Tucking after orchiectomy

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This text has nude photos, including detailed images of convex genitals. I am mostly not dysphoric about my genitals, and will use positive words about them. There are close-up photos of the healed scar, and broad discussions of surgeries; but no pictures of blood or graphic details about medical stuff. I will discuss sex stuff in a clearly marked section at the end. The scrotum is still there, and viewed in a frontal angle as in the photo above, it doesn't look so different as what it used to look like in a cold day, with the gon retracted inside.

Incidentally, do you know those visible undulations on the skin as the size changes to adjust gonadal distance and temperature? These movements still happen, even though there's nothing inside to adjust lol. But the difference to the touch is tremendous. Perhaps stretching the skin as in this photo gives an idea. At this resolution you can't even see a scar; that's representative of what it feels like to me in the mirror. The appearance will depend on the type of surgery. Inguinal orchiectomy cuts at the lower abdomen and remove the entire spermatic cords, leaving two super cute pride scars in the bikini area.

I left the choice to my surgeon and he opted against it because 1 he could hide the scar better down there, and 2 I will be doing a vaginoplasty on the whole thing anyway. So the incision was directly at the scrotum a normal bilateral orchiectomy , removing just the gon themselves, which were donated to science. Scrotal skin is precious to vaginoplasty, and to prevent damage, this surgeon cuts along the raphe the dark vertical line that bisects the genitals, where the vagina was supposed to form before mistakes were made and it closed up. The scar barely shows. Note how dark is my raphe at the bottom of the photo above; it tends to darken under estrogen.

See how the darkness disappears midway up? And the line gets kinda wobbly? That's the incision. The biggest wobble, at the bottom of the scar, was from a small complication — one stitch opened during recovery, and I had to tape it up with normal bandages until it was healed. In this position you can see the raphe disappear at the incision, then at the top. Plus, without stretching, an horizontal fold is visible. That's all for visible marks from this operation. Incidentally, my surgeon was Dr. Still, orchi does open up some possibilities.

I had fallen in love instantly with these girldick-pride banana slips, but even the largest size turned out a bit too snug for my body. This kind of tightwear was uncomfortable most of all because it pressed on the gon. Now I forget I even have them on. One big difference is small panties. Similarly, it is now possible to wear fashion items that require the piece to be up tight between the legs, without discomfort or any need for tucking. Many fem clothes will still show bulge, ofc, but I'm now able, for example, to wear denim or crepe hot pants fastened way up to my waist at a level showing off butt, without discomfort or need for tucking.

This has become almost as much of a staple in my outfits as miniskirts are. It becomes quite trivial: just pull your genitals down and back, and support them with something tight. Any snuggly panties will suffice for most clothing, but for failsafe universal tucking, specialised underwear works best. Let's see how well it fares with my super mega revealing bodycon skirt that I never could use!

I'm wearing the same tight panties here as in the video clip above, with girldick nonerect, out to the front and pointing up, which is the position I prefer her to be. This absurdly tight skirt clearly shows too much bulge along with hip bones, tummy, specks of dust etc. Above, girldick is now tucked down and back with the tight panties. This would suffice to hide the bulge for almost all clothing pieces, but with bodycon skirt, and if I push my hips forward like this, you can still see a small mound.

Now changing to tucking panties! Not much to see here but that's the point I guess! And presto — even pushing the hips forward in the skintight skirt, no bulge! No tape, no uncomfortable gon to push inside, can be set up in seconds. If you think you can see the hint of a salience in the upper bikini area — that's actually the top of the panties where the fabric begins, that's how revealing is this skirt.

Some dysphorias are conscious. Shortly after starting cyproterone, one day I noticed that my skin scent was gone. Just like that, one day I woke up smelling like girl. And it was such, such a relief. I never thought too much about my scent; it was just my scent, clinging to my clothes and having to be washed away. Only when it disappeared did I realise it had been weighting on me all my life well, my postpubertal life.

I remember, as a little girl, hiding my genitals between my legs, trying to feel what it would feel like to have a vagina. The idea of it remains positive to me. They were unappealing, pointless, just kind of in the way. The single major reason I wanted to do an orchi was to get rid of testosterone, completely, irreversibly, forever; for that , yes, I was more than eager.

I also liked the idea of having a custom bodymodded girldick, but I thought of it as just a bonus. Orchiectomy is a simple operation, and many people go home in the same day. I felt too dizzy, and opted to stay the night in the hospital. On the next day, when I managed to stand up and walk, I immediately noted that I could keep my legs very close together while moving.

Kneel, and you can comfortably have your knees together. Cross your legs, lie down in bed — thigh on thigh, and between them, at all times, this conspicuous absence. This palpable nothingness. I walked back from the hospital like that, marvelling at the feeling of body consonance. I never stopped walking like that, and never will.

It turns out I had unconscious dysphoria about the testicles themselves, about their shape and physicality. Because if changing the base from convex to flat already feels this proper, if my body had been expecting to be like this all along, then what are the chances that it will feel even more relief and consonance from concave genitals? But I will keep observing my feelings, exploring possible bodies in the imagination, trying to check if this is affecting my psychology without me noticing.

Content notice: This section deals with possible avenues of masculinising effects, and may cause enduring fears of things that are quite unlikely to happen. How much depends on the person. Orchiectomy is often studied in the context of cis men treating for cancer, who need to get rid of androgens urgently. In these contexts, adrenal T or androgen spikes post-orchi have proved hard to find. But, even if the reports are anecdotal, several trans ppl online say they had higher T levels for two, three weeks after surgery. At least one trans woman says she had to continue taking T blockers even a year later.

Some cis women have high T levels too, so it may be just cases of individual variation. DHT is a more potent androgen than T, known for causing both male-pattern hair loss and growth of body hair. However, in cis men with prostate cancer, DHT has been found to be made directly in the cancer tissue out of a different androgen, androstenedione A4 , which survives orchiectomy well.

I have no idea whether this may affect trans people in normal, non-cancer tissues, or if it can do so any more than in cis women; discussion on the reddits is disputed right now, with many conflicting theories and little reliable evidence. Some trans people are said to have high serum DHT paired with low T post-surgery; if this shows in a blood test, it should be treatable with bica. The latter timeframe is for cyproterone CPA. Sadly my current lab only tests E2 and T, and finding better tests under insurance has proven to be tricky.

Compare with pre-orchi:. This should probably be clear by now, but just as a final content notice: This section will be explicit. I also describe sexual behaviour related to convex genitals, including erections, in positive terms. I think the sexual effects of orchiectomy will be bigger for people who had partial T blocking, because of the change in hormone levels.

If HRT was already in the lower half of the feminine range, there will be little change. The surgery caused little appreciable change in sexual function or anatomy; maybe erection behaviour, discussed below, and the mechanics of having a flat base. The overall appearance ends up a bit like a sex toy; just a shaft, nothing hanging underneath when erect, not even skin.

Libido is a complex thing to evaluate. Orchi could lower your libido if it was relying on T, and the surgery lowers your T below what your HRT did. Or, conversely, the exact same scenario could give you more of that slow-burning, day-long estrogenic horniness, if the orchi helps you get better feminising HRT than you did before, and your body is sexual on it. I also had my first wet orgasm though only a couple drops in like ten months or so.

This could all be due to my girlfriends pushing my body further and further, but somehow it feels like something has changed internally. Sometimes I get paranoid — is my cleavage hair growing faster?

Tucking after orchiectomy

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What You Should Know About Orchiectomy for Transgender Women