Topless deck on cruise ship

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Search in titles only Search in Cruise Chat only Search. Forums Blogs Articles Groups. Today's Posts Member List Calendar. Posts Latest Activity. of 2. Filtered by:. 1 2 template Next. Maybe this has always been the case and I just haven't noticed before. I do remember on Ocean Village there was an area where it was allowed. My husband commented about all the frying fat! In the past in on the beach in the South of France where it is the norm I have been known to take my top off but I wouldn't do it now and no ton a cruse ship.

Would you? Tags: None. Cooke, Ashby. Definitely not! I have reached the stage where I look far better clothed. I don't object to others sunbathing topless, if they have no fear of skin cancer. Comment Post Cancel. History Addict, Alfreton. I would never sunbathe topless but that is my personal choice and I have no issues to others doing so. It really amazes me that so many people still sunbathe, though, with all that we know about the dangers of the sun. Especially when going topless as it will expose skin that isn't used to having much exposure.

However as long as so many people continue to want to be in the sun it leaves all those lovely shady spots to folk like me. Mason, Altrincham. Not for me McGee! Never did it when I was young and had a good figure, I sure as heck am not going to do it now when everything is heading south. Take care, Helen. Garfield, Waterlooville. Not for me.. Regards Garfield. I am very fair skinned so burn easily if I sit in the sun, even with the use of factor 50 sun protection.

What others do is up to them; I really don't care. Malcolm, Essex. I'm all for it! However I get a sharp pain in my side if I look at a topless women, from my Wife's elbow! See my cruise blog: HERE. BigMac, Glasgow. Personally, I think it should be encouraged, but with an age restriction of course, top end that is. Topdeck, London. Plenty of ships allow it but most will never know as they don't venture onto those freestyle decks they are often high up and dead ends so the only reason to go is to sunbath or take pictures.

Not for me either,I would never be comfortable topless. Blondie, Oxford. One of our last cruise a gent sunned so much that they came up in blisters all over their front and back. The next day they sati n the hot tub and most of them burst leaving a great human soup for the next pax. Bradbury, Coventry. Originally posted by Topdeck, London View Post. Haworth, Wokingham. Originally posted by Blondie, Oxford View Post. I am very fair skinned and ten years ago I had a malignant melanoma incised.

In my younger days I had sunbathed, but not to excess, I was very shocked to learn I had skin cancer. Mrs M. Originally posted by Haworth, Wokingham View Post. My elder sister 70 this year has also had skin cancer and surgery to remove a malignant melanoma, I am amazed but she continues to sun bathe all day at every opportunity, madness! We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Speak To A Cruise Consultant. Yes No. OK Cancel.

Topless deck on cruise ship

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