningless drabble about what an average day for 16 year old Timmy Turner would be like. Timmy is sidetracked from his date with Trixie, when two old friends invite him to breakfast and note how much he's changed.

A like FOP future. Set in the dismal future of Vicksdale, a resistance fights the evil dictator Victoria. They will find unlikely enemies and even more unlikely allies. I tried to make it funny, but it's more romantic than funny.

Change It Up! A brand new story, with a complete role reversal. Timmy is in high school now with his friends. Hope by possom reviews A Fairly Odd Parents song-fic. The song Is Concrete Angel. Timmy accidently finds out that Trixie is being abused by her father. Fairly Oddlove by Possibledogcat reviews Timmy is in love with Trixie and what he doesn't know is that Trixie is in love with him too.

The charade was finally over. Reflections in a Shallow Pool by soulful-sin reviews TimmyxTrixie. Trixie's thinking about her life and a certain pink hatted boy Junior Odd Parents by smx underground reviews Cosmo and Wanda are mentors for a new fairy WHat will this mean for timmy esecaly when he find out who the Fairy's god child is? The Truth About Trixie Tang! Timmy is soon to find out! Story Complete. Memories can be a Burden by A Concerned Individual reviews AntiFairies, a deadly disease, and a thirteen year old Timmy Turner with no memory of his godparents.

Some crazy things are happening, and now both worlds are in jeopardy. Will Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda pull together to save the day again? Eight heroes in training may be the only ones to stop a great evil. Discovery by Michael J. J reviews Timmy and Trixie are together, but their relationship must endure Tootie's advances, Wanda's disapproval, and threats from Timmy's past.

J reviews Short, sweet TimmyTrixie oneshot. Happily Ever After by Amras Felagund reviews Years pass by, but the love of a boy and a girl endures the rigors of those bent on keeping them apart DPFOP xover later on! Rated T for dark elements and violent images later on. Terms of Service. For the proud few who support it, this is for you!

Timmy x trixie fanfiction

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