Transformation into a mermaid

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The surest way, how to become a real mermaid Another way to become a mermaid is truly - in the full moon to take a wide jug or a basin filled with water, and go to the balcony with him or even better on the street if you live in your area. War it out when the moon is reflected in the water, and drove from the head to the legs, then the clever, drink a little of this water. An even more reliable version with water velocity is bathing in a water branch lake or river during the full moon.

If the full moon is reflected in the water of the lake or the pond - this is a great chance to turn into a real mermaid! Even light ways, how to become a mermaid without full moon: 1 way to become a mermaid without full moon. If you wait for the full moon for a long time, and you want to turn into a mermaid quickly, you can use another way. Take water tank, wooden comb and go to the balcony. Put the comb into water. Close the eye and say such a phrase: "Mermaids, take me to yourself, take me on your own: I want to control air, boiling water and ice.

Discover your eyes and immediately calculate the comb, continuing to pronounce the spell. At midnight, go to the balcony or just open the window and say in the night: "I want to turn into a mermaid with the force of control of air, ice and boiling water. In the evening after washing and cleaning the teeth off in the bathroom, the light bulb the candles, and close the door.

Skalne the sink plumbing and fill it with water. Then tell 3 times: "Mermaid, the main one of all the mermaids, who gives other mermaids of the force come! This means that you are doing everything right. When you feel it, just talk to the mermaid and ask her tail. Then, after communication, it is necessary! Thank you and say: "Thank you mermaids, and I ask you to go about your business! Thanks for the help". After that, pull out the stub out of the sink and let the water leaves. Then blow the candles and go to bed. Take the Czech Mandatory Raw Fish, wrap it into a sheet of paper and burn, then take your hair, a candle and two mirrors.

Hair is also completed into paper and burn. Put the mirrors opposite each other, bulge the candle. In a glass with a spring water, we throw ashes from the hair burned in paper and put it between the mirrors. See in turn in both mirrors, and then on a glass and sentence: "I want to become a mermaid with the force of control of air, ice and water! Each girl dreams of becoming a mermaid. Her image captures and fascinates, because once the mermaids attributed to the powerful goddess, personalizing the sun and the moon.

The mermaid was considered a girl with long green hair, with a beautiful figure and a fish tail. Since the goddesses had to exist in two elements - in the sky and under water, then according to people, the Ruslock was needed by a fishtail. However, according to the ancient Slavs, not all the mermaids had tails, because they could get out of the water for a short time and climb on trees, waiting for people. Therefore, to become a mermaid at home, it is not necessary to eat fish and drink it with milk, in the hope that the fish tail will appear.

Let's look at the way how to become a mermaid without a tail. This method can be enjoyed together with a friend, for example, when you stay overnight together. At night, preferably in the full moon, we open the window and tell us three times: "I want to become a mermaid that owns three forces - boiling water, ice and air. If you want to become a mermaid without a full moon, that is, another way to fulfill your dream. You need to take a wooden calcination, a bowl with water and go to the balcony. As soon as I put the ball in a bowl and close your eyes, say the phrase: "Mermaids, take me to yourself and take it on your own: I want to control the ice, boiling water and air.

Further, calculate the hair with wet wooden calculation, continuing to ask the magical forces from the mermaids. So you can become a mermaid with a force that will penetrate into you through your hair. If you are convinced that the attractiveness of the mermaid lies in her fish tail and in the ability to live under water, then you can safely try to become a mermaid in the bath.

To become a mermaid in the bath, you can try multiple ways. Which one is suitable for you, you will learn. The first is that you will need to get into the bath with salty water and read the following spell: "Oh, divine creatures from the universe, I have only one request for you! I want to become a mermaid truly, let me in the water, I I will be a mermaid with velvet skin, wet hair and tail, but when I go to the land, I will disappear the tail and your legs will return to me!

Oh, divine creatures, fulfill my request! The second way is a bit similar to the first, but you will be useful for another chain with a pendant. Stand up under the shower or in a bath with water and say the next spell, looking at the chain: "Magic of perfumes from depth, I want a tail, and not two legs.

While you are in the water, you can imagine yourself with a mermaid with a real tail, because the tail does not necessarily have triangular or like fish. His main difference is that with him you can only swim and lie in the water, but do not walk. If you want to become a mermaid easily and at home, then put a clean shell in a glass with water, put it before full moon for a whole night, and in the morning you can drink water or wash it. In no case do not take a shell in your mouth, because It is dangerous to health and will not bring any benefit and the result you want to achieve.

It is better to do only by spells and faith in your own strength. Try to become a mermaid at home the day will help you another way. Tear away a small sheet of paper and spread it to the toothpaste, then put it on the edge of the sink and turn on the water. Fill light, close the door in the bathroom and call the mermaid three times. When she comes, and if it happens, you will not see it, but only hear some kind of sound, then ask her tail. Of course, it is not so easy to become a mermaid, but it's quite real! And if you still have nothing happened, it remains another option - to become a mermaid in the summer.

Summer is most favorable time In order to turn into a mermaid or at least just feel it. After all, in the summer, in ancient times, people represented their existing mermaids. To become a mermaid in the summer or enter her image, it suffices to comply with several "summer" rules:. I hope that carefully studied ways and recommendations, you will achieve the desired and conquer all with your beauty and inner force.

But remember that mermaids are mythological creatures that cannot be found in nature. We know only their image. Every girl for his life at least once watched cartoon "Ariel". This is a wonderful story about the mysterious mermaid, which rose from the seabed in order to gain real love. Mermaids are mysterious creatures. Believers and fairy tales about girls with a fish tail instead of legs always fascinate a listener. It is not at all surprising that many of us once thought how to become a real mermaid.

There is a huge of legends, spells, legends on how to become a mermaid girl. In this article we collected the most interesting fabulous recipes. What tells us cartoons, fairy tales and myths Perform only one of my desire! I want to become a mermaid to bring good to this world. The tail let him appear when I go to the bottom of the sea, and when I will be watched by Sushi, my legs will be with me ". After these magical words, look at the full moon, repeat the spell again and go to bed.

Soon the gods will give you an answer in the form of a , you will understand what. It is important to remember that mermaids are creatures with long beautiful hair, so come to the question seriously, namely, grow in advance to the ritual , hair, dismiss them, wash and thoroughly seize. On the day, when you think it is time to actually become a mermaid, try to sleep. Be sure to enter a new image in good location Spirit, otherwise the mermaids will not take a new girl.

At midnight, undress to goal, there should be nothing on the body. Earrings, rings, bracelets and other accessories should be removed. In your room there must be an absolute darkness, it is allowed only to light one candle so that it is not so scary. Spread all the necessary things pearl, crest and hair near the mirror, and they themselves opposite it. Looking at yourself, repeat the following words out loud: "Girlfriends girls, look at me, laughing girls, show yourself, mermaids I call you - come, you take me to your rows!

Well, dear girls, in this article you learned just a few fabulous recipes of how at home to become a real mermaid. Legends, myths, fairy tales constantly tell us about the wonders of nature. Is it fiction? Most likely, yes, and it is possible to become a real mermaid only in a fairy tale. And to believe in miracles is always nice, isn't it?

Transformation into a mermaid

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